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hypermellow 15-Sep-16 5:43am View
What chart component are you using? ... can you post your code please?
hypermellow 15-Aug-16 4:14am View
Any detail on where it's not working?
... do you have an error message?
hypermellow 3-Aug-16 9:12am View
That's still not json data, it's array data???

Passing json data to highcharts is usually done something like:

$(document).ready(function() {
url: '/yourService.asmx/summarydata',
type: 'GET',
async: true,
dataType: 'json',
success: function (oData) {
chart: {
type: 'column'
xAxis: {
type: 'month'
series: [{
data: oData

From your question, it looks like your service is returning valid json, so something along the lines of this should work.
hypermellow 3-Aug-16 5:42am View
Your console data is displaying data in valid json format.
The format you appear to want, is not valid json.

... why do you want your data in this invalid format?
hypermellow 2-Mar-16 9:34am View
Hi, what happens when you remove the UseHttpGet:=True from your methods declaration?
... as you have explicitly set the method to be called via http get requests, but then you call it by posting to the method?
hypermellow 26-Jan-16 6:36am View
Can you post what code you've tried, and were you are stuck?
hypermellow 15-Jan-16 10:23am View
+5 for mentioning that the use of MS Office automation is not a good idea.
hypermellow 14-Jan-16 11:35am View
Thanks Sergey - much appreciated.
hypermellow 14-Jan-16 8:55am View
HTTP 500.19 can mean many things.
You should have a look in the event viewer for some more detail of these errors.
Then work through a trouble shooting guide:

... hope it helps.
hypermellow 14-Jan-16 8:51am View
How did you add the reference?
In VS, when you right click the dll and select properties - what value does the Copy Local show?
hypermellow 14-Jan-16 7:52am View
What kind of issues do you have?
... how are you deploying the app?
hypermellow 14-Jan-16 7:31am View
What's the compile time error message?
What CPU are you targeting in your project build configuration? (x86/x64/Any CPU)
... are you building this on a x64 or x86 machine?
hypermellow 23-Dec-15 6:18am View
Hi, have a look at the order that you are including your js files.

I would have expected jQuery to be included 1st ... then include the rest of the js files.
hypermellow 25-Nov-15 7:06am View
I probably should have posted as a solution, but was having a busy day yesterday. So added a comment to give the OP a nudge in the right direction. :-)
hypermellow 24-Nov-15 10:51am View
Hi, have a look at JavaScripts "document.referrer" property, as this holds the value of the http referrer. i.e. the address of the page that linked to the current page (if there was one).

... hope it helps.
hypermellow 20-Nov-15 7:25am View
Then I would start by checking that your test.js file is included correctly.
... you could also try removing the included js file, and adding the test() function to the document head (within script blocks).
hypermellow 20-Nov-15 6:46am View
Your JavaScript function needs to return a value of false to prevent the postback.
.. add "return false;" as the last line of your function, and see how it behaves then.
hypermellow 28-Oct-15 4:43am View
yup, sounds like a valid reason ... which was why it was the 1st question I asked you :) Glad your up and running.
hypermellow 27-Oct-15 9:53am View
... make sure you add the jQuery library before you add the dataTables.js.
What error is it throwing?
hypermellow 27-Oct-15 8:08am View
Ok good, where is the reference to the jQuery library? ... I only see the dataTables.js file included, you also need the jQuery library.
hypermellow 27-Oct-15 7:49am View
Assuming you have your GridView ID correct in your JavaScript, a couple of things to check. Does your GridView render thead and th elements correctly? ... and where is your reference to your jQuery library?
hypermellow 24-Sep-15 10:57am View
Good spot with the case differences - 5'd
hypermellow 17-Sep-15 10:49am View
check what? - you've already been repeatedly told what's wrong with that code you keep posting.
... did you try code I posted in the solution above?
hypermellow 17-Sep-15 7:54am View
Hi, there is a few samples provided:
hypermellow 15-Sep-15 9:29am View
Ah I see. I was wondering if you had hit the excel/access 255 column limitation. Maybe the limitation is in the driver you are using?
... good luck with the database explorer :-)
hypermellow 15-Sep-15 5:10am View
What is your Table? ... Excel? ... Flat File? ... MS Access? ... MSSQL Server ... Oracle?
hypermellow 15-Sep-15 4:59am View
Good advice ... a sensible approach. 5'd
hypermellow 11-Sep-15 9:46am View
Sensible advice ... my 5 :-)
hypermellow 9-Sep-15 10:35am View
Good solid advice ... a 5 from me too!
hypermellow 9-Sep-15 9:59am View
Thanks SA :-)
hypermellow 9-Sep-15 7:50am View
Hi, that message usually mean you are running the free Xamarin starter edition, and you need to upgrade to use the feature your trying to use.

