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Comments by gladtobegrey (Top 5 by date)

gladtobegrey 14-Nov-11 9:02am View    
Direct from Microsoft website ("About Dynamic Properties" url: "As of Windows Internet Explorer 8, dynamic properties have been deprecated and are only supported for Web pages displayed in IE5 (Quirks) mode or IE7 Standards mode."

Plus,expressions are IE-only, so useless for any cross-browser use. Even Microsoft deprecates them, so why advocate their use?
gladtobegrey 7-Nov-11 18:05pm View    
Not really, no. CSS expressions were unique to IE, and were dropped in IE8 Standards Mode anyway, as I understand it. Far better to use Javascript, or a Javascript library with selectors, like jQuery (other libraries are available), no?
gladtobegrey 28-Sep-11 9:30am View    
US format dates only, though.
gladtobegrey 24-Apr-11 3:39am View    
To follow the culinary model, why use a 'Death Star' to crack a peanut? We're not going to agree, so let's leave it there.
gladtobegrey 22-Apr-11 13:21pm View    
No, my question is why create a dependency on ASP and AJAX at all when there's really no need to? If OOP purity is your requirement, then create a stringBuilder class based on the above, which is then OO and extensible. In fact, I since found some examples where others have done just that. E.g.: