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Valery Possoz 14-Sep-18 13:44pm View
use the [run] section for this purpose.

Filename: "{app}\batch.bat";

see here:
Valery Possoz 30-Jan-18 17:32pm View
Maybe a non-CLSCompliant exception is thrown and Catch(Exception e) will not catch it.
You actually need a catch {balh blah;}, notice the lack of brackets...

See here:
Valery Possoz 30-Jan-18 15:07pm View
did you try "float: right;"
Valery Possoz 25-Jan-18 13:08pm View
You'll need to host the server side API somewhere. Azure and AWS are the best, I prefer Azure. You can get a free Azure account to get started, google Azure Media Services
You'll need a Mac to compile the iOS version, any recent enough Mac will do. A second hand 2 or 3 years old mac mini is enough.
You'll need a secondary monitor, it is optional but it will make things much easier.
good luck.
Valery Possoz 25-Jan-18 12:36pm View
Well... I disagree a bit. If you plan to use Xamarin and you want to build an Android and an iOS app, your laptop won't be enough, and by far. First, you will also need a Mac, and pretty decent one too as you will need to be able to install a recent version of OSx and Xcode and all the libraries needed for Xamarin to compile the iOS version, anything over 4 or 5 years old won't cut it. Assuming you currently have a Windows laptop you will need one that has Hyper-V enabled so that rules out the Home edition of Windows, further if you want to use the Android emulator to test/debug then a second monitor is a must. Also make sure to use the Microsoft emulator it is 10 times faster than the google crappy one.
In conclusion, a 6 or 7 years old laptop might work but it will be a real pain to use and not good enough if you do an Android/iOS app. My advice, get a decent piece of kit it is well worth the investment.
Valery Possoz 7-Jan-18 4:38am View
For that kind of stuff, you can use hangfire. There's plenty of code sample available and it's a great tool.
Valery Possoz 7-Jan-18 4:33am View
A few things to check:
- have you created the grid columns? if they do not exist it will throw an exception.
- Your casting of values is weird. If the data is not what the code expects it will crash.
- ProductName is a string but you cast it as an integer, if you have a string in the text file it will crash.
- Quantity is an integer but you do not cast it. It is likely to throw an exception.

use the debugger it will be obvious, it is a good opportunity to learn about exception handling.

Once you solve this, it will work.
Valery Possoz 25-May-17 17:45pm View
I guess you are trying to write a selenium test on a yahoo mail page or something ... It's full of scripts! This error means that the element does not exist or has changed or does not yet exist. It's probably due to a script.

See here :
Valery Possoz 23-Feb-17 18:59pm View
Yep! exactly...
Valery Possoz 23-Feb-17 18:58pm View
What do you mean "And after?"
It's on github with the full source! The question has nothing to do with homework or whatever, it's obviously some guy that has no clue about anything relating to code...

But it's nice of you to take some time to answer him/her.
Valery Possoz 23-Feb-17 18:57pm View
What do you mean "And after?"
It's on github with the full source! The question has nothing to do with homework or whatever, it's obviously some guy that has no clue about anything relating to code...

But it's nice of you to take some time to answer him/her.
Valery Possoz 23-Feb-17 18:46pm View
That would help.
Also, temp tables are notoriously slow... Avoid if performance is a concern! maybe try replacing by variable tables or even better don't use temp tables at all.
In this quite simple piece of code, there does not seem to be any reason to use temp tables, you can get the same result directly.
Valery Possoz 23-Feb-17 18:29pm View
Yep! exactly...
Valery Possoz 23-Feb-17 17:55pm View
what about this link?
Just read the
Valery Possoz 23-Feb-17 16:17pm View
Nowadays SQL feels a bit like old stuff, there are more modern and flexible ways to access your data. If you google ORM you'll get a few clues. See a general article about it on wikipedia and a specific article about what is probably the most popular one in the .net world: Entity Framework. See here:
If you really, really want to use SQL in a .net program look at but most of the time it's not worth it IMHO.
Valery Possoz 22-Feb-17 18:42pm View
Fair enough.
Valery Possoz 22-Feb-17 18:12pm View
looks like there could be a static property somewhere?
Valery Possoz 20-Feb-17 14:00pm View
Valery Possoz 17-Feb-17 14:38pm View
WPF or Winform?
Valery Possoz 16-Feb-17 15:51pm View
You have a point but Kendo is pretty nice when used correctly. See my answer below.
Valery Possoz 15-Nov-16 15:55pm View
Is it OData 4 or OData 3?
If it is OData4 you're in luck as there is a now() function, what you could do is something like month(TimeByDay) eq month(now())-1
Valery Possoz 25-Feb-16 17:55pm View
Have a look at clientTemplate()
columns.Bound(s => s.CostBand).ClientTemplate("#=Product.CostBand#");

