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Comments by MartinusV2 (Top 2 by date)

MartinusV2 11-Oct-15 15:03pm View    
I haven't retried in months. The project is on hold at the moment. The problem with Windows is we don't when the byte with parity is sent. That's why we have to add a delay after sending the first byte. Then you can switch the com without parity for the other bytes. But doing so, polling at 40ms is hard.
MartinusV2 30-Apr-12 19:04pm View    
there is a way but it doesn't always work. You have to open com port with parity on, send address byte then close com and re-open without parity. The way windows work with Serial Coms, you can never know when the bytes has been sent. I'm still looking for a solution myself.