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Comments by megaadam (Top 15 by date)

megaadam 9-Sep-19 3:36am View    
I think, you should not PASS the logger. The child process should create its own logger, I think this was mentioned in the link. Good luck.
megaadam 27-Aug-19 10:35am View    
Ah I missed your reply. Now it is twice as easy to resolve.
megaadam 28-Jun-19 8:20am View    
Next question: Does C++ have goto?
megaadam 25-Jun-19 4:23am View    
What can possibly go wrong as long as you use <wincrypt.h> to encrypt the ICBM launch codez?
megaadam 10-May-19 11:03am View    
Well i would think that IF your data is recursive (i.e. if the "ambig" items contain new lists of "L -> R" expressions) then the code might need to be recursive, or at at least the parser needs to build a recursive data structure.