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Gerry Schmitz 14hrs ago View
Faster, easier to use; that might be a goal worth achieving. "Modernizing"? Is that like a new coat of paint?
Gerry Schmitz 16hrs ago View
By the time you're ready to "switch jobs", the landscape will have changed again. Best to be the best at something than mediocre at a lot of things (at any given time). Location and luck.
Gerry Schmitz 2 days ago View
Your images get stretched because the default of most image controls is to stretch. Specify a different option or size the control to the image. You made up "image slicing" as some sort of solution.
Gerry Schmitz 10-Sep-21 12:42pm View
It's an "extract", then an (optional) translate, then a load. It's not that complicated. The "audit groups" I worked with would create master files of how they "should look" after a series of transactions agains a "known" starting master. Finance. No idea where you're coming from.
Gerry Schmitz 10-Sep-21 11:37am View
What does "I want to block" mean? I said to add a margin to the content; stop talking and listen.

WrapPanel Margin="0,0,16,0" ...
Gerry Schmitz 7-Sep-21 12:14pm View
Best I found: Writing Compilers and Interpreters; A Software Engineering Approach; by Ronald Mak. The original version used Java; the later edition C++.
Gerry Schmitz 6-Sep-21 3:53am View
Only the changed entities get written. And if you're reading in the process of updating, that counts too. Then there's the question of stored procs.
Gerry Schmitz 2-Sep-21 12:07pm View
The ratio of audio to video "file position" is how one would sync them.
Gerry Schmitz 28-Aug-21 11:00am View
You don't. You just have to master the ability to search for what you need in the resources available. And then realize there's usually more than one way to get a thing done; some easier; some harder.
Gerry Schmitz 27-Aug-21 11:42am View
Ask the person that posted the video. Watching a video to answer a question is "asking too much".
Gerry Schmitz 25-Aug-21 12:30pm View
The grid is a "visual". It's "data driven". You should be focusing on the backing data store; which is independent of any representation; and more understandable.
Gerry Schmitz 24-Aug-21 10:41am View
Console.WriteLine( $"Your answer is {number - subtraction}" );

Mixing string and numbers involves different techniques.
Gerry Schmitz 23-Aug-21 12:04pm View
The SO answer "almost worked" and had 2 votes; indicating it's not that popular a technique. Sounds like a kludge for an ill defined function.
Gerry Schmitz 23-Aug-21 11:57am View
"Guide me in MVVM" is not a question. It's a subject for study; if you're into it.
Gerry Schmitz 22-Aug-21 12:16pm View
Same thing. Yours is the "assembler" version.

You started out difficult; and continue with difficult.
Gerry Schmitz 21-Aug-21 13:19pm View
You know "some" reports are a problem. You're just guessing until you determine which ones are the problem. Then you need to determine why.
Gerry Schmitz 21-Aug-21 13:04pm View
Get the default (speech) voice. Voice properties include gender, etc.
Gerry Schmitz 18-Aug-21 15:04pm View
If you're going to derive your colors from ARGB, it's intuitively simpler to work with the 2 colors individually; and using integers.

public static System.Drawing.Color FromArgb (int alpha, int red, int green, int blue);
Gerry Schmitz 18-Aug-21 14:57pm View
You should determine what the printer supports. It's usually "commands". It might include bitmap support. It may include a "Windows printer driver". You explore all the capabilities, THEN decide what works best for you. Not the other way around.
Gerry Schmitz 18-Aug-21 14:51pm View
x = new TcpClient(...). Add to a collection. Repeat
Gerry Schmitz 16-Aug-21 16:17pm View
There's no "meta data" on which to split "Test topic new". Also, your "periods" seemed to have disappeared; which should have served as a signal for a line break.
Gerry Schmitz 16-Aug-21 16:05pm View
You're apparently loading a class with a member called "PropertyName" (very useful); and from there make repeated references to PropertyName2; as if there was some sort of connection that only you could be aware of.
Gerry Schmitz 16-Aug-21 1:04am View
The instructions were to "add" code; not "change" and add. That's important when you're told that (which might include an employer).
Gerry Schmitz 16-Aug-21 1:00am View
BMI is a function of weight and height (and sometimes age). The usual thing is to just prompt for those variables and give one answer; not a table.
Gerry Schmitz 16-Aug-21 0:49am View
As you noticed, the built-ins are all "value" types; i.e. "primitives".

