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Graham Shanks 17-Jun-11 17:45pm View
Edited to use pre tags (not code tags)
Graham Shanks 17-Jun-11 14:59pm View
Try using the DocumentElement property of the XmlDocument - that will work
Graham Shanks 10-Jun-11 15:16pm View
And be polite - demanding an answer now does not get a good response from volunteers
Graham Shanks 30-May-11 4:14am View
There are two places that you need to update in your project solution. The first, in the general tab will be the "use of MFC" tab - set this to "use MFC in a statiic library" (this will have no effect if you are not using MFC, but it will do no harm). The second, in the "Code Generation" tab, is the runtime library - set this to "Multi-threaded" for release builds and "Multi-threaded Debug" for debug builds.

Note: I've not got VS 2010 so exactly what the solution properties are named and where they are may vary from the above, but I think you should be able to find them from the above description.

If you've not added any libraries as additional dependencies then this should be it. If you have additional dependencies then you need to find the actual libraries, instead of the import libraries - this is library specific, so I'm not sure how much help I'll be there
Graham Shanks 19-Apr-11 8:33am View
And the question is?

And how is this different from your other questions?

Try reading the android development section of this site. Try google to find out other places where android development and video streaming is discussed.

THEN try developing some software and WHEN you find a real problem in the code, post the code snippet and ask a focused question that people can actually answer
Graham Shanks 16-Apr-11 16:55pm View
Not quite correct. In the second case, b has been created when it has been declared in the first line in main. The second line assigns a to b, using the assignment operator
Graham Shanks 16-Apr-11 16:21pm View
I cannot understand what you want to do. The code will extract the individual words in the textbox. Perhaps an example of what you mean by "a mistyped word from letter A to Z both in lower and upper-cases" would help
Graham Shanks 16-Apr-11 11:25am View
The links I found last night would not help you about the arguments. However with your extras information, I found this link[^]. Right at the bottom of the first page, it states the lcid is the locale identifier, and setting it to NULL (i.e. 0) uses the computer's default - which is almost certainly what you want to do. RHS is a bit easier to decode, it stands for "Right Hand Side", which is a standard way of referring to the term on the right of the assignment statement - for instance, you'll often see the assignment operator written as MyClass& MyClass::operator=(const MyClass& RHS);

I also found this link[^], which states the the Visible property is of type System::Boolean. So you could try

object trueValue = true;
pXL->Visible = trueValue;


pXL->Visible = (System::Boolean)true;

Of course, I think that pXL->PutVisible(0, TRUE); is probably sufficient
Graham Shanks 15-Apr-11 19:02pm View
Sorry, I missed out some text, it should be pXL->Visible = true; (I've updated the solution appropriately).

PutVisible does not appear in the interface for the Excel Application class, according to the documentation with VS 2005. It may be due to the microsoft extension to implement prperties in C++ (which does not support them).

A google search seems to suggest that pXL->PutVisible(0, TRUE); would set the visible flag. TRUE is a hash define for a non-zero value. It was used for booleans in C, before C++ introduced the bool, true and false keywords. VARIANT_TRUE is a has define for ((VARIANT_BOOL)1), where VARIANT_BOOL is a hash define for short
Graham Shanks 15-Apr-11 7:41am View
Please don't post the same question time and time again. There is insufficient information for anyone to help you. Where is the error in the code? What is the error?
Graham Shanks 15-Apr-11 6:41am View
Do you mean that you have created a Setup project and used the msi file that it created? If you did, then it could mean a permissions problem. However if you didn't then you need to do so, or follow Olivier's suggestions (which is harder). You say it is not good to install the framework, however an MFC application needs the MFC and C Runtime libraries installed - that's the price you have to pay for using MFC. If you don't want to install the MFC libraries then you need to rewrite your application to use the Windows API functions instead. Even then you'll still need the C runtime libraries
Graham Shanks 7-Apr-11 17:59pm View
OK, done the assignment. It was interesting. Tell when you've finished your attempt
Graham Shanks 2-Apr-11 12:41pm View
I knew you were going to say that (I went on eBay last year and bought a Crystal Ball)
Graham Shanks 16-Mar-11 5:43am View
A compile error or run-time error? What is the error?

You need to include both of the following include files:

#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
Graham Shanks 15-Mar-11 9:27am View
The .xsd file is a text file and can be read directly by C++
Graham Shanks 4-Mar-11 8:56am View
Well, argc is not available in C#, you would use args.Length. Also using foreach would be better C# code
Graham Shanks 4-Mar-11 8:23am View
I like and use this one too, but it doesn't support bold text
Graham Shanks 24-Feb-11 7:46am View

1. The destructor is not static
2. Destructors cannot have any parameters

So this code doesn't compile and doesn't do what you say it does