the template can contain any javascript you want... pretty flexible.
Valery Possoz 25-Feb-16 17:37pm View
You don't, it's a bad idea and it does not work well.
To learn about responsive design have a look at bootstrap for example.
Valery Possoz 25-Feb-16 17:33pm View
You can try pdf.js it's quite cool!
Valery Possoz 25-Feb-16 17:28pm View
Look here:
Valery Possoz 1-Sep-15 17:58pm View
There does not seem to be anything in this code that can trigger this exception. Have you try to debug it? add a breakpoint and go step by step until you find the line that causes an issue.
Valery Possoz 18-May-15 17:57pm View
You could write an extension method that extract formatted lines (or paragraphs)
a line ends in /line
a paragraph ends in /par

Refer to the rtf specifications for details.
Valery Possoz 12-May-15 14:23pm View
Yes I agree with you, it is a bit heavy handed and potentially dangerous but for sake of argument it is possible.
Also from within the clickonce you can do what ever you want, call a webservice exposing the server file system for example.
Valery Possoz 12-May-15 14:14pm View
When you say "There is no way to launch Windows Explorer". This is not strictly true. There are ways round this limitation. For example host a clickonce and activate it, once the app is downloaded you can do what ever you want on the client PC...

For example:
HttpContext.Current.Response.ContentType = "application/x-ms-application"
HttpContext.Current.Response.Redirect(clickOnceUrl, False)

See here:

ClickOnce is supported natively by Internet Explorer and Firefox and and Chrome using an extension like "ClickOnce for Google Chrome"
Valery Possoz 11-May-15 15:02pm View
Try google or youtube.

for example:
Valery Possoz 9-May-15 17:18pm View
No worries. Glad you found the problem :)
Valery Possoz 9-May-15 14:19pm View
I can't really tell you the answer as it could be a lot of things... But...

What you need to do is look at the meaning of "Object reference not set to an instance of an object".

Basically it means you are trying to access a property or a method of an object that does not exist.

There are things you can do to make sure this does not happen. For example check for nullity before using a property or method or at least use a try{} catch{}

Also if you run in the debbuger step by step it is quite trivial to find the object that is null... look in the autos window.
Valery Possoz 28-Apr-15 17:41pm View
I agree 100%. That's the way to go.
Valery Possoz 22-Apr-15 18:40pm View
This link is so old!! Forget about it!

Instead have a look at codedUI, it is a proper framework rather than some kind of WPF UI automation clever hack...
anyway read here :

There are millions of google links for CodeUI.
Valery Possoz 23-Feb-15 14:58pm View
You could start by reading the documentation...
Valery Possoz 14-Feb-15 18:55pm View
Agree! It depends what you need to do. Another option for a beginner is to use a BackgroundWorker as it is so simple to use.
Valery Possoz 14-Feb-15 18:50pm View
Sometimes the get is pretty complex and you need to specify what is returned. How would you do it otherwise?
If you want something simpler just use a variable.
Valery Possoz 9-Jan-15 16:16pm View
yes use a variable for 3 and for 7.

int _min = selectedRange.Min;
int _max = selectedRange.Max;

and use them in the method...