The "other" things, are "reference" types; more "complex" types; made up of primitives and other complex types.

A nut or a bolt is a "primitive". Put something together with nuts, bolts and other parts to make say a "clock", you've now established a pattern for a clock; i.e. a "class" of clock. Those are the "reference types".

Values are like the numbers in a formula; a reference type is (like) the formula.
Gerry Schmitz 15-Aug-21 15:42pm View
Timer, etc, are "classes" in the ".NET framework library"; which for all intents is an "add on"; derived from the "built-in" types; to aid in development; so you don't have to build them.
Gerry Schmitz 15-Aug-21 12:42pm View
Going on about "garbage collection" was no improvement; or that you ignored my advice (because it is "too simple"). You also seems to think that the "usual MVVM manner" is actually a thing. It's not.
Gerry Schmitz 15-Aug-21 12:33pm View
You think this is simpler than just writing a server-side sql query? Harder than "A not in B"?
Gerry Schmitz 14-Aug-21 18:42pm View
Sql server has "Date" (only) AND "DateTime" types; check your columns.
Gerry Schmitz 14-Aug-21 15:47pm View
EF does not care about your "test" or "production". It deals with data contexts; one or many; and each context can refer to the same database or a different database. A different connection can be associated with each context; i.e. different databases.
Gerry Schmitz 14-Aug-21 15:41pm View
Can't you just hook in a "non-angular" (html) page; or are you stuck with doing it only in the "framework" way?
Gerry Schmitz 13-Aug-21 14:23pm View
I have no idea where you set the DataContext, how many bindings you have, or why you think anyone might notice. Usually, one tries and reports their experience.

this.DataContext = this;
Gerry Schmitz 13-Aug-21 14:17pm View
Add a "C# tag" to your search ... or do you need that done for you too?
Gerry Schmitz 13-Aug-21 13:53pm View
Two different physical tables. You post to both contexts. The alternative is to copy from one context to another. Your mental model of EF seems to be the issue here.
Gerry Schmitz 13-Aug-21 13:33pm View
If you're the one drawing the lines, then you should maintain a reference to what you draw. Otherwise, I use the BitmapDecoder and PixelDataProvider classes to examine pixels / color in images.
Gerry Schmitz 13-Aug-21 11:09am View
You're welcome!
Gerry Schmitz 12-Aug-21 10:41am View
Run your app and server on a (windows 7) virtual machine. Modify "your" app to output to a file that a "file watcher" (or concurrent queue) app can hand off to Windows 10.
Gerry Schmitz 12-Aug-21 10:25am View
Gerry Schmitz 11-Aug-21 21:11pm View
Then don't paint when the window is being moved (quickly). Or try asynchronous calls.
Gerry Schmitz 11-Aug-21 21:05pm View
Probably simpler to run it in a VM (Hypervisor; VMBox; etc.)
Gerry Schmitz 11-Aug-21 17:49pm View
Did you call your message "security"?
Gerry Schmitz 11-Aug-21 17:45pm View
It's a console app then? I guess you need some courses is "some sort of reporting program", some sort of SQL (MySql, SQL server, etc)
Gerry Schmitz 11-Aug-21 17:43pm View
You can mix c# and code ... if you can't find someone to convert the code for you.
Gerry Schmitz 11-Aug-21 17:40pm View
Gerry Schmitz 11-Aug-21 12:56pm View
Start with a known image for your test; not some string. Which implies converting the image, and back again.
Gerry Schmitz 11-Aug-21 12:49pm View
If you were using WPF or UWP, you could use a ViewBox to scale.
Gerry Schmitz 11-Aug-21 11:55am View
Conditional compilation (#DEFINE; etc) may satisfy your desire to separate production from unit testing code.
Gerry Schmitz 11-Aug-21 11:43am View
Your "XAML" doesn't match your picture ... there is "Driver" in the image and nowhere else. Looks like a "gravity" thing relative to other gravity things.

