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Mahmud Hasan 31-May-12 7:24am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Thanks for this.
Mahmud Hasan 10-Mar-12 16:50pm View
How did you define MyWebService in your web.config?
Mahmud Hasan 10-Mar-12 16:45pm View
can u share more of ur code?
Mahmud Hasan 9-Mar-12 12:21pm View
Can u rephrase your question with proper punctuation's and correcting typos?
Mahmud Hasan 9-Mar-12 12:10pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
Good one. Didn't know this. Will research more on this.
Mahmud Hasan 9-Mar-12 9:36am View
Could you please share your code. It will help to get the answer.
Mahmud Hasan 7-Mar-12 1:24am View
Exact Idea? Can you please tell little more how can I help you further. The best way of doing this is to use observer pattern that will store your history on every edit operation. Don't forget to do this under same transaction scope.

Hope to write more if you have specific question.

Please rate my answer if it helps you so that I can be encouraged more.

Mahmud Hasan 6-Mar-12 22:43pm View
For this purpose what I do is:
1. I create a table with same fields like the main table for keeping history.
2. Say I am saving a task where I have a table claled Task with fields Id, Name, Description,Status.
3. I will have another table name TaskHistory where I will have fields like Id, TaskId, Name, Description, Status, IsCurrent.
4. Whenever a task will be created an entry will also go to the history table. here isCurrent will be set to true.
5. When the task will be edited, it will be edited in the main table and a new row will get inserted into the history table. Make the previous row's isCurrent false and the new row's is Current true.
6. Thus you have the full changes of a task tracked in the history table.

Another thing, I would like to do this from a post save event of task rather than doing in trigger. Triggers should always be our last option to use. Because, it can create bugs that tough to debug, can create hidden performance problem etc.

Please response if this make sense.

Mahmud Hasan 6-Mar-12 8:45am View
Can you re-phrase your problem. By the way edited your question for better code formatting.
Mahmud Hasan 6-Mar-12 8:16am View
Please expose more detail of the problem. What error you are getting? What code you are trying.
Mahmud Hasan 6-Mar-12 8:14am View
Edited the question for formatting. Are you using any 3rd party pdf conversion library?
Mahmud Hasan 4-Mar-12 0:25am View
please explain your question in more detail with some sample code and what you have already tried. It will help you to get good response.
Mahmud Hasan 4-Mar-12 0:24am View
I do not see anything named FileName bound with any column of your gridview. Am i missing anything?
Mahmud Hasan 3-Mar-12 14:41pm View
Question edited to make C# block more readable.
Mahmud Hasan 3-Mar-12 14:03pm View
Are you working in web project or desktop project. Please give more detail.
Mahmud Hasan 3-Mar-12 14:00pm View
Question Edited for formatting.
Mahmud Hasan 29-Feb-12 10:31am View
I believe you should try to do this using JS not C#.
Mahmud Hasan 29-Feb-12 10:28am View
Show your aspx.
Mahmud Hasan 29-Feb-12 10:26am View
Did you try adding your text boxes in EditItemTemplate of th GridView?
Mahmud Hasan 29-Feb-12 10:15am View
What did you mean by auto postback? MVC do not have any postback event. Please clarify.
Mahmud Hasan 29-Feb-12 10:13am View
Sorry buddy! this is not a question at all. Be more specific.
Mahmud Hasan 29-Feb-12 10:09am View
Are you looking for the query? If yes it is simple. select * from yourtable where total<40.

However, if you look for the code to show the list of people in a grid using, I think your question is not relevant for this forum. Here, you need to show your effort to solve your problem. The forum will help you so that you can overcome the issues with your solution. If you sample a solution, the forum may suggest better approach too. Please post your codes that you had already tried.
Mahmud Hasan 22-Feb-12 10:50am View
Mahmud Hasan 22-Feb-12 3:36am View
Mahmud Hasan 22-Feb-12 3:18am View
In which event you are trying to do this?
Mahmud Hasan 21-Feb-12 23:29pm View
I am not fully clear what you exactly want to know. Can you please re-phrase your problem possibly with some example?
Mahmud Hasan 20-Feb-12 5:33am View
On Export Button Click event, you retrieve the data as u did to display in html (again you need separate your data retrieval from the UI) and then export that data to xl.