if (e.NewValue < _min | e.NewValue > _max)
Valery Possoz 9-Jan-15 14:15pm View
I've put the host, password, user and port in the appsettings section. Also I'm in the UK so the server is not the US one
Valery Possoz 26-Nov-14 15:39pm View
I'm calm and I did not shout at you... Sorry if you felt offended that was not my intention.
Anyway that does not change the point I was making iTextSharp is not free for commercial projects.
Valery Possoz 26-Nov-14 14:38pm View
iTextSharp is not free!
For hobbyist or open source projects it is free under the AGPL v3 license.
If you want to use iTextSharp in a commercial product you need to pay for it... Server price is about $2000 per server, desktop price is about $100 per workstation... If you ask me that's quite expensive!
If you want to use version prior to v5 of iTextSharp then you are in troubles as it contains code fragments that infringe on many people's intellectual property and you could be sued...
Valery Possoz 11-Sep-14 3:15am View
Valery Possoz 7-Sep-14 7:13am View
and .net 3.5? .Net 4.0 is not an upgrade from 3.5... As far as I know SQL Server uses 3.5 not 4.0, so you must have 3.5 enabled even if 4.0 is installed.
Valery Possoz 7-Sep-14 6:49am View
Is .Net 3.5 installed? I saw that same error happening after .Net 3.5 was removed from a server.
Valery Possoz 4-Sep-14 13:29pm View
I think someone down-voted some comments you made on an article.
Valery Possoz 3-Sep-14 18:51pm View
Does the value that has 7 characters start with "0"....?
Valery Possoz 3-Sep-14 14:40pm View
I think you might take it the wrong way round.
What I would do for an existing site is
1)In visual studio create a TFS workspace, copy locally (ie in the workspace) the site files add them to TFS, check in.
2)work with the tfs version of the site, check in, check out, get latest etc... (the other developers have access to the same tfs copy)
3)once your are happy publish the site.
Seems fairly straight forward, you never work on the publish (deployed) site directly.
Valery Possoz 30-Aug-14 5:14am View
Why did someone downvote my answer? An explanation would be nice...
Valery Possoz 30-Aug-14 4:05am View
Professional UML Using Visual Studio .Net ?
Valery Possoz 29-Aug-14 14:26pm View
What about pluralsight?
they have literally hundreds and hundreds of good quality training videos. It's not a book but maybe it's good enough?
For example:
Valery Possoz 29-Aug-14 8:41am View
That seems to be a user right issue. In your setup project you can use a custom action to set the correct rights.
Valery Possoz 28-Aug-14 9:34am View
if you need to execute the code that is in the event without firing the event I would suggest you refactor your code and do it another way. for example you could put the code that is in the event in a separate method and call this method where ever it is needed.
Valery Possoz 28-Aug-14 7:54am View
That looks like homework to me... Maybe you should try to do it yourself? It's way more rewarding to achieve something by yourself than to copy someone else's answer...
Valery Possoz 28-Aug-14 7:50am View
yes it's possible. It's actually the purpose of ClickOnce. Easy deployment, accessible from anywhere.
From MSDN: "ClickOnce deployment allows you to publish Windows-based applications to a Web server, it enables you to create self-updating Windows-based applications that can be installed and run with minimal user interaction."
Valery Possoz 28-Aug-14 7:06am View
You did not mention InstallShield in your question. Anyway ClickOnce does not require InstallShield...
Valery Possoz 27-Aug-14 15:14pm View
I might be wrong but I though was compiling the sites using Aspnet_compiler.exe, not the compilers provided by the framework (or at least not directly)
Valery Possoz 27-Aug-14 15:00pm View
This code is OK and should work.
Have you checked your connection string? are you targeting the same database, same server? my guess is that you have a server/database mix up.
Valery Possoz 27-Aug-14 12:16pm View
mstsc.exe has two interesting flags:
/admin => connects to the console and does not lock the PC.
/shadow:xxx => connects to session number xxx and shadows a user.