What version of Xamarin are you running?
hypermellow 8-Sep-15 7:52am View
Hi, can you post this a separate question please?
That way you can add the relevant detail and code.

hypermellow 4-Sep-15 5:17am View
Looks better now, thanks for updating.
hypermellow 4-Sep-15 4:58am View
What was the solution to your problem?

The code snippet you posted is identical to code you posted that you said was giving you problems?
hypermellow 4-Sep-15 4:12am View
Pipped to the post - 5'd!
hypermellow 3-Sep-15 11:28am View
I think @F-ES Sitecore is asking you to click the "Improve Question" button, and add relevant details to your question.

You could add a bit of detail about the data bound control (Repeater/GridView/ListView etc) that contains your ImageButton?
hypermellow 1-Sep-15 6:11am View
Hi, is there a reason why you are adding the rows to the DataGridView manually?
What timings do you get if you DataBind() the DataTable to the DataGridView?
hypermellow 28-Aug-15 11:17am View
Hi, I've updated my solution with an additional option.

... hope it helps.
hypermellow 28-Aug-15 5:13am View
That error sounds like it's coming from the stored procedure rather than the / c# layer.
What happens when you open a SQL window and run: exec GetAllPromotionAdverts
hypermellow 12-Aug-15 3:50am View
As previously stated, HTML does not have an include feature.

The solution I posted is a working example of a type of JavaScript include feature (the html part of this was posted in Solution 1), it will not alter the browsers source code.

To include content that alters the browser source code, you need to use a server side technology that offers that feature (php/asp/ etc).

Oh ... the source code you posted above is not the markup contained in the solution I posted. If you try the markup I posted, the browser will render the child HTML page into the parent ... but this will not change the browser source code.

... hope it helps.
hypermellow 11-Aug-15 7:18am View
As per the original comment to your question, there is no include functionality in plain/native HTML.

To get the above solution working, you'll need to use a suitable JavaScript library - which has been omitted from the above post.
hypermellow 11-Aug-15 3:55am View
Thank You! :-)
hypermellow 10-Aug-15 11:52am View
I thought I'd been beaten to posting the same solution, but I notice you have specified the New keyword when declaring.

... my VB must be rusty(ier) that I thought :-)
hypermellow 10-Aug-15 11:39am View
Ok, then you can add it's value to a List of String by name.Add(DB.GetNames(firstname))
hypermellow 10-Aug-15 11:36am View
Hi, you're getting an error as you are trying to assign a string value to a "List Of String" Variable.

What type does DB.GetNames return?
hypermellow 10-Aug-15 10:51am View
If you bring everything onto a single line it, the error should resolve.
... I've now updated my solution.

