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Comments by Gordon Kushner (Top 9 by date)

Gordon Kushner 18-Apr-12 9:41am View    
Add the DISTINCT keyword.

SELECT DISTINCT S.SchoolName,S.City,S.Suburb,S.Description, SPC.SchoolCourseName
Gordon Kushner 7-Nov-10 17:41pm View    
Geez. I'm not doing anything to raise my reputation. What a rude assumption. No need to be snarky. If you are an admin, then just delete my comment. Otherwise, shove off.
Gordon Kushner 6-Oct-10 4:46am View    
You could make the application an MDI (multiple document) so that the container form has the menu and you actually load and unload child forms. If you make the child forms maximized, they appear to be part of the main form. Just a thought.
Gordon Kushner 1-Sep-10 9:01am View    
I'm sorry but I haven't had any experience working with Linq so I don't know if it will work for you. However, I've updated my reply with some code for the Stored Procedure. Hope it helps.
Gordon Kushner 6-Jul-10 15:52pm View    
I posted a code sample. But I noticed how you want to actual sort to work. I'm at the office and have already used up a couple hours of their time. If this were up to me, I'd move the sorting/grouping logic up to the application level and do recursion there. (It's much easier to me in .NET)