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Mario Majčica 29-Jan-13 5:10am View
Sorry mate, it was a joke. Your question is just impossible to answer. Cheers
Mario Majčica 22-Jan-13 5:00am View
Based on your edit, check mine. Cheers
Mario Majčica 22-Jan-13 4:22am View
Can you make an example of the items in collection A and items in collection B together with the result you are expecting? It is not clear by your code. Then we can study a correct LINQ statement that will do. Cheers
Mario Majčica 26-Nov-12 3:09am View
What is the reference that joins two tables? Location == CityId?
Mario Majčica 29-Oct-12 6:24am View
What have you tried till now? In order to help, you should share at least the ASPX definition of interested code.
Mario Majčica 17-Oct-12 4:17am View
Well I just saw it. You got my 5 ;) (still you were not precise on answering why :P )
Mario Majčica 17-Oct-12 4:12am View
You are welcome.
Mario Majčica 17-Oct-12 4:11am View
Seems that my answer, answers to all of his questions :)
Mario Majčica 16-Oct-12 7:41am View
Good luck ;) !
Mario Majčica 16-Oct-12 7:33am View
If he is so sure, let him show you how to do it. You are not obliged to know. You tried and it is not working. Ask him, what now?

Mario Majčica 16-Oct-12 7:24am View
As I managed to read on web, ClickOnce is for windows app deployment only and you cant deploy a web application with it. Check this,

Mario Majčica 16-Oct-12 7:22am View
Not sure, check this
Mario Majčica 16-Oct-12 7:11am View
First you should show us what did you tried till now. We can't guess the code you wrote.
Mario Majčica 16-Oct-12 7:05am View
It is a quite unusual requirement, still I found this, check it.
Mario Majčica 16-Oct-12 7:01am View
Basically you would like to create a setup.exe that will deploy your web app on that machine?
Mario Majčica 12-Oct-12 9:40am View
What is precisely your problem? Are you trying to achieve this on WinForms, WebForms, or...???
Mario Majčica 9-Oct-12 3:29am View
Can you be more specific?
Mario Majčica 2-Oct-12 4:33am View
What did you tried till now? With what part of the code do you have problem?
Mario Majčica 19-Sep-12 8:56am View
What is basically your question???
Mario Majčica 19-Sep-12 5:31am View
If the answer was useful, don't forget to accept or/and vote it. Thanks
Mario Majčica 19-Sep-12 5:15am View
Try it and let us know. Good luck!
Mario Majčica 19-Sep-12 4:50am View
Unfortunately you are limited to the assembly. You may think of merging assemblies into one, but I'm not completely sure that it will work. Check this:
Mario Majčica 19-Sep-12 4:28am View
As I told you, it is a bad idea to have all this data inputed in a single box. Use multiple textboxes and perform the validation on them.
Mario Majčica 18-Sep-12 8:46am View
So you are trying to create tables in database and then use them in your code? Here Entity Framework comes in handy. Check this video:
On this page you will find many interesting videos:

Mario Majčica 18-Sep-12 7:55am View
You need to be more explicit. What kind of table you are trying to create? What for? Where?
Mario Majčica 18-Sep-12 7:54am View
No but you can put your table in a panel and make no borderless table.
Mario Majčica 18-Sep-12 5:09am View
Try with this:

this.Location = new Point(scr.WorkingArea.Right - this.Width, (scr.WorkingArea.Bottom - this.Height) / 2);

And don't forget to accept and vote the answer ;)

Mario Majčica 18-Sep-12 4:44am View
You had just asked that: "it is better if i will get middle ---right". Can you explain exactly where and how you would like to put this form on the screen??? Make a picture and post the link! :)

Mario Majčica 18-Sep-12 4:31am View
Then modify the location in this way:

this.Location = new Point(scr.WorkingArea.Right / 2, scr.WorkingArea.Top);

It is a simple calculation, WorkingArea gives you the screen positions, and with that you can calculate the point where you want to show your form.