(I use the term XAML loosely, because it's a lot more wordy than "normal" XAML)
Gerry Schmitz 11-Aug-21 11:33am View
(Re)setting the DataContext is one way; if you're using the usual binding.
Gerry Schmitz 10-Aug-21 10:03am View
It's no different than processing a single image ... you're hung up on "real time". "Got it?"
Gerry Schmitz 9-Aug-21 13:22pm View
Why do you think it necessary to subject everyone to all your non-relevant code?
Gerry Schmitz 9-Aug-21 13:01pm View
Constants are baked into the executable code; so they're not really "there"; which has implications when dealing with multiple assemblies. And to refer to a constant (field) that is never used is an illusion since it would get compiled away.
Gerry Schmitz 9-Aug-21 12:45pm View
Yes, which still doesn't explain what you expect to happen or "see".
Gerry Schmitz 9-Aug-21 11:21am View
Object detection is a concept, not a technique. You haven't said anything about what you expect to accomplish. I use "object detection" to determine rivers and map terrain ... which I'm sure doesn't mean anything without an explanation.
Gerry Schmitz 7-Aug-21 11:12am View
Use a TreeView. Nodes are service centers and employees; leaves are equipment.
Gerry Schmitz 6-Aug-21 14:34pm View
You don't want to use conventional (app) functions and want us to dream up non- conventional functions? That's not a question.
Gerry Schmitz 5-Aug-21 17:47pm View
Ping the server and compare the response with the others.
Gerry Schmitz 5-Aug-21 17:42pm View
You did not specify a "member" to display, so the combobox is going to use thatever is returned by your "combo item's" ToString() method. Assuming the Combox actually has items, isn't collapsed / not visible; which you didn't confirm using debug.
Gerry Schmitz 5-Aug-21 17:35pm View
Your "bindings" bear no relationship to your C# code.
Gerry Schmitz 5-Aug-21 17:29pm View
Find a sample that works; then figure out why it works and yours doesn't.
Gerry Schmitz 5-Aug-21 17:27pm View
Sounds like you need to "pivot".
Gerry Schmitz 5-Aug-21 17:26pm View
That has nothing to do with MSI at this point. Writing a C# program that sends SQL to the server is your first requirement.
Gerry Schmitz 31-Jul-21 11:57am View
Use the Click event on the checkbox to set focus to the next one (or generate a Tab).

Check / uncheck runs before click.
Gerry Schmitz 27-Jul-21 13:59pm View
At 32+ FPS (frames per second), that's a lot of "still" images. Not a lot of demand. The closest thing to your requirement is a "slideshow", which you can do yourself by timing a series of image / picture box displays.
For that matter, once your slideshow is running, you can use screen capture to create a video (e.g. MS Expression Encoder - Screen Capture)
Gerry Schmitz 24-Jul-21 12:51pm View
Has zero to do with Entity Framework.
Gerry Schmitz 20-Jul-21 11:48am View
Compare the data (sources); not the "UI".
Gerry Schmitz 19-Jul-21 12:18pm View
public bool InsertMongoDb<t>(T objeto) { etc. }
Gerry Schmitz 18-Jul-21 3:56am View
Try (Globals!TotalPages - 1)
Gerry Schmitz 17-Jul-21 13:17pm View
You need "something" to "catch" any errors.
Gerry Schmitz 17-Jul-21 13:13pm View
The layout of the visuals has to be in the "updated state" for actual Height and Width when capturing. Can't tell what state the visuals are in.
Gerry Schmitz 17-Jul-21 12:50pm View
Gerry Schmitz 17-Jul-21 11:46am View
Your timing includes startup / teardown time. You need a server / batch capability.
Gerry Schmitz 15-Jul-21 1:07am View
So, you can display in an image control but not in a grid. You show none relevant database code and no relavant grid code. We're just supposed to assume the cell is actually capable of receiving an image.
Gerry Schmitz 15-Jul-21 1:02am View
I guess it depends on what "ss" is pointing to. Or that you're not using Path.Combine. Or you're writing to a different file than reading. Or not.
Gerry Schmitz 15-Jul-21 1:02am View
I guess it depends on what "ss" is pointing to. Or that you're not using Path.Combine. Or you're writing to a different file than reading. Or not.
Gerry Schmitz 14-Jul-21 10:53am View
Sounds like "rules and tables": programming.
Gerry Schmitz 13-Jul-21 18:19pm View
Search for playing a "byte stream". Or create a file on disk.
Gerry Schmitz 12-Jul-21 22:07pm View
Languages / alphabets / phonetics use rules and tables for the different languages; there is no magic solution. They also go through versions; so it's also date and author sensitive.
Gerry Schmitz 12-Jul-21 14:21pm View
Instead of "collapsing", only load the relevant items in the first place. Then things will "line up". (The "selection changed" logic considers "items"; not "visibility"; you have to "scroll" yourself in certain cases)
Gerry Schmitz 12-Jul-21 14:08pm View
The image either doesn't have a thumbnail; or the image you're handling is "too big" to make a sensible thumbnail; or it's not working at all. Start somewhere. (Anything near 300x300 is considered "big")
Gerry Schmitz 11-Jul-21 13:50pm View
1) Processes don't share memory.
2) fd[0] is for reading; fd[1] for writing; so, all of the above.
Gerry Schmitz 11-Jul-21 13:37pm View
You said you wanted id and name, yet you select only product.

