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Comments by Mukit, Ataul (Top 35 by date)

Mukit, Ataul 28-Dec-11 4:15am View
the first dimensions size can be anything FYKI
Mukit, Ataul 6-Dec-11 23:50pm View
Never thought of it that way about the second form taking extra memory.. thnx for pointing it out :)
Mukit, Ataul 31-Aug-11 2:50am View
How about a solution then from your end to justify the vote of 2... :)?
Mukit, Ataul 25-Aug-11 0:26am View
what is the[YourPartitionValue] here?
Mukit, Ataul 24-Aug-11 3:16am View
Extend it to what.. a full article?
Mukit, Ataul 23-Aug-11 10:18am View
Just becoz u knew it b4hand, doesn't mean everybody knows it.. there r lot of ppl who searches in code project for solutions, u should keep it in your mind!!
Mukit, Ataul 29-Jul-11 2:28am View
If it's useful then why vote 4 and not 5 :S?
Mukit, Ataul 30-Jun-11 4:26am View
Thanx for pointing out the mistake, I removed the str which was put there by mistake. Now to answer your real question, I tried to pass a char* as template argument and it didn't work. So this is a workaround. If you take the VHRes::name variable outside of the VHRes (i.e, make it an independant varialbe outside fo class scope) and try to initialize it and pass it, it simply won't work!! Atleast doesn't work in MS Visual Studio 2005
Mukit, Ataul 21-Apr-11 4:52am View
Darn!! I missed that delete pBitmapBits part, thanx..!! Code project also cud have a Like option like facebooks in the comments/reply sections. :) I really like what u said in ur posts... :):)
Mukit, Ataul 21-Apr-11 0:52am View
Thanx.. that was really inpiring
Mukit, Ataul 20-Apr-11 2:19am View
Not sure whether changin the alpha value is a good solution.. but definitely worth a try, might look into this in spare time.. thnx for ur input..!!
Mukit, Ataul 20-Apr-11 0:40am View
I think >> 8 means division by 256 and not 255.
Can anybody enlighten me about this?
Mukit, Ataul 19-Apr-11 5:25am View
my pleasure..
Mukit, Ataul 12-Apr-11 6:49am View
as mentioned in your point 4 - "Reordering when necessary might reduce that" - could u elaborate a little more on this plz, i didn't get what u meant by reordering..
Mukit, Ataul 12-Apr-11 6:43am View
All i can say is "WOW!!" .. Thnx... it mite really help in future
Mukit, Ataul 12-Apr-11 3:44am View
Finally some appreciation.. thanx :)
Mukit, Ataul 6-Apr-11 6:26am View
Maybe sledgehammer, wud u be kind enough to post an improvement/alternate of the tip...
Mukit, Ataul 6-Apr-11 0:15am View
Acknowledged.. Although since GetPixel and SetPixel is done in a memory dc it will be a little faster than a screen dc. Anyway, this tip was mainly to focus upon how to achieve AlphaBlending in the most simplest of manners
Mukit, Ataul 27-Mar-11 0:57am View
nothing new to u.. so i guess u r entitled to give a 1...
Mukit, Ataul 22-Feb-11 23:51pm View
You have to have an increasing id field johnharold.. You cannot expect t.Field1 to be a debit/credit amount field, rather t.Field1 is usually an autonumber field in increasing order..
Mukit, Ataul 22-Feb-11 8:58am View
not working well meaning.. it's slow? or it doesn't work at all ????
Mukit, Ataul 22-Feb-11 5:28am View
I thought tips was not about extensive research.. just something useful for some ppl in some time..
Mukit, Ataul 21-Feb-11 10:28am View
Thnx... I actually got it from someone else and he didn't give me the reference.. Thought it wud be useful so posted it, If I had the proper reference I would have given it .. anyway.. thnx a million...
Mukit, Ataul 25-Jan-11 6:25am View
Yes, I know these are all in the internet.. but, when u post a tip, it's readily available without going through much surfing..
Mukit, Ataul 24-Jan-11 0:38am View
Mukit, Ataul 16-Jan-11 23:53pm View
You are right.. it's not an article.. it's a tip.. and the best part of the tip is in bottom with bold words..
Mukit, Ataul 15-Jan-11 23:52pm View
How very nice.. thnx..
Mukit, Ataul 13-Jan-11 7:21am View
I tried, doesn't seem to work.. the pre tag..
Mukit, Ataul 11-Jan-11 0:39am View
Trivial for someone as talented as you maybe, who has the whole MSDN in his head, but for some of the amateurs like us, this may come in handy..
Mukit, Ataul 15-Oct-10 11:36am View
Maybe I would be sounding too naive to ask this.. but since you've shown me the tip of the ice-berg, I would like to see a little more.. How would the adapter pattern solution look like? I personally have hard time distinguishing a bridge from the adapter. So definitely there will be some milage if you are kind enough to add also the adapter usability example. Thanks so much for your attention and time..
Mukit, Ataul 14-Oct-10 7:09am View
Thanks, but probably not possible in compile time like Pallini said.. But thanx very much, I'd be looking into it.. Btw can you give an example or a reference site which deals with this problem?
Mukit, Ataul 14-Oct-10 5:26am View
Say, I am not using java, rather C# or some other language which doesn't have the friend feature..
Mukit, Ataul 14-Oct-10 4:25am View
Nope, not yet.. my question wasn't state properly and I rephrased the question .. so could you please have a look at the question again and suggest a solution please?
Mukit, Ataul 14-Oct-10 4:11am View
Actually my question was not stated properly. I thought java didn't support the concept of friend at all (silly me). What I really wanted to ask was, what is the design pattern to address the problem of exposing few methods to only certain classes
Mukit, Ataul 14-Oct-10 4:08am View
Thanks very much for your answer which gave me some insight about java and friend. But sorry for being stupid. Actually my question was not stated properly. I thought java didn't support the concept of friend at all (silly me). What I really wanted to ask was, what is the design pattern to address the problem of exposing few methods to only certain classes.