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Bernhard Hiller 1-Apr-21 7:05am View    
Thanks for your input, Floyd. MySQL turns out to be very strange, the longer you work with it the stranger it looks. We can be rather sure that your issue had some other chain of cause, but an interesting finding.
Bernhard Hiller 10-Mar-21 12:32pm View    
Thanks for your hints. A local web server is exactly beyond the "small and simple" scope of this question - do not add any unnecessary load to the old notebook. In a future scenario with upgraded hardware, things may look different - I try to avoid all the hassle with getting all the things correctly running on a different machine...
As for the MIME type, I found it on the stackoverflow answer; anyway, my blocklist is too large to fit the size parameters, so it won't make a difference.
Bernhard Hiller 19-Sep-18 3:39am View    
The last machine crash was on Sep 11, 5:06 in the morning. No crashs since then, and no database problems either. What a coincidence! A postmortem would be nice, but my impression is that our admin prefers to repeat that at a customer site (the problems happened on our test system in the office): obviously, it works NOW.
Bernhard Hiller 14-Sep-18 4:02am View    
In both cases, there was a crash of the machine, as can be seen in Windows eventlog with id 6008: "The previous system shutdown was unexpected". There were 70 (!) such crashes within 4 days, and they ended on Sep 11. I do not know what was changed on that machine, our admin will have to find out.
Bernhard Hiller 2-Jul-18 3:54am View    
In the title, you talk about "WPF", but then your code uses "Windows Forms" - they are different. With WPF, use MVVM pattern, do not access properties of UI elements directly, despite Microsoft still keeps that doable.