You didn't "join" to get "Name" (which Name?)

"Top 20" would be a .Take( 20 ) in LINQ.
Gerry Schmitz 11-Jul-21 13:29pm View
When I think of "heads down data entry", "rich text" does not come to mind. At any other time, "composing" takes time. In those cases, I don't see popping up WordPad as being "uncomfortable". Drinking from a cup versus a straw.
Gerry Schmitz 10-Jul-21 16:38pm View
Your "conditionals" are returning "strings", not "booleans". If anything, they would always test the same.
Gerry Schmitz 8-Jul-21 12:45pm View
Gerry Schmitz 7-Jul-21 15:57pm View
Gerry Schmitz 7-Jul-21 15:41pm View
document.getElementById("LastName").value = data.Lastname;

"data.Lastname" doesn't match.
Gerry Schmitz 7-Jul-21 15:37pm View
- Every SELECT statement within UNION must have the same number of columns
- The columns must also have similar data types
- The columns in every SELECT statement must also be in the same order
Gerry Schmitz 6-Jul-21 13:40pm View
BrowserLink is at 2.2.0; you're referencing a 2017 version.
Gerry Schmitz 3-Jul-21 1:51am View
In my case, I used "/Images/xxx.png" and set my file's "Build Action" to "Content".

(Using "Content" since it proved "smoother" than retrieving embedded images for my scenario)
Gerry Schmitz 1-Jul-21 17:10pm View
That's like showing an egg and asking for a chicken.
Gerry Schmitz 1-Jul-21 16:57pm View
Seems you should be returning a list / collection of results.
Gerry Schmitz 30-Jun-21 19:31pm View
That was part 1 of at least 3 parts. Stick to your short descriptions and expect useless answers.
Gerry Schmitz 30-Jun-21 19:26pm View
Prove it to yourself with GetFrames; or don't you actually code?
Gerry Schmitz 30-Jun-21 15:52pm View
Too much "noise" for a constructor; should be using a Window / Form Loaded event; async task; etc.
Gerry Schmitz 30-Jun-21 15:37pm View
"San's123" is not a "first name"; unless you're a robot or a clone.
Gerry Schmitz 30-Jun-21 13:41pm View
So far, your approach has been "unproductive".
Gerry Schmitz 30-Jun-21 13:38pm View
foreach ( var result in results ) { ... }
Gerry Schmitz 30-Jun-21 13:31pm View
You're describing actions and events with no reference to controls; we're suppossed to infer that you're using grids, and listviews and what not; who's displaying what; and how they're related. Well, it's not possible.
Gerry Schmitz 29-Jun-21 2:28am View
Add a click handler; this example uses mouse over.
Gerry Schmitz 29-Jun-21 2:24am View
If you're processing ONE table, why are you iterating _ds.Tables?
Gerry Schmitz 28-Jun-21 21:58pm View
I would be more inclined to call WordPad if I had a non-VS app that didn't have a native rich edit control and I needed to do "rich editing". You would be up and running faster versus creating an OCX from scratch (and no "security" issues).
Gerry Schmitz 28-Jun-21 11:41am View
Whether it is feasible or not, there simply is no demand for a "rich edit ocx" for "programs developed with other tools" (and which in all probability don't need or have their own rich edit control).
Gerry Schmitz 27-Jun-21 22:27pm View
If a "road space" that usually has "moving" objects comes to a standstill over some threshold duration, you can probably assume an accident / incident, and any object that didn't arrive later and is not now moving is probably involved. Only in "slow" collisions you might find "overlap"; at higher speeds, vehicles can wind up very far apart.
Gerry Schmitz 26-Jun-21 21:25pm View
You can get an array; of bytes.
Gerry Schmitz 26-Jun-21 12:38pm View
You have to different functions; 2 async calls. Trying to apply a generic parallel pattern in this case is mostly pointless.
Gerry Schmitz 25-Jun-21 14:39pm View
You should review the concept of functions / generics; you have a huge amount of duplicate / generic code. A "log" can be as simple as a multi-line text box with scroll bars that the app appends to (beginning or end).
Gerry Schmitz 25-Jun-21 14:25pm View
I think you should convert / export the grid to Excel; then do an Excel to Cr to Excel.

