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Comments by Mauro Gagna (Top 6 by date)

Mauro Gagna 29-Mar-17 16:00pm View
I had the same problem after installing VS2017. That command fixed it. Thanks
Mauro Gagna 28-Apr-15 10:02am View
Reason for my vote of 1 \n It doesn't look like an original work.
The same code is , but this is from 2007.
Mauro Gagna 6-Mar-12 10:07am View
I don't have any PDF file with a textbox inside to try it. Can you upload an example file to any file shareing website and put the link to download it. If you can give me an example file I can tell you how to read it.
Mauro Gagna 2-Mar-12 10:07am View
You can search the text what you want by its content (for example if you know the row start with "Name:") or for its position (if you know where the text starts or in where area is).

If you can provide some info about your case, and specially if you can share a PDF file for example, we can give you some code for help to do it.
Mauro Gagna 28-Feb-12 17:12pm View
You can use ITextSharp to do that. If you can upload an example PDF file we can help you more easily.
Mauro Gagna 28-Feb-12 17:10pm View
Like others said, what are you talking about? More info is needed.