Mario Majčica 18-Sep-12 4:24am View
Sorry, check the edit, my copy paste error. I tried the code above and it is working properly.

Mario Majčica 15-Sep-12 5:50am View
You're welcome. Let me know if it worked and if so, accept and vote the answer. Cheers
Mario Majčica 14-Sep-12 15:02pm View
Also check this:

Note: PreRenderComplete
Raised after each data bound control whose DataSourceID property is set calls its DataBind method. For more information, see Data Binding Events for Data-Bound Controls later in this topic. This event the is raised after the PreRender, so...
Mario Majčica 14-Sep-12 14:49pm View
Then you can't disable anything. The items are yet not there. Try by defining the Data Bound event and disable it in the same way:

protected void rblTeam_DataBound(object sender, EventArgs e)
ListItem srtItem = rblTeam.Items.FindByValue("SRT");

if (srtItem != null)
srtItem.Enabled = false;

Mario Majčica 14-Sep-12 3:17am View
OK, tmpItem was null, but what was the count of rblTeam.Items?
Mario Majčica 13-Sep-12 6:20am View
You will need to load them and transform them before the control starts.
How about writing an http handler that will serve this images?
This article may be helpful

Mario Majčica 13-Sep-12 3:42am View
In which part of code did you tried to find the item? Can you set a break point on FindByValue and see if the control contains items?
Mario Majčica 10-Sep-12 6:23am View
First rows than cells!

And sorry why are you trying to add a cell in a cell???
Mario Majčica 10-Sep-12 6:18am View
A performance and readability disaster! :)
Mario Majčica 10-Sep-12 5:50am View
What did you tried till now?
Mario Majčica 7-Sep-12 11:12am View
are you sure about that? In an ASP.NET project?!?!?
Mario Majčica 6-Sep-12 6:02am View
Glad to here that. Vote up the answer if it was helpful!

Mario Majčica 6-Sep-12 5:51am View
Also my example contains spaces because of formatting. If you get out of the declared string all the spaces, they will not be visible in the example. Try it by setting the text in the multiline textbox and then process it. It should work. Inform yourself about '@' string literal.

Mario Majčica 6-Sep-12 5:47am View
If you are trying to remove the unused spaces, use the Trim function:
s.AppendFormat("{0}. {1}{2}", i + 1, lines[i].Trim(), Environment.NewLine);
You can also use TrimStart or TrimEnd in order to remove only initial or endin spaces.
Mario Majčica 6-Sep-12 3:53am View
Sorry but with these information only I can't do much.
Mario Majčica 6-Sep-12 3:48am View
Did you registered your dll correctly? I'm not sure how to do it in C++, but here is the link for starting understanding shellex and a working .NET 4.0 project (as for the managed code dll, it can be done only with FW4.0 and beyond)

Mario Majčica 4-Sep-12 3:41am View
What do you mean show the file? Show the content of the file or show the file name or what???
Mario Majčica 31-Aug-12 7:09am View
please show your table here
Mario Majčica 29-Aug-12 8:55am View
What you are asking is to find recursively all the controls in the page. Try this
public static List<Control> GetAllControls(ControlCollection ctrls)
List<Control> RetCtrls = new List<Control>();

foreach (Control ctl in ctrls)
if (ctl is TextBox)

return RetCtrls;
Mario Majčica 29-Aug-12 8:49am View
The code I proposed will do the job. If you need to restore the values, you can do the opposite process. However this is not an elegant solution for solving a problems of this type.
Mario Majčica 29-Aug-12 4:22am View
I will not sum in the code. More efficient will be to let SQL Server do the sums via the query you are executing.
Mario Majčica 23-Aug-12 5:16am View
I just updated the solution. Converting code is easy or .