Re: Your error message: Have you imported the System.Linq Namespace?
hypermellow 13-Jul-15 9:52am View
Hi, in what GridView event are you trying to access the RowIndex property?
hypermellow 16-Jun-15 4:44am View
That's still not correct, the targetFramework attribute is not valid for the httpRuntime element - (
hypermellow 12-Jun-15 11:40am View
Good plan, Friday disasters always happen at 4:45pm ... and it's approaching that time of the week!
If you need a hand on Monday, give me shout, have a good weekend.
hypermellow 12-Jun-15 11:29am View
no problem, let me know how you get on?
... just make sure you get the correct hostheader(s) for your existing site setup before you add a new site. :-)
hypermellow 12-Jun-15 11:23am View
It's really easy, and can all be done via the IIS Manager GUI. Here's a technet article with the steps.
hypermellow 12-Jun-15 11:16am View
Hi, you can host multiple IIS sites on a single server/IP address, by not binding any of the sites to a single IP address, and by making sure you specify a different host header for each site.
hypermellow 12-Jun-15 7:27am View
... very valid and well made points, Richard.
hypermellow 12-Jun-15 7:21am View
Hi, I've updated the solution to demonstrate a basic file copy of the selected file.
... hope it helps.
hypermellow 11-Jun-15 5:54am View
What chart component are you using? ... usually chart controls have options to create a legend beside the chart.
hypermellow 10-Jun-15 10:42am View
You need to find out if your controls (still) exists in your panel.
.. if you enable tracing, and run something like this, then you'll be closer to finding out where the problem exists.

//Write a trace message containing the ID of each TextBox found in pnldisplayform ...
foreach (Control ctl in pnldisplayform.Controls)
if (ctl is TextBox)
hypermellow 3-Jun-15 7:03am View
Nail, Head & Hit 5'ed :-)
hypermellow 22-May-15 6:05am View
Beat me to it! 5+
hypermellow 21-May-15 11:49am View
... now updated, Thanks.
hypermellow 21-May-15 11:28am View
*Hangs his head in shame* ... I really should have picked up on that.
hypermellow 20-May-15 10:22am View
... thanks SA :-)
hypermellow 20-May-15 8:54am View
... I think you forgot to add a reference to the Microsoft Scripting Runtime object.

Look at step 2 in this link for how to add the reference:
hypermellow 20-May-15 8:51am View
Where are you getting this error?
hypermellow 20-May-15 7:40am View
What does not working mean?
You've posted a just a snippet of markup - even if you did explain what problems you are having - it's not much to go on for anyone to provide you with help.

... post your code please!
hypermellow 20-May-15 6:58am View
Can you post your code of how you are checking the length of your strings please?

String "123.45" has a length of 6. If your code is returning a length of 5 then you must be doing something different to what you say you are doing.
hypermellow 20-May-15 6:36am View
... beat me to it! +5
hypermellow 20-May-15 4:40am View
Hi, I don't think the picture box control has an enabled/disabled or a visible property. You could pass LoadPicture an empty string and the picture box will be cleared, and not display any image. Something like:
Picture2.Picture = LoadPicture("")
hypermellow 20-May-15 4:24am View
Hi, do you realise this question is tagged as a VB6 question?

With VB6 you can't catch exceptions ... you may only raise, trap, and then handle errors.
hypermellow 15-May-15 7:28am View
If by Cryptography you mean encoding/encrypting the values, then yes.

You would wrap your value with a call to your function that performs the Cryptography and returns the encoded value.
Something like:
Response.Redirect("~/User/HR/Delete_Assign_Department.aspx?E_ID=" + EncryptValue(Employee_Id) +"&D_ID=" +EncryptValue(Department_Id) );

... and again wrap the values with a call to your function that decrypt the value when retrieving:
string EmployeeId = DecryptValue(Request.QueryString["E_ID"]);
hypermellow 13-May-15 10:02am View
How are you adding your records to the GridView? ... can you post your code?
hypermellow 13-May-15 4:37am View
When you click the control specified in the TargetControlID attribute of the extender, the ajax control toolkit should take care of changing the panels css display value to hide/show the popup.
Can you debug and look at the popup panels css display value before and after you click its button to show it?
hypermellow 8-May-15 6:54am View
select a,b,c from table order by a; ... or am I miss understanding the question?
hypermellow 5-May-15 7:48am View
Are you trying to restore a MSSQL .bak file directly into MySql?
hypermellow 4-May-15 11:01am View
That sounds like a different question/problem ...

Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load
If Not Page.IsPostBack
Dim UserID As String = Request.QueryString("UserID")
End If
End Sub

What happens when you set a break point on If Not Page.IsPostBack?
hypermellow 4-May-15 9:55am View
The URL in the code snippet you posted is an ASP.NET aspx file?
It doesn't matter what built the request to that page, the value will be available in the QueryString?

Why can't you use:
Dim UserID As String = Request.QueryString("UserID")
hypermellow 28-Apr-15 7:21am View
Very good spot, ... the AutoGenerateColumns=false; does say it all :-) - Many Thanks
hypermellow 28-Apr-15 7:12am View
Glad your sorted now.
hypermellow 28-Apr-15 7:11am View
Yes, it does look like the DataTable should contain 7 columns, the only other possible unknown looks to be DataGridViews column count.

... I've now updated to add a check for this.
hypermellow 28-Apr-15 6:42am View
Is line number 13: dgv_EmpBonusList.Rows[i].Cells[1].Value = ds.Tables[0].Rows[i][1].ToString();
hypermellow 28-Apr-15 6:39am View
Where in your code are you getting the exception? ... what line is line number 11?
hypermellow 21-Apr-15 5:50am View
It depends on how you add the pane ... can you post your code?
hypermellow 15-Apr-15 10:10am View
Work fine on my machine - the postback occurs when I move focus from TextBox2.

Here is the generated markup of TextBox2 where the client side change and keypress events are defined:

<input name="ctl00$MainContent$TextBox2" id="MainContent_TextBox2" onkeypress="if (WebForm_TextBoxKeyHandler(event) == false) return false;" onchange="javascript:setTimeout('__doPostBack(\'ctl00$MainContent$TextBox2\',\'\')', 0)" type="text"/>
hypermellow 15-Apr-15 9:42am View
... then there must be some other reason that is preventing the postback from occurring.

Can you post the rendered html markup the page produces for this control?

hypermellow 15-Apr-15 9:37am View
Glad it helped :-)
hypermellow 15-Apr-15 9:09am View
Great solution - Nail, Head, Hit & 5'ed! :-)
hypermellow 15-Apr-15 8:38am View
Glad you got it sorted. :-)
hypermellow 15-Apr-15 7:35am View
... thank you! :-)
hypermellow 14-Apr-15 4:51am View
Is there a question in there? ... are you stuck with something?
hypermellow 13-Apr-15 3:49am View
A very relevant and detailed explanation ... nail, head , hit & 5ed :-)
hypermellow 10-Apr-15 11:41am View
I'm not sure about MySql references, but you need to check your using the same version locally that is installed on the server. You should be able to add them to your projects as a reference, they will then get copied to your projects bin folder and included in the publish.
hypermellow 10-Apr-15 11:37am View
It could be that publish was successful, but your code uses a higher version of the .NET framework than IIS is configured to use. You can check by opening IIS Manager and looking at the application pool settings ... look at selected value for .NET version.
hypermellow 10-Apr-15 11:16am View
Check the destination IIS site is configured to use the same version of the .Net Framework as the source site. The error message suggests it's using a lower version.
hypermellow 10-Apr-15 11:09am View
How are you calling the SaveImage routine? and what happens when you comment out the line:
wb = new WriteableBitmap(bp);

If you pass in your Grayscaled image, when calling SaveImage ... then it looks like you are creating (and then saving) a new WriteableBitmap instead.
hypermellow 10-Apr-15 5:48am View
What graph/chart are you having problems with?
hypermellow 2-Apr-15 6:56am View
Yes, there are lots of alternatives to display the image in IE7, although none using CSS before/after selectors.
A good approach would be have a look at the modernizr JavaScript library ( - this includes a CSS Generated Content tool - this can detect supported/unsupported css features, and provides a mechanism to replicate via Javascript.
hypermellow 1-Apr-15 6:53am View
.. and busted! :)
hypermellow 1-Apr-15 6:48am View
Given the OP's rep points, I was thinking the reason behind his question was in todays date? ...I think he might have gotten his 1st hit? ;)
hypermellow 1-Apr-15 6:41am View
lol 5'ed :)
hypermellow 20-Mar-15 10:26am View
Hi, an asp:Panel control might be a better choice for this scenario.
As it will be available in code behind, and will also render a div element to the client browser.
hypermellow 19-Mar-15 8:47am View
A well made valid point :) 5*
hypermellow 19-Mar-15 7:52am View
It's difficult to guess ... as you haven't posted any of your code.
Can you confirm every control on your page has a value specified for its ValidationGroup property?
hypermellow 18-Mar-15 8:11am View
Hi, I'm not the author of that article ... but I've downloaded the sample project, then added/imported the user control (TimeExtender.ascx) into a new project.