have you tried these?
Valery Possoz 25-Jul-14 10:51am View
Yes it will be null... you've just declared the array. you need to fill it with data.
string[] lines = File.ReadLines("malincinsi.txt").ToArray();
string[] ListProductCodeFileLines = File.ReadLines("productcode.txt").ToArray();
Valery Possoz 25-Jul-14 8:46am View
Where do you assign data to comboBox1? and what is the content of your text file?
Put a break point on "if (comboBox1.Text == ListLines[i])" press F9 in Visual Studio to set a break point.
Look at the value of your variables and see why if does not work.
String comparison is case sensitive, try "comboBox1.Text.ToLower() == ListLines[i].ToLower()"
Also spaces can be a problem... try "comboBox1.Text.Trim().ToLower() == ListLines[i].Trim().ToLower()"
Valery Possoz 19-Jul-14 9:17am View
What is in your variable "a" ?
Valery Possoz 17-Jul-14 17:35pm View

Actually I think it may be possible using OpenXML. When the document is rendered, each rendered page break in the document object model is marked with a LastRenderedPageBreak. see here:

You need to delete all the elements between 2 LastRenderedPageBreak. This is where it becomes tricky as LastRenderedPageBreak can be anywhere in the document elements tree and you'll need to re-create a coherent tree.

I think it might be quite a complex task!
Valery Possoz 21-Jun-14 6:01am View
That does not work... only the active tab has it's MainWindowTitle set. All the other processes have an empty window title.
Valery Possoz 20-Jun-14 15:25pm View
A web application is not a desktop application? Can you explain what is the reason to do this conversion?
Valery Possoz 20-Jun-14 14:29pm View
Yes you can use it. It is "marked" as deprecated but it is still there... actually it is still there in .net 4.5

Extract form the Microsoft documentation:
The .NET Framework and the common language runtime strive to support backward compatibility (allowing applications that were developed with one version of the .NET Framework to run on the next version of the .NET Framework). This makes it difficult to simply remove a type or a type member. Instead, the .NET Framework indicates that a type or a type member should no longer be used by marking it as obsolete or deprecated. Deprecating a type or a member involves marking it so that developers are aware it will go away and have time to respond to its removal. However, existing code that uses the type or member continues to run in the new version of the .NET Framework.
Valery Possoz 13-Jun-14 18:13pm View
If I were you I would start with the basics and read about exceptions... Here's a good starting point:
Valery Possoz 16-Apr-14 14:17pm View
Valery Possoz 15-Apr-14 17:34pm View
Where is the code to correct?
Valery Possoz 15-Apr-14 17:32pm View
What have you been using? Can you show us some code?
Valery Possoz 8-Mar-14 15:08pm View
Installshield is big piece of junk! If you have the opportunity to use anything else then consider changing!!!
Valery Possoz 3-Mar-14 13:59pm View
Where are you stuck? for copy-paste see google.
Valery Possoz 13-Feb-14 15:11pm View
Use FireFox, go to Add-ons, search for youtube... the first 300 ish result download youtube videos.
Valery Possoz 13-Feb-14 15:07pm View
2 good advices!
buy one, get one free :)
Valery Possoz 6-Jan-14 19:16pm View
I guess some server at google must be able to load your file to display it. LocalHost is visible to you only, you should provide a public URL rather than a local one.
Valery Possoz 3-Jan-14 17:13pm View
I love Linqpad! such a great tool! and plenty of example of the c# in a nutshell book available. It's a great tool to use and a great tool to learn.
Valery Possoz 3-Jan-14 17:01pm View
Valery Possoz 3-Jan-14 16:56pm View
Yep! That's what I would do :)
Valery Possoz 29-Oct-13 16:32pm View
simple and easy :)
Valery Possoz 29-Oct-13 11:40am View
It's not really a programming question...
A way to do it is to configure your firewall for example:
Valery Possoz 24-Oct-13 16:08pm View
good to know :)
Valery Possoz 13-Oct-13 6:51am View
Maybe you should ask once only ???
Valery Possoz 13-Oct-13 6:48am View
And you for got to show us the work you have made to do this... If you just want someone to do it for you try
Valery Possoz 11-Oct-13 18:04pm View
And... what do you want? sorry but I don't get it.
Valery Possoz 23-Sep-13 15:18pm View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Really good tip. I'm currently doing something similar in the process template xaml definition. I'll refactor using a t4 template, it's a really good idea. Nice and clean :)
Valery Possoz 23-Sep-13 7:16am View
well... what have you tried? and in which language?
Valery Possoz 19-Sep-13 13:05pm View
look at
Valery Possoz 19-Sep-13 8:32am View
Valery Possoz 18-Sep-13 12:20pm View
I don't think that the right attitude when you find something boring to search is to ask someone else to do it for you... If you can't be arsed making an effort don't expect others to do it for you.
Valery Possoz 16-Sep-13 3:54am View
Wow! it's more than just a question... it seems you need to learn everything.
Google is full of resources. A few good places or or
Valery Possoz 12-Sep-13 9:17am View
you can always go to and ask them to give you the answer :)
Valery Possoz 10-Sep-13 3:08am View
Where is the code to export to Excel? What you are showing here is just he code to send an email with an excel attachment. It's not possible to help you if we can't see the code where the problem is.
Valery Possoz 6-Sep-13 14:45pm View
Why would we do that? Most people here are happy to help if you are stuck on a specific problem, or if you don't understand something. They are not here to do your homework.
Valery Possoz 25-Aug-13 10:54am View
What is the code in the constructor of Data_Con?
Valery Possoz 30-Jul-13 16:22pm View
Very good but .Net 4.5 only which rules out Windows XP and Server 2003.
Valery Possoz 24-Jul-13 13:07pm View
I have the same issue but the other way round! vs2010 unloads all the projects from the solution, it happens only on one Windows server 2012, all other machines are fine. I never really found what the problem is.
Valery Possoz 18-Jul-13 10:59am View
The problem is that there's a huge fixed size width for the label and he's right aligned then in the CSS:

