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Synetech 2-Aug-14 10:58am View
You do realize that Google’s search results are not static and they change over time, and are also region-dependent right? It’s likely that the aforementioned pages were in fact, not the top search results at the time that the OP asked and only bubbled up later on.

Additionally, while the OP has not listed where they live, statically, there is a pretty good chance that they do not live in North America and the local version of Google that they use does not list those at the top (if at all). I have seen people rant on SuperUser about someone not using Google, only to have me explain that the asker was from China or Iran or something so their search results are dramatically different, and point out that telling them to use Google was unnecessarily condescending. Like I said, everybody knows about Google now, even those that cannot even use it due to government blocks.

For what it’s worth, I suppose most people, especially those living in countries where the government doesn’t filter the Internet, probably don’t realize that search results are region-dependent.
Synetech 17-Jul-14 22:53pm View
If you (or anyone else) are (still) having this problem, check the following two pages; they have some explanations and solutions which seem to be helpful.

    •  An outgoing call cannot be made since the application is dispatching an input-synchronous call
    •  COM outbound call results in “An outgoing call cannot be made since the application is dispatching an input-synchronous call.”
Synetech 17-Jul-14 22:49pm View
> That's your job to find out.

Actually no, no it’s not. The reason they asked was because they couldn’t figure it out and reached out for help. LMGTFY is stupid and idiotic. It is not 1998 anymore, and even grandparents are familiar with Google as a first stop, so your response was anything but helpful, and in fact, offensive and insulting. ಠ_ಠ (The worst part of it is that whenever someone condescends to suggest Google as an “answer” to a question, by that point the page with the question itself is often one of the top search results.)

How would you like it if you had a medical problem and when you went to the doctor, they just gave you a phone-book opened to “Doctors” and told you it’s your job to find a solution. Or, if they just handed you a slip of paper with the library call-number of the Physician’s Desk Reference and told you that it’s your job to use that to figure out what’s wrong with you? ◔_◔
Synetech 16-Jun-11 21:48pm View
Yup, that works. I created a dummy (message-only) window and used its handle to register the hotkey and it subsequent instances (and other programs) fail.

Thanks; this work-around for will certainly work now. Of course, it’s still curious why it didn’t work as expected since the MSDN docs indicate that a NULL HWND is valid.
Synetech 12-Jun-11 0:02am View
Yes, I’ve seen it “be different” in a debugger.