I then added the following controls to a new aspx page

I then registered the UserControl on my page:
<%@ Register src="ctl/TimeExtender.ascx" tagname="TimeExtender" tagprefix="uc1" %>

... then added the UserControl to the page:
<uc1:TimeExtender ID="TimeExtender1" runat="server" TargetControlID="txtStartTime" />

... hope it helps.
hypermellow 17-Mar-15 10:31am View
What happens when you input the hazardous input text as described in the test. Does your validation catch this before you pass them as input to your procedure?

The test results indicate that the hazardous values are passed.

Reasoning: The test result seems to indicate a vulnerability because it shows that values can be appended to parameter values, indicating that they were embedded in an SQL query

If you can demonstrate your validation routine stops these values being submitted to your procedure, then you can contest the result of this test.
... it would then be up to the tester to prove the potential vulnerability?
hypermellow 13-Mar-15 11:13am View
Your welcome :)
hypermellow 13-Mar-15 11:05am View
Hi,I've updated my solution to show you how to use the minLength object. The example is based on the jQuery example.
hypermellow 13-Mar-15 11:00am View
Hi, yes customisation to display the 1st N results would be helpful. It's difficult to suggest appropriate until we know the type of source data he's using. :)
hypermellow 13-Mar-15 8:28am View
What framework version is IIS configured to run with?

MasterPages where introduced in Framework v2 - so if your web server was configured to run in a version <2 then you would likely get this error.

... hope it helps.
hypermellow 4-Mar-15 9:41am View
Is the 'vertical dash' the letter I? ... meaning the value of cell I10 is also subtracted?
hypermellow 26-Feb-15 4:04am View
Happy to help, thanks for letting me know :)
hypermellow 24-Feb-15 10:24am View
5+ for the '+0.0000001' work around ... will be using this one myself. :)
hypermellow 24-Feb-15 5:07am View
You'll need to CAST or CONVERT your column to VARCHAR/NVARCHAR to use the REPLACE function.

Something like this should work:
REPLACE(REPLACE(CAST(ProductInfo AS VARCHAR(MAX)), '<p>', '') , '</p>', '') from tbl_ProductInfo

Be aware that the conversion to VARCHAR may truncate your data.
hypermellow 24-Feb-15 4:54am View
... that's because you never asked to remove the start and end tags.

I've updated the above solution to remove start and end tags.
hypermellow 20-Feb-15 5:22am View
repost of:
hypermellow 18-Feb-15 5:19am View
Beat me to it!

Good answer, have 5 :)
hypermellow 13-Feb-15 7:54am View
I never said the OP asked how conditional statements work ... the last line of my previous comments starts, ironically, with the word 'if' :)
hypermellow 13-Feb-15 7:18am View
I don't need an explanation on how conditional statements run, thanks ... and I'm not the one who has misunderstood.

Regardless of you thinking it was not helpful to the OP, the response I posted addresses his question ... as it explains the technique that he was asking if it was possible.

After I post my response, you then asked the OP a separate question, received a response that contains a snippet of code that shows ...*drum roll please* ... a recursive function!

So, based a badly demonstrated code snippet, that show no logic, nor purpose of the function ... and your making up stuff about what the OP actually wants?? ... where does the OP state he wants to show any alerts, never mind he wants to show 2 alerts???