(csv may work too here and there)
Gerry Schmitz 25-Jun-21 14:17pm View
It's called a "heat map" (even though it might be plotting rain, infections, etc.). Google "heat map". You need map coordinates and values.
Gerry Schmitz 25-Jun-21 13:48pm View
Firstly: A "good" place to load a DataGrid is in the Loaded event of the hosting Window (async load of observable collection). Or, you load a static collection during startup, and then connect the DataGrid (again, in the hosting Windows loaded event).

And if "LicenseHolder" is participating in binding, it needs to implement INotifyPropertyChanged.

Thirdly: If you add records (with a form) to an ObservableCollection that is bound to a DataGrid, the new records will show up in the DataGrid.

Fourthly: I don't use MVVM; I think it's pointless unless you think you need a different "view" for every device your code is to run on. The thinking usually goes like this: how do I do this in C# / WPF; then, how do I do it in MVVM? Hard enough when starting out.

Anyway, when you select a record in a DataGrid, it fires the SelectionChanged event, where the SelectedItem is an object you cast to the type that is in your ObservableCollection. Then you can copy to your TextBoxes or set their (view model) DataContext to the SelectedItem.
Gerry Schmitz 23-Jun-21 13:23pm View
Nothing to do with creating the RDL; but yes, why can't you specify a path "at run time"?
Gerry Schmitz 23-Jun-21 13:05pm View
That is why I usually use a (pop up) form if I need any validation when entering / update entries in collections. Otherwise, you need to maintain some sort of state that you check when moving to a new row (i.e. was there a validation pending on row x; validate it now, and go back or continue). Or you trap the mouse with validation pending; but then you start tying the user's hands, etc.
Gerry Schmitz 23-Jun-21 12:13pm View
I usually use user controls in my ListView. To show a hierarchy, I vary the left Margin (or something), so that the items "indent" based on the "level"; e.g. Works (0), Book (1), Chapter (2), Section (3), etc. To expand / collapse, I show / hide everything under a given level #.
Gerry Schmitz 23-Jun-21 11:58am View
There are no single quotes in Path bindings; those are Property Names.

