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Comments by Mark Regal (Top 3 by date)

Mark Regal 21-May-12 5:24am View
He SA, an observation for you here. You've posted three responses to my fairly simple question and not one of them addressed anything. I mean, your responses are really odd...ask yourself if anyone can glean something from them.
Mark Regal 15-May-12 0:06am View
Hey SA...just wanted to say that first :)

So I think it might be more productive to take the menustrip out of the equation here. Maybe just think along the lines of creating a selection rectangle that you can create over a control so you can see the control underneath it.

So when your mouse is over the control it appears, when your mouse is not over the control it disappears. So how do you create a semi-transparent rectangle that you can see a control through.

Does that make sense?

Mark Regal 13-May-12 23:51pm View
I'm not sure why this is a difficult question. See if you understand this...

One user control (inheriting user control)
Ten checkboxes on the user control and nothing else
The user control is accessed via a ToolStripControlHost
The ToolStripControlHost is then wrapped into a context menu strip
Click on a button and the context menu appears with a single menu item
The single menu item is the user control with 10 checkboxes on it

Everything works fine and as expected to this point. I just am not sure how to hightlight each checkbox individually with the normal menu item selection highlighter.

If you don't know what that is then run one of your projects that has a menustrip and some items in it. Then highlight one of the menu items with a mouse over and you'll see this cool looking blue gradient rectangle that shows which menu item that you're currently over.

Now that's what I'd like to duplicate if I have too. I don't want to and if you know of another way to get the selection rectangle then do tell! You're making this sound academic and I really hope it is :)

What is the msdn article which you're referring to? Do you happen to have the address of it? So now that you understand this a little better, what would you suggest? Please advise and thanks!