If the OP was asking how conditional statements work, then why would he ask if recursion was possible?
hypermellow 13-Feb-15 4:47am View
'else' conditions get executed when the 'if' condition has not been met ... unless you call your function again (ie - using recursion).
The examples in the links I posted demonstrate this.
hypermellow 13-Feb-15 4:26am View
Ah, I see ... thanks.
What is the OPs exact issue then? ... I thought he was asking if it was possible in Javascript to call a function from within itself?
hypermellow 13-Feb-15 4:01am View
What do you mean? ... an explanation, with links to the definition of recursion is completely relevant to the posted question.
The OPs later comment was in response to your question.
hypermellow 31-Dec-14 6:00am View
Hi, to add to your project, install via nuget:
hypermellow 15-Dec-14 7:53am View
Ah, then you should probably have a look at creating an SSIS package, which can be scheduled to run daily.
hypermellow 15-Dec-14 7:47am View
What type of database are you using? (i.e. - Oracle/MSSQL/MYSQL)
hypermellow 3-Dec-14 7:32am View
Have you looked at the .NETs Registry class?
hypermellow 28-Nov-14 11:38am View
When operation timeout occurs, try connecting via telnet:

I don't know too much about mail server setups on linux, but if you can't connect via telnet, then at least your dealing with a server issue.

Hope it helps.
hypermellow 28-Nov-14 11:15am View
Can you and your users telnet to the mail server on the port your using?
Also, if you're trying to connect on port 25, sometimes antivirus/firewalls are setup to block these connections.
hypermellow 24-Nov-14 6:42am View
... and my 5 for the explanation which I omitted from my solution. :)
hypermellow 24-Nov-14 6:41am View
Thanks :)
hypermellow 30-Oct-14 7:34am View
What do you mean it's not working ... how far do you get? ... what exception is raise?
hypermellow 13-Oct-14 10:02am View
... it should go something like this:

and in your code behind:
protected void ValidationFunction(object source, ServerValidateEventArgs args){
args.IsValid =true;
args.IsValid =false;

public bool IsValidCondition(string sUserInput){
bool bOut=false;
validate user input
return bOUt;
hypermellow 13-Oct-14 9:30am View
Hi, the RangeValidator stopped working as you specified its type attribute as an integer.
Have you tried the CustomValidator yet? ... if so, how are you getting on with it?
hypermellow 13-Oct-14 9:08am View
CustomValidator allow you to use a boolean function that you create to perform the actual validation.
hypermellow 13-Oct-14 8:59am View
I suggested the CompareValidator as you asked how to allow commas in the user input. The CompareValidator can be used to check the input is of the correct type (i.e.- currency).
... you could then use an additional CompareValidator to check the value is within an allowed range - or a CustomValidator would work here too.
hypermellow 13-Oct-14 6:48am View
You should be able to switch from the RangeValidator control to a CompareValidator ... just remember to set the type to Currency, and operator to DataTypeCheck.

Perhaps something like:
<asp:CompareValidator ID="cvLYFTUG" runat="server" ControlToValidate="TextBoxFTUG" Type="Currency" Display="Dynamic" Operator="DataTypeCheck" ErrorMessage="Not a valid format" />

hypermellow 13-Oct-14 6:23am View
The auto postback/textchanged postback is probably not the best choice of design, a javascript call to a webservice that performs the calculation would have been a better choice. That way you won't be mixing client and server side validation elements.

Does the postback still happen when user tabs out of the textbox? ... if so, can tell the clientscript to revalidate using Page_ClientValidate() and then checking Page_IsValid.

hypermellow 13-Oct-14 6:07am View
OK, I'm confused ... why do you have the autopostback attribute set to true, and an ontextchanged event defined on some of your textboxes?
If you have EnableClientScript=True and Display=Dynamic then the validation will happen immediately without a postback.
hypermellow 13-Oct-14 5:37am View
I see you've changed your question now, what do you mean the validation is still not working?
The check for Page.IsValid() should go in the event handler for the submit button click.
hypermellow 10-Oct-14 11:00am View
Yup, it should do - as setting EnableClientScript to true should perform the initial validation in the browser (without a postback) via client script.
... also, it's worth noting that even though the validation is performed client side, it is important to confirm the validation was successful on the server too by checking Page.IsValid() in your code behind.
hypermellow 19-Sep-14 6:41am View
Glad it helped.
hypermellow 19-Sep-14 6:31am View
Hi, I'm not completely sure what the JavaScriptBuilder object you are using is.
Does this look familiar, it has the same method names that you are using:

