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Comments by Dragonfly_Lee (Top 5 by date)

Dragonfly_Lee 23-Aug-10 2:48am View    
would you mind to explain why or give us some links?
Dragonfly_Lee 23-Aug-10 2:44am View    
then, what's the root cause? Please report the solution just in case other people can get some hints from you.
Dragonfly_Lee 23-Aug-10 1:17am View    
please clarify your question with more details.
Dragonfly_Lee 22-Aug-10 10:36am View    
you can add the path information into the registry and then read it whenever you want.
Dragonfly_Lee 26-Jul-10 9:03am View    
Simply speaking, the satellite assembly would suit for you. You can google for more information.