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Comments by Rolf Kristensen (Top 3 by date)

Rolf Kristensen 22-Oct-21 3:03am View    
Sounds like you should make an answer to your own question with the updated NLog.config that is working for you
Rolf Kristensen 21-Oct-21 13:17pm View    
The question was why no output from NLog. The answer is usually to ensure NLog.config is loaded (hence my advice about using assembly resource). And secondly to fix target issues like file-permissions (hence my advice about checking NLog InternalLogger for errors). If you now have a different errors, then you should update your question.
Rolf Kristensen 20-May-17 5:25am View    
The NLog archive-logic includes cleanup of old files, and it uses file-wildcard to recognize what files to remove. If using "random" filenames (ex. longdate), then the file-wildcard will fail.