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Comments by derek9999 (Top 8 by date)

derek9999 9-Jan-13 5:13am View    
OK thanks for spending some time on this. I'll give my boss the good news...
derek9999 9-Jan-13 5:01am View    
Sorry it's been a slow morning! So is there another method to use for non-IE browsers?
derek9999 9-Jan-13 4:41am View    
Thanks for the suggestion. I have to support IE, Firefox and Chrome (as a minimum) so the security issues will be a problem. What do you mean by 'and the user will probably be prompted, as you would hope'? Is it because the user has to be an administrator to access the clipboard?
derek9999 8-Nov-12 10:15am View    
Is the aircraft laden or unladen?
derek9999 21-May-12 6:02am View    
I agree with CPallini. Unless you want to get bogged down with string formatting then multiplying by 1000 is the way to go.