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Kim0618 19-Mar-11 13:48pm View    
Thanks for ur advice.
For my application, I cant use hashing coz my application is a client side desktop software and it requires user to login and enter password and the encrypted password is stored in the client desktop. So if the user lost his password for using hasing, he wont be able to login again coz I can't recover the hashed password. That's why I use asymmetrical encryption, then I still can send him his password by using my private key to decrypted the encrypted password for him.
So I why wonder why the same public key in RSA can't encrypt the same text to the same value, just as the hashing algorithm does !
Kim0618 18-Mar-11 4:14am View    
Thanks for ur reply.

Why I use RSA encrypted password is that I store the private key and the public key is included in the code. If users forget the password then he can send the encrypted value to me and I can use the private key to decrypt it and send it back to the user.

The problem now I have is that the RSA encryption method generate different encrypted values each time even using the same public key.