form.register label{
float: left;
text-align: right;
margin-right: 16px;

So even if the form is centered, the CSS for the labels will push everything to the right, and it will look weird.
Valery Possoz 30-Jun-13 18:35pm View
That seems quite expensive!... Did you look at the Standard rather than Shared option in the calculator, it mentions up to 500 websites. It does not calculate the price on the number of sites, but on the size and number of Virtual Machines. I guess 1 machine should be enough for you... It is still expensive at nearly $900 a year, but I guess you can run quite a few small sites from the VM.
Valery Possoz 30-Jun-13 17:26pm View
Here's the best link ever:
Valery Possoz 30-Jun-13 17:18pm View
Do you use Visual Studio? Which version? What did you use to create the installer? Can you give a few clues?... It's difficult to guess with so little information.
Valery Possoz 30-Jun-13 17:13pm View
And you have the source of this VB6 program? Surely you can find how it is encrypted.
Valery Possoz 22-Jun-13 15:33pm View
No. 2008 express is maximum 1 CPU, 2012 is maximum 4 cores on 1 socket.
Valery Possoz 9-May-13 13:40pm View
This question has been asked so many times... Look on google, you will se that there is no 64b version of Jet.
Look here for more details:
Valery Possoz 1-May-13 13:13pm View
You can start an application from Windows Explorer and pass it arguments... Just create a shortcut, and add your arguments there and use it to start your application, actually you can pass argument from the command line, from Windows Explorer, even when your application is called from another application.

Valery Possoz 22-Apr-13 8:23am View

use a httpwebrequest:

HttpWebRequest webRequest = WebRequest.Create(@",1.1957362&radius=7500&types=restaurant&sensor=false&key=yourkey") as HttpWebRequest;
webRequest.Timeout = 20000;
webRequest.Method = "GET";
webRequest.BeginGetResponse(new AsyncCallback(RequestCompleted), webRequest);

and in the call back parse the response:

private static void RequestCompleted(IAsyncResult result)
HttpWebRequest request = (HttpWebRequest)result.AsyncState;
HttpWebResponse response = (HttpWebResponse)request.EndGetResponse(result);
string response = string.Empty;
using (Stream stream = response.GetResponseStream())
StreamReader reader = new StreamReader(stream);
response = reader.ReadToEnd();