binding="{Binding Path='Kontonummer'}"
="" header="Kontonummer" isreadonly="True" visibility="Collapsed">
Gerry Schmitz 22-Jun-21 13:22pm View
Sounds like you want someone to finish your project ... that is not a "question".
Gerry Schmitz 21-Jun-21 12:42pm View
RDL is XML; .NET has XML classes; what more do you need?
Gerry Schmitz 20-Jun-21 11:52am View
With code-behind (oh horrors of horrors), you wouldn't have to "wreck your brain". And a "hidden" control is no big deal; particularly because it's the "rendering" that takes time (when doing "hundreds or thousands").
Gerry Schmitz 20-Jun-21 11:48am View
"Maximize" refers to the window size; not "performance".
Gerry Schmitz 19-Jun-21 2:08am View
8 hours later and we both think about the same question at the same time ...
Gerry Schmitz 18-Jun-21 16:17pm View
Without a working example, this is something only you see.
Gerry Schmitz 16-Jun-21 14:41pm View
Even if users could create controls, the whole concept of binding and models would be lost on them. Users would need to become programmers.
Gerry Schmitz 16-Jun-21 14:36pm View
You can probably get your head around it if you create 2 loops: one for start < end; another for start > end. You also have to consider when start == end.
Gerry Schmitz 16-Jun-21 14:25pm View
You visit every prospective vendor / supplier and ask them about their "query API"; if they have one and how to use it. Otherwise, learn how to scrape web pages without violating any use clauses.
Gerry Schmitz 16-Jun-21 2:37am View
You need to create a property in the enricher for the compressed stack trace.
Gerry Schmitz 16-Jun-21 1:58am View
I meant, what comes "before" the XML? You say "to modify XML earlier". If the file is "defective", fix the problem where the XML is created. Usually that's easier.
Gerry Schmitz 15-Jun-21 18:53pm View
It's usually a 2 step process: (1.) Capture window / screen to image (2.) Save / print image to pdf. If you search for those, you'll have better luck.
Gerry Schmitz 15-Jun-21 13:55pm View
You could look into compressing your data (in memory) first. Depending on the data, the savings can be significant. I do with my "data resource" dll's
Gerry Schmitz 15-Jun-21 13:17pm View
Adding a byte array to a string as an SQL parameter does not compute. That's for a REST service.
Gerry Schmitz 15-Jun-21 13:12pm View
Maybe it's simpler to get the width of the TreeView, and the Height of the Title Bar and Ribbon. Use the "live Visual Tree" (in Debug mode) to examine control properties (like .Top, .Left, .Width, etc. were applicable).
Gerry Schmitz 14-Jun-21 17:22pm View
Maybe figure out why this file needs "fixing" and see if it makes more sense to fix it where it is being created in the first place.
Gerry Schmitz 14-Jun-21 13:30pm View
Probably should be considering a DataGridComboBoxColumn first.
Gerry Schmitz 14-Jun-21 12:17pm View
(I get confused too).
If total = 9, (9 / 10 = 0) + (9 % 10 = 9), 9 > 0, 0 + 1 = group 1.
If total = 10, (10 / 10 = 1) + (10 % 10 = 0), 0 not > 0, 1 + 0 = group 1.
If total = 11, (11 / 10 = 1) + (11 % 10 = 1), 1 > 0, 1 + 1 = 2.

(% is the Mod operator; "? :" is an if-else (C#).
Gerry Schmitz 14-Jun-21 11:49am View
There are enough "syncing" solutions around ("roaming data") that no one bothers rolling their own, or looks for something "new".
Gerry Schmitz 14-Jun-21 11:42am View
You need what is known as "error handling". See example.
Gerry Schmitz 13-Jun-21 16:29pm View
Functional testing is a prelude to user Acceptance testing: Were the requirements met?