Hope it helps.
hypermellow 19-Sep-14 5:32am View
Hi, what do you mean by "javascript builder"? - do you mean using the StringBuilder object to generate client script from code behind?
hypermellow 19-Sep-14 5:30am View
hypermellow 19-Sep-14 5:07am View
Hi, can you post your code please?
hypermellow 18-Sep-14 11:04am View
The 2nd of your approachs is really nice! 5'd
hypermellow 18-Sep-14 11:03am View
Nice! 5'd
hypermellow 18-Sep-14 11:00am View
Hi, I've updated my solution to avoid re-writing the switch statement multiple times.

Hope it helps.
hypermellow 18-Sep-14 10:31am View
The user hitting the enter key whilst focus is on a form control usually submits the form.
... can you post your code please?
hypermellow 18-Sep-14 8:58am View
The solution posted above explains why this is not possible.
hypermellow 18-Sep-14 8:55am View
Unless you have a store of email address to perform the search against, then no it's not possible.
hypermellow 18-Sep-14 8:50am View
5'd! for a clear explanation.
hypermellow 18-Sep-14 8:49am View
If you are trying to search for email address, you need a source of email addresses to perform the search against.
... i.e. - where are your results coming from?
hypermellow 18-Sep-14 8:38am View
What are you using as the email address store? (i.e. Database?Exchange server?Active Directory?)
hypermellow 18-Sep-14 8:17am View

Something like this:

DateTime dt1 = DateTime.Now;
txtFromDate.Text=new DateTime(dt1.Year,dt1.Month,1).ToShortDateString();
hypermellow 18-Sep-14 7:08am View
hypermellow 18-Sep-14 7:07am View
Hi, can you post the code of what you have tried so far?
hypermellow 18-Sep-14 6:03am View
Hi, can you post you code please? ... especially your validation code.
hypermellow 18-Sep-14 5:31am View
So, if your ID column does not contain integer values ... why are you trying to delete rows with an ID value between 6 and 10?
What is it you trying to achieve?
hypermellow 18-Sep-14 5:20am View
Can you post the table definition for TestID?
... maybe include some sample data??
hypermellow 17-Sep-14 10:17am View
Ah no worries, it must have been the older .xls format that had the underscore appended to the hidden sheet names.
hypermellow 17-Sep-14 9:50am View
Does your code try to read from the hidden sheets?
... I though hidden sheet ended with an underscore character, and visible sheets with a dollar?
hypermellow 17-Sep-14 9:01am View
Hi, can you post your code please? Thanks
hypermellow 17-Sep-14 6:09am View
Hi, can you post the code that you are using, details of what you have tried, and where you are stuck? Thanks.
hypermellow 16-Sep-14 9:16am View
I think when you delete your data MSSQL reserves the space for new data (that you may want to insert).
You can check how much of it's allocated space is currently in use by running: EXEC sp_spaceused
hypermellow 16-Sep-14 8:44am View
Can you post your code please?
hypermellow 16-Sep-14 6:58am View
Can you post the datalist/gridview code please?
If the employee datalist/gridview record is converted to pdf, where does the payslip come from?
hypermellow 16-Sep-14 6:28am View
Glad it helped. Cheers.
hypermellow 16-Sep-14 6:25am View
Can you post you code, and what you have tried?
hypermellow 16-Sep-14 6:22am View
I don't think you can declare, open and iterate a cursor inside a dynamic sql command.