The response string will have something like:
"results" :
"geometry" : {
"location" : {
"lat" : 51.8664050,
"lng" : 1.2132110
"name" : "King of spices",

write a class to parse the response and load in the listbox the info you like.
Valery Possoz 7-Apr-13 16:32pm View
Valery Possoz 25-Mar-13 19:15pm View
5 :) I read once a quote from Bruce Schneier on that subject: "Digital files cannot be made uncopyable, any more than water can be made not wet."
Valery Possoz 10-Mar-13 14:46pm View
Why did you mention the webbrowser control?
Valery Possoz 10-Mar-13 9:08am View
A hosted VM is a virtual machine, basically it is like a normal server, except that it is somewhere in the "cloud" and you don't have to worry with hardware failure or internet access etc...
Valery Possoz 10-Mar-13 7:15am View
Visual Studio.
Valery Possoz 10-Mar-13 6:26am View
Did you try to type in google "triangulation library"... and try out one of the 1 million results.
Valery Possoz 10-Mar-13 6:22am View
I don't understand. Have you got some code already?
Valery Possoz 23-Feb-13 5:02am View
What do you mean? what do you want to do? display it, change it? can you clarify?
Valery Possoz 22-Feb-13 17:27pm View
You can do that in 2 easy steps... Read about Timer, try coding something... It should not take more than 10 minutes.
Valery Possoz 20-Feb-13 17:46pm View
Point well made! There are things that are off-limits... 5
Valery Possoz 20-Feb-13 17:34pm View
What a silly assignment! I don't think that using riddles to teach programming is very clever... lewax00 solution points you articles showing how to format outputs.
Valery Possoz 18-Feb-13 17:27pm View
If you can avoid using Access. There are better alternatives Sql Server compact for example, The sdf file can be encrypted and the connection can require a password.
Valery Possoz 18-Feb-13 17:14pm View
I got the same as you, there's nothing wrong with the code itself, the problem is a bad using. See my answer.

Valery Possoz 17-Feb-13 9:24am View
Hmmm... what does this mean?
Valery Possoz 16-Feb-13 17:24pm View 1.85 million hits for this question.
Valery Possoz 16-Feb-13 15:13pm View
Recently I've been using this component:
Valery Possoz 16-Feb-13 14:06pm View
You were faster than me :)
Valery Possoz 16-Feb-13 13:35pm View
Valery Possoz 14-Feb-13 14:34pm View
Could you explain what you need exactly.. what do you mean by modelviewpop? do you mean model view controller? or model view presenter? Have you tried anything?
Valery Possoz 13-Feb-13 19:14pm View
my pleasure.
Valery Possoz 7-Feb-13 18:06pm View
A string is an object. Object is the ancestor of everything. Everything is an object. Just pass the string.
Valery Possoz 2-Feb-13 10:57am View
Here is a way to do it in C# using WMI for local printers.
Valery Possoz 31-Jan-13 13:52pm View
Although Cisco contributes to a few open source projects, as far as I know the Cisco routers os (IOS)is not freeware and not open source. By giving the source away you most likely commit a crime and I think you may be in troubles... The only exception I am aware of is the that after purchasing Linksys, Cisco had to give away the sources of the WRT54g Os has it used some open source components, but cisco was quite quick to close the loophole.
Valery Possoz 31-Jan-13 13:12pm View
I quite sure that nobody will give you this here...
Valery Possoz 31-Jan-13 13:09pm View
What does this mean? Can you clarify?
Valery Possoz 27-Jan-13 18:56pm View
Oops! Sorry... My answer was for the now deprecated V1 ActiveX. I did not realise you are using the V2 of the ActiveX.
With Version2 all you need to do is