The example you showed is dealing with infrastructure / plumbing: Are things hooked up correctly. Not in the same category. More like "integration testing"; which comes after unit testing.
Gerry Schmitz 13-Jun-21 16:13pm View
Keep a running total, and use ((total / 10) + ( total % 10 > 0 ? 1 : 0 )) for each item's group #.
Gerry Schmitz 13-Jun-21 11:38am View
ItemSource is a "collection"; not some instance of a DataGridRow.
Gerry Schmitz 13-Jun-21 1:21am View
I though it was "in a ___"; and you had to guess the word. :0p
Gerry Schmitz 13-Jun-21 0:49am View
"Selected" is an Element, not an Attribute. The node s/b of type Element and you s/b able to access its .Value.
Gerry Schmitz 12-Jun-21 12:10pm View
A memory leak or CPU bound. Or both.
Gerry Schmitz 12-Jun-21 10:18am View
A "user" is not a "device".
Gerry Schmitz 11-Jun-21 18:14pm View
Gerry Schmitz 11-Jun-21 14:01pm View
StateCodes.Contains( so.State )
Gerry Schmitz 11-Jun-21 13:51pm View
Apparently, there is no guarantee that SQL will short-circuit an OR.
Gerry Schmitz 11-Jun-21 11:17am View
You could create a common routine (with a collection parameter) for the for loop; however, "var el" is going into the bit bucket.
Gerry Schmitz 11-Jun-21 0:05am View
"Constructor code" by any other name (or no name) is still constructor code. Your question amounts to: If I don't call a door a door, is it still a door?
Gerry Schmitz 10-Jun-21 21:38pm View
HTML is not considered "content".
Gerry Schmitz 10-Jun-21 20:01pm View
You didn't try any of the methods (and learn something new). You didn't google the keywords for something more to your liking. You don't know the difference between local and remote. You have me confused with someone who spoon feeds.
Gerry Schmitz 10-Jun-21 19:49pm View
What happens when you press "this neat little button"? Maybe it summons the webmaster (you?)
Gerry Schmitz 10-Jun-21 19:40pm View
Aren't you curious about what's in .value?
Gerry Schmitz 10-Jun-21 18:18pm View
Gerry Schmitz 10-Jun-21 14:04pm View
It appears that the problem is with how you "calculate" the value of countOfcontractors. And we can't see how you did ... you just assume it has some particular value.
Gerry Schmitz 10-Jun-21 13:57pm View
Use the device's MAC address.
Gerry Schmitz 9-Jun-21 21:14pm View
You have 2 Excel app instances and are referencing the wrong one.
Gerry Schmitz 9-Jun-21 12:36pm View
I'd be checking my "x" values; and how they're defined.
Gerry Schmitz 9-Jun-21 11:35am View
Someone fixes the problem and insures the same problem doesn't happen again.
Gerry Schmitz 9-Jun-21 0:06am View
Set horizontal scroll on the viewer to false, and use multi-line textboxes with wrapping in the stackpanel; with the StackPanel in a "*" width Grid column.
Gerry Schmitz 9-Jun-21 0:02am View
I expect restarting on the failed step without doing anything else will result in the same step failing. Even a checkpoint wouldn't help.
Gerry Schmitz 8-Jun-21 14:12pm View
"Icons" are in the Segoe fonts. Dumping font characters involves iterating of the characters in the size you want.
Gerry Schmitz 8-Jun-21 13:53pm View
I posted a snippet (for your convenience) from the link to the article I posted ... which you obviously didn't read. You got an attitude problem and we're done here.
Gerry Schmitz 8-Jun-21 13:50pm View
You should be "flowing" text (blocks) instead of attempting both horizontal and vertical scrolling on a vertical StackPanel.
Gerry Schmitz 8-Jun-21 13:41pm View
I can't "see" the csv contents, but I'll take your word for it.
Gerry Schmitz 8-Jun-21 13:39pm View
Gerry Schmitz 8-Jun-21 13:27pm View
Use 2 lists / user controls at the same time, in the same (Grid) "cell". Collapse one, show the other depending on the "view" that is supposed to be active.
Gerry Schmitz 8-Jun-21 12:37pm View
I showed you "where" (SpeakSSml). That's it. As for the rest, I don't see any of "your" code.
Gerry Schmitz 8-Jun-21 12:30pm View
Need to read the post. Further on:
Gerry Schmitz 8-Jun-21 12:13pm View
You have to show your SSML. It says it's "not valid".
Gerry Schmitz 7-Jun-21 22:42pm View
Display the filename; then consider using Path.Combine().
Gerry Schmitz 7-Jun-21 14:52pm View
Gerry Schmitz 7-Jun-21 12:44pm View
You said you can't open it in SMS; then it has nothing to do with EF or .NET. And what does "cannot open in SMS" mean? Can't open SMS? Can't find your DB? Can't find your MDF? Maybe you're just "detached".
Gerry Schmitz 6-Jun-21 22:08pm View
The SSML "wraps" the speech text you want to treat. Where the speech synthesizer refers to text, include text with SSML.
Gerry Schmitz 6-Jun-21 21:38pm View
Iterate over Colors and create a Rectangle for each color and add to a Grid, StackPanel, WrapPanel, UniformGrid, etc.
Gerry Schmitz 6-Jun-21 12:16pm View
I learned from the docs (no videos). That's my "comment".
Gerry Schmitz 6-Jun-21 12:11pm View
Add a ListView and a DataGrid to a Window / Page. Load a ListView with the dictionary keys. In the "SelectionChanged" event of the ListView use the item (i.e. the dictionary "key") to retrieve the corresponding DataTable and load it into the DataGrid. (There are no examples ... the rest of the world uses MVVM and only creates dull single-view user interfaces)
Gerry Schmitz 6-Jun-21 11:38am View
m["ts"] says you want to access a dictionary (m) with a string key of "ts".
Gerry Schmitz 6-Jun-21 11:31am View
If it's your site, you should know what's in the "view state".
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One usually knows or can control the frequency of the sampling device; that way you can anticipate a sample or know when they're getting dropped. "Guessing" the frequency just leads to uncertainty and frustration.
Gerry Schmitz 5-Jun-21 19:25pm View
Easier to model a parent-child relation. The "keys" (strings) are the parent (List view). The children are the associated DataTable's DataRows (DataGrid). When the parent selection changes, you load the associated (child) DataTable.
Gerry Schmitz 5-Jun-21 14:07pm View
You copy the values from the DataTable's DataRow to a new EF entity / class, then save the entity. But the DataTable / DataRow may be redundant in the first place because we don't have the big picture.
Gerry Schmitz 5-Jun-21 14:01pm View
Substitute "Aria" for "Cortana" in you next set of searches.