Here's an article you should read:

Hope it helps.
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Hi, your question is unclear.
Could you explain what data you want to save and where do you want save the data to?
hypermellow 15-Sep-14 6:43am View
.... care to explain the 1*??
hypermellow 15-Sep-14 3:53am View
Hi, can you post the code of what you have tried and where you are stuck please?
hypermellow 12-Sep-14 8:50am View
No worries, and thanks for updating your solution.
hypermellow 12-Sep-14 8:49am View
Thanks George, no point in re-inventing the wheel when it's already built into the framework.
hypermellow 12-Sep-14 6:56am View
I doubt anyone will be able to provide you with an answer until you at least post your code, and details of the exception that's raised.
hypermellow 11-Sep-14 7:35am View
Have updated my solution to show you how to use the DATEDIFF function in your query.
hypermellow 11-Sep-14 7:09am View
Hi, when your converting to a double, are you passing the culture to the function as the IFormatProvider parameter?
hypermellow 11-Sep-14 6:00am View
What line does the exception get raised on?
What is the value of System.Reflection.Assembly.GetCallingAssembly().Location ?
hypermellow 11-Sep-14 5:46am View
... can you post the code that you have tried, details of any errors, or an explanation of where you are stuck?
hypermellow 11-Sep-14 5:38am View
Why the need to use a checkboxes, when the desired behaviour is provided by a radio button control?
... there is a RadioButtonList control available.
hypermellow 11-Sep-14 5:35am View
... can you post your code?
hypermellow 10-Sep-14 9:05am View
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Hi, what happens when you connect using these credentials in SQL Server Management Studio?
If you can't connect using the Management Studio, then you'll need to review the permissions this user has in the target database.
hypermellow 8-Sep-14 10:56am View
Can you post the part of your code that your having problems with.
From the description above, if sounds like you are not checking if the checkbox has been selected before calling your database insertion/update routine???
hypermellow 8-Sep-14 10:35am View
Glad it helped! Thanks.
hypermellow 8-Sep-14 6:09am View
What do you mean 'was not working'??? - can you post your code, where it errors and details of the exception raised? Thanks.
hypermellow 5-Sep-14 6:32am View
If your using the code from my submitted solution, you should'nt have to add anything in page_load.

I previously posted about adding the textbox's onfocus attribute.
This can be done in the markup (like above, by adding onfocus="this.blur();" to the Textbox) or in a code behind event, like adding txtDOB.Attributes.Add("onfocus", "this.blur()"); in Page_Load().

... is your calendar and textbox working now?
hypermellow 5-Sep-14 5:36am View
The onblur() event must be preventing the calendar from displaying.
I've updated the solution to fix that.
hypermellow 1-Sep-14 3:57am View
Hi, why do you have AutoPostBack="true" set on your Textbox?
hypermellow 29-Aug-14 7:44am View
... what type did you use for your datatable column "DATE"?
hypermellow 26-Aug-14 7:05am View
... could you update the question to include your error message please?
hypermellow 22-Aug-14 7:44am View
Can you post your stored procedure and details of where you are having problems or errors please?
hypermellow 21-Aug-14 10:44am View
Have my 5 too! ... that's a really nice solution :-)
hypermellow 21-Aug-14 6:25am View
creating divs on clicking a button i understand - where does json come into it?
hypermellow 18-Aug-14 3:52am View
Hi, can you post the code you have tried and where you are stuck?
hypermellow 14-Aug-14 7:18am View
Hi,can you post the code of what have you tried so far, and details of where you are stuck?
hypermellow 13-Aug-14 7:39am View
What do you mean: cannot use the left tool ?
hypermellow 8-Aug-14 6:04am View
Hi, have you thought about implementing a proxy server in your network?
... that way, all internet traffic can be routed via the proxy server, which can be set to log all user requests?
hypermellow 8-Aug-14 5:29am View
What have you tried, where are you stuck?
hypermellow 8-Aug-14 5:28am View
What have you tried, where are you stuck?
hypermellow 8-Aug-14 5:06am View
Hi, I'm not sure what your actually asking here.

I've read your question and it sounds like your looking for advice on how to track and log your network users internet activities? ... then I see it's tagged as C# and ASP.NET?
hypermellow 7-Aug-14 10:35am View
What have you tried, where are you stuck?