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Comments by César de Souza (Top 3 by date)

César de Souza 23-Feb-11 19:46pm View    
Hi SA,

Well, it is my blog. I could surely have used a P/Invoke but didn't want to. Thanks for mentioning SendInput, though. It may be the ideal solution for most situations - but if you just need a trivial and quick copy & paste solution, I am pretty sure copying such a small snippet with XML documentation included wouldn't be that bad.

César de Souza 23-Feb-11 15:51pm View    
Thanks for noticing it!
César de Souza 7-Aug-10 11:03am View    
It all depends. If all you have is a form which asks for user input, then exposing those inputs as properties would be straightforward even from a OO perspective. If your main form will interact a lot with a child form, then you could declare the child form as a private member of the owner and, whenever the child raises an event, you could access it locally, requiring no casting.

Of course your suggestion works in all cases (that is why I gave it a 5). But in some situations we don't need an absolute loose coupling. As I said, it always depends on the situation.