AxVLCPlugin21.input.Time = milliseconds

Documentation is here:
Valery Possoz 27-Jan-13 16:31pm View
Vs2012 does not support all project types that were supported in VS2010, for example BizTalk, MSI setup, SharePoint 2007, some Windows Mobile and Windows Phone project... But the general rule is that if you can open in 2010, you can in 2012.
Valery Possoz 27-Jan-13 13:49pm View
Well... the answer is in the question! What about doing a bit of homework before asking? A good place to start reading about SQL syntax :
Valery Possoz 24-Jan-13 18:18pm View

Here is a C example:

As said before save the data in a file and bob's ur uncle done.
Valery Possoz 21-Jan-13 16:42pm View
For what ever reasons I think he want 0s and 1s... What about adding Dim bits As New BitArray(data)?
5 anyway :)
Valery Possoz 21-Jan-13 16:17pm View
A good book is always a good start :)
Valery Possoz 21-Jan-13 6:35am View
Maybe you could give us a bit more details about what you have done and where you have a problem?
Valery Possoz 19-Jan-13 8:51am View
Valery Possoz 19-Jan-13 6:01am View
Set you project as x86, not AnyCPu. That will force it to execute as a 32bit process even on 64b platforms.
Valery Possoz 5-Jan-13 14:40pm View
Have a look here:

This article will show you how to do it. It's not that trivial. Good luck.
Valery Possoz 22-Oct-12 6:11am View
Valery Possoz 19-Oct-12 12:50pm View
Without seeing any code it is difficult (or impossible) to know what's wrong...
Valery Possoz 18-Oct-12 9:13am View
CurStep let's you select at which point you want to perform the operation. CurStep=ssInstall means just before the installation starts,CurStep=ssPostInstall means just after the installation finishes CurStep=ssDone means just before Setup terminates. Anyway happy that you made it work. :)
Valery Possoz 17-Oct-12 14:17pm View
Thanks. ;)
Valery Possoz 17-Oct-12 14:11pm View
The exception you asked a question about was "cannot convert type string to system. mail.attachment", that's fixed. What is the error you have now?
Valery Possoz 12-Oct-12 8:39am View
" " is ASCII code 20... "~" is ASCII 126. Any character whose code is between 20 and 126 will be ok.
Valery Possoz 26-Sep-12 18:14pm View
If you are refering to the TFS process editor that comes with the vs2010 tfs power tools, I guess if you want the source code you can try asking Microsoft... good luck :)
Valery Possoz 14-Sep-12 14:03pm View
cmdDatabase.Parameters.Add("@makeComboBoxText", SqlDbType.VarChar);
cmdDatabase.Parameters["@makeComboBoxText"].Value = makeComboBox.Text;
Valery Possoz 14-Sep-12 13:48pm View
What is the error?
Valery Possoz 9-Sep-12 15:26pm View
Good link :)
Valery Possoz 27-Aug-12 5:35am View
These tools export/import test cases in batch, not one at a time.
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< html type='application/msword'>Hi < /html> won't work.

<html type='application/msword'>Hi </html> does work.

There should be no spaces in your html tag.

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I've just tried the only demo of the editor and type the following html code in it : <strong>Hi</strong>

I then modify this text (not in the editor, in my code...) so that it looks like that:

<html type="application/msword">

Save that as Test.Doc, and open in word, it renders correctly, everything is fine in Word.

Could you describe your issue with more details please, maybe show some code?

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my pleasure :)
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Thanks :)
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Could you show us some code please?
Valery Possoz 14-Dec-11 4:02am View
Is that C#?
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You beat me to it! :) 5!
Valery Possoz 12-Dec-11 6:46am View
A very good and detailed answer! it's a 5 :)
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By the time I posted my answer 3 other answers were posted! :)
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your question is a bit confusing, could you show us some code?
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The answer is in the article you are using! Use compressed video.
Valery Possoz 20-Nov-11 19:16pm View
I have seen that wikipedia link somewhere else :) I must bookmark it!!
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It seems that there is a bug in your code in testxbeedlg.cpp. Can you show us your code?
All the other messages are just telling you that there are no pdb files available for some windows dlls you are using. (
Valery Possoz 4-Nov-11 9:57am View
You are right, I have updated my answer, thanks for spotting that! :)
Valery Possoz 2-Nov-11 5:04am View
It does not copy the source, it copies the rendered content. But I'm sure you could tweak it a bit to get the source. :)
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Mapforce allows you to generate a c# program that will convert an xml file from one schema into another. That is the purpose of this software!... there is menu in it to generate a conversion program in most popular language... it is kind of difficult to miss it!

