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Comments by Dave Calkins (Top 5 by date)

Dave Calkins 26-Feb-13 17:22pm View    
exactly, I was hoping for some clarity though :)
Dave Calkins 18-Apr-11 11:46am View    
Thanks - worth keeping in mind for a heavier client should the need arise.
Dave Calkins 18-Apr-11 11:45am View    
Thin client sounds like a good approach, thanks. Maybe provide an HTML UI served up using an embedded HTTP server within the app running on a PC on the network. Since the devices all have web browsers, that should make it easy to support them all.
Dave Calkins 15-Apr-11 22:35pm View    
awesome! that worked great. yea, sysinternals is the best - didn't know they had that one.
Dave Calkins 11-Apr-11 9:39am View    
which article? you didn't provide a link.