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Comments by Eugene Mayeski (Top 12 by date)

Eugene Mayeski 1-May-13 13:42pm View    
:) Console.WriteLine does nothing when used in GUI application (just re-tested with Delphi Win32 and with .NET 4.0 applications). There's no output in default console (when started from console) and no new console is allocated when the application is started from GUI. Actually this problem existed for years and that was a popular question about 10 years ago :).
Eugene Mayeski 1-May-13 13:26pm View    
Console class will allocate a new console, no?
Eugene Mayeski 1-May-13 13:09pm View    
Mike, enlighten us, please, how does one application use default console when started from console, or shows no console when started from GUI process?
Eugene Mayeski 1-May-13 9:23am View    
Actually EXE file of the .NET application has Win32 stub which can be replaced with custom bootstrapper.
Eugene Mayeski 1-May-13 9:23am View    
.NET Framework comes preinstalled on Windows 7 and with later service packs of Windows XP.