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Comments by Johan Hakkesteegt (Top 6 by date)

Johan Hakkesteegt 31-Mar-17 7:43am View

Search string: 2017_2_Sales --> column name: 2017_02_Sales
Johan Hakkesteegt 31-Mar-17 7:33am View
I quadruple checked. Column name is the same, including upper/lower case, and white space was trimmed.
Johan Hakkesteegt 30-Dec-14 2:37am View
Hi Maciej,

Good idea, how can I remove this post ?

Johan Hakkesteegt 5-Feb-14 7:50am View
Ok, I see. However you show that information to the user, you need to do it on a different thread than the While loop.

So basically, try and keep the MsgBox on the GUI threaad, and the While loop on its own thread.
Johan Hakkesteegt 5-Feb-14 7:45am View
The trick to VB malarkey, is to understand that VB syntax is implicit in a different way than C#. It makes VB slightly quicker and easier to write code in, and it makes it slightly less flexible, and it can indeed make it confusing to read when in a C# state of mind.
Johan Hakkesteegt 5-Feb-14 7:24am View
Sorry, I am not sure that I understand what you mean...

The MsgBox is outside the While loop, so therefore it will obviously only be triggered once. Specifically just before the code starts the While loop.

Then in the loop the NoDataAtPort.Enabled is set to true, and you did not show any code that might set it back to false, so for all intents and purposes that also only happens once...?