Mario Majčica 23-Aug-12 4:58am View
Can you show us how the grid is defined in aspx file?
Mario Majčica 22-Aug-12 8:52am View
We do not have a magic ball, how can we help you if you do not supply any code or example? Should we try to guess how your code is working? Or you do not know how to create a string from multiple strings???
Mario Majčica 21-Aug-12 4:09am View
Are you sure that the condition is met? If you set a break point on smtpClient.Send(message); does it hit?
Mario Majčica 20-Aug-12 9:06am View
You sad that you are trying to redirect to a page on a different server. The context is applied on IIS instance of your app.
Mario Majčica 20-Aug-12 8:27am View
Why wouldn't you use session or QueryString?
Mario Majčica 8-Aug-12 3:50am View
Well, each time you create a controls dynamically, on postback you need to recreate them, otherwise the viewstate can't be unpacked and you can't get what happened on client side. Once this is done and you got the right action, then you can change the properties and resend the page to the client again.
Mario Majčica 18-Jul-12 8:13am View
Make an example. Your question is not clear. What kind of merge are you trying to do?
Mario Majčica 10-Jul-12 6:02am View
What's your goal? What kind of authentication you are trying to implement?
Mario Majčica 6-Jul-12 7:00am View
Are you using ASP.NET or WinForms?
Mario Majčica 29-Jun-12 4:09am View
Than please close this question by marking an answer as a solution.

Good luck!
Mario Majčica 29-Jun-12 4:04am View
Sorry but there was nowhere saying that this is a WinForms project. Please tag your questions correctly and try to be more precise on it.

On Devexpress site you will find many examples about everything and they have a great support team, try making a question on their site.

Mario Majčica 28-Jun-12 6:47am View
Graag gedaan! Anytime ;)
Mario Majčica 28-Jun-12 6:10am View
Well it will be a shame redoing what Ivar Lumi did. Try with this lib
Also you have an example project attached on how to use it. It is in C# but converting it to VB should not be a problem (if you really need it converted)
If you want to contact me in private, check this
Mario Majčica 28-Jun-12 4:50am View
Dude, you are right. My 5 ;)
Mario Majčica 28-Jun-12 4:32am View
This is not even compiling:
Msg 242, Level 16, State 3, Line 2
The conversion of a varchar data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range value.
Mario Majčica 28-Jun-12 4:29am View
Try the last edit, it turns 4!
Mario Majčica 28-Jun-12 3:50am View
Where the code stops? At which point?
Mario Majčica 19-Jun-12 8:02am View
Please share the full SP you wrote, with parameters, etc. otherwise is very hard to help you. And please edit the question, formatting correctly the code parts.
Mario Majčica 13-Jun-12 4:47am View
Is there a postback performed by the combobox?
Mario Majčica 1-Jun-12 3:45am View
What is the problem with the current code? When managing Enter Key do not forget to prevent the default event and cancel bubble.
Mario Majčica 15-May-12 8:07am View
Also this can be helpful
Mario Majčica 15-May-12 8:06am View
You will need to installa manually SQL Serve, but the DB you can still deploy it via installer. Check this out:
Mario Majčica 15-May-12 7:52am View
Download the express version of it and enjoy:
Mario Majčica 15-May-12 7:42am View
Try to be more precise. Are you speaking about MS SQL, what are your limitations and your needs?

Mario Majčica 15-May-12 7:32am View
Beside, there are many ways of executing a query, these are some of them:


Why should you not use SSMS??? There is an free version of it.

Mario Majčica 15-May-12 7:28am View
In you application I suppose, you didn't wrote down anything about your problem more in detail.
Mario Majčica 15-May-12 7:28am View
In you application I suppose, you didn't wrote down anything about your problem more in detail.
Mario Majčica 14-May-12 3:43am View
What is the question?
Mario Majčica 7-May-12 3:48am View
Are this two tables structurally identical? Are you trying to merge the data between the two? What did you try till now? Make an example.
Mario Majčica 26-Apr-12 3:56am View
It's a nice and neat idea but not the most efficient. However if performances are not an issue, it's a clean solution.

Mario Majčica 26-Apr-12 3:52am View
Glad to help. If helpful accept and eventually vote the