Or try the same thing you found for Cortana ... with "Aria" instead.
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It's a console app; you need a "while" loop in main to do your signal processing every second. If it was a Windows app, you could use a timer.
Gerry Schmitz 5-Jun-21 1:51am View
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Your mental model of WPF / XAML is all "wrong". For the most part, you're just overlaying; "rectangle" doesn't have any children to "scroll". From the looks of it, all you need is a StackPanel inside of a ScrollViewer; add your elements to the (vertical) StackPanel. Even a multi-line TextBox / TextBlock could suffice.
Gerry Schmitz 4-Jun-21 3:04am View
I didn't see you "adding" any appointments / Records ... so there's nothing to print.
Gerry Schmitz 3-Jun-21 12:20pm View

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In general, it's (at least) letters and numbers; with at least one lower case and one upper case letter, and a number. Minimum length of 8 (?). You go beyond that, then you're dealing with devices that may have differences in real or virtual keyboards.
Gerry Schmitz 3-Jun-21 11:57am View
When it comes to UI's, it's responsiveness; which implies asynchronous. The display is slower than the CPU; which implies a separate counting thread; unless the object is to show each count. But if you needed multiple counters than you could go for parallelism. And if they all updated the same counter (without crashing), you have concurrency.
Gerry Schmitz 3-Jun-21 11:46am View
Yes. I also thought: do they let you stick an OS into a Docker container? Isn't that a VM then? (I don't know Docker)
Gerry Schmitz 3-Jun-21 11:31am View
Use a Grid with "*" Width columns and a GridSplitter. I can't show you any code ... it's a secret.
Gerry Schmitz 2-Jun-21 15:50pm View
I think you're confusing a development environment with a production one.
Gerry Schmitz 2-Jun-21 15:27pm View
Get it working for one "source" first; note the place where you "define/set" the source.
Gerry Schmitz 2-Jun-21 12:46pm View
You're heading implies "how do I" when in fact you have a solution but just don't like it. Say so.
Gerry Schmitz 2-Jun-21 12:39pm View
Here, let me look it up for you since you obviously don't have GOOGLE.

Oh look! What's this? A link. There are others ...
Gerry Schmitz 2-Jun-21 12:34pm View
Deserialize the 2 JSON to objects; create a 3rd objects; compare and put differences in object 3; serialize object 3 to JSON.

In your example, you add 2 new "languages" but only expect 1 (?). And you can't account for "deletions".
Gerry Schmitz 1-Jun-21 21:11pm View
You need to identify where the bottleneck is; and it probably isn't in the "rules and checks".
Gerry Schmitz 1-Jun-21 15:40pm View
You start by interpreting the radio buttons.
Gerry Schmitz 1-Jun-21 13:53pm View
Why do you want to get "rid" of it? Are you running out of sockets?
Gerry Schmitz 1-Jun-21 13:21pm View
Attention, comprehension, retention: you still have no clue as to what a value type is versus a reference type. A struct is a value type; so you're just going around in the same circles again. You want to be known as "thick"?
Gerry Schmitz 1-Jun-21 3:52am View
One database, one view per tenant. As you've determined, multiple db's starts a cascade of issues. Volume should determine if partitioning is required; you're still at the "want to" stage.