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shiftwik 13-Jul-15 23:18pm View    
wow.. all advanced software applications in the last 30 years were written in C++. It's by far the best most powerful language, perhaps it is your design that is the issue?

well good luck and I would thank you, except you were absolutely no help to me
shiftwik 13-Jul-15 14:37pm View    
what do you program with?
shiftwik 13-Jul-15 14:16pm View    
so what do you use to draw circles? I'm curious how to optimize the DIBSection method and Bresenham
shiftwik 13-Jul-15 14:04pm View    
so CDC is using multiple threads to create a circle? what are they doing?
shiftwik 1-Mar-15 23:13pm View    
Thanks... I want to be able to use MFC capabilities within a WIN32 (non console) application. Specifically how do I setup a standard WIN32 App to use CString and CDatabase classes among others? I have scoured MSDN and the internet and can't find any examples of using MFC within a WIN32 (non console) application.