I suggest you read about mapforce or maybe try to use it.

What is your question about?...

Valery Possoz 6-Sep-11 17:17pm View
I suggest you read a few books or maybe spend some time studying with websites like or many others... or as previously mentioned!
Valery Possoz 6-Sep-11 17:01pm View
sure... everything is possible but it will take a long time!!
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You could have used "if (e.KeyCode == Keys.Left)" but otherwise it is fine, this code is correct, the problem must be somewhere else.

Valery Possoz 30-Jun-11 18:14pm View
did you add at the beginning of the file : using System.IO ;
Valery Possoz 30-Jun-11 17:04pm View
On the Reflector toolbar there is a dropdown where you can select the .Net language you want to use for the decompiled code.By default it is set to C#, if you select another language you will see the code in this other language.
As far as I know, there is no obvious and reliable way to tell what is the original language, other than vaguely guessing.
What do you mean when you say "check how the packages are added"? Do you mean the references? that is independent from the programming language.
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very good link.
Valery Possoz 7-Jun-11 18:39pm View
Spot on!
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When I was learning my job I use to do my homework myself...
Valery Possoz 30-May-11 4:44am View
Thanks. Your solution is nice and simple, I've never done it this way. I'll give it a go ;)
Valery Possoz 28-May-11 16:11pm View
Thanks :) Valery.
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I find it's quite funny that last week survey was about brackets!
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Look for MSB3097 on google... that should point you in the right direction to fix this error.
Valery Possoz 22-May-11 10:03am View
Oops! I did not notice you had already answered.
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Then look at Manfred's answer (#4):

for (int x = 0; x < pictureEdit1.Image.Height; x++)
for (int i = 0; i < pictureEdit1.Image.Width; i++)

That will solve your issue.
Valery Possoz 1-Feb-11 17:50pm View
Maybe I wrote a bit too quickly, anyway. voting 1 is a bit harsh!

If you have somewhere else in the code something like:
// some code...
I experienced that adding DoEvents() in the loop will make backgroundWorker.CancelAsync() work, otherwise it might not work.

// some code...
Valery Possoz 31-Jan-11 18:46pm View
Goto are not always bad... There are very specific cases where they are actually very useful.
you can read this this chapter from Steve McConell book "Code Complete" about using or not using Gotos.
The world isn't black and white.
Valery Possoz 27-Jan-11 15:27pm View
Hi, this is an old post!
There is much better nowadays, have a look at VS2010 CodedUI.
Valery Possoz 9-Jan-11 14:33pm View
Good to know, I will try that one soon.
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"You cannot do really good software development if you're not teaching software development."
Hmmm... Really?
Valery Possoz 8-Jan-11 18:29pm View
I think it is related to his question about a new laptop...
Valery Possoz 8-Jan-11 17:56pm View
yes! very well... and on 64 bits too.
Valery Possoz 8-Jan-11 6:31am View
What are you using to generate your chart? Give us a bit more details. Thanks
Valery Possoz 7-Jan-11 4:10am View
- Is there a workspace on the server?
- Is the server workspace bound to a local folder?
Valery Possoz 5-Jan-11 10:06am View
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You could also use relative path <img src="../Sunset.jpg" width="150px" height="150px" >

Valery Possoz 1-Jan-11 11:20am View
Did you change your css as well? Note that the "=" signs have been replaced by ":".
If you apply both changes it works very well. ie the ":" in the css and <link> instead of <style>.
I vote 5 for Manfred solution.
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I've got the same problem an another thing I have been looking at for my application is replacing the webbrowser control by an open source .net wrapper of webkit.
Google returns a few code sample, this one for example: