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DanielBrownAU 20-Jun-19 1:52am View    
remove the

Also please take a look at
DanielBrownAU 18-May-17 0:23am View    
I have flopped over to a RichTextField, all fine and dandy getting the underline happening. Thanks for that.

Any pointers or tips on how to treat the added text as a single object to prevent user manipulation or it? (adding/removing letters or deleting the entire term set).

Thanks again.

DanielBrownAU 17-May-17 2:29am View    
Thanks Griff, that may be the pointer I needed. Will give it a crack and see what falls out of the compiler.

Thanks for the input, much appreciated.


DanielBrownAU 30-Mar-16 2:13am View    
Looks like someone has had this issue too: clr20r3 crystal report[^]

It is worth googling the error you are getting to see if other people have encounted it.
DanielBrownAU 11-Jan-16 23:13pm View    
OK, So you have a working example of merging two documents.

What have you done to only export the differences, have you tried anything to get the result you are after?