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Comments by raniam (Top 20 by date)

raniam 16-Dec-16 19:51pm View    
I've already add the following lines at the end of the AES_Decrypt function, and still didn't work

int g = strlen(Decrypted_Message2);
char * DEC_msg2 = new char[g+1];

return DEC_msg2;
raniam 15-Dec-16 20:32pm View    
I've tried running both debuggers at the same time on C++ Builder XE3, but it didn't work.
You were right, the problem was on the client-side, in which the encryption occurs.
I fixed the problem by generating the session key and the IV within the same Client-socket function, instead of having their own functions. next, I performed the encryption process.
raniam 14-Dec-16 23:21pm View    
is it possible to run the debugger on two different projects at the same time?, as the client and the server needs to operate together.
raniam 1-Apr-16 10:28am View    
Thank you so much.
it worked.
you've been very helpful.

Best regards.
raniam 16-Feb-15 15:38pm View    
yes the certificate is on my Mac's Desktop.

So, do you mean I have to install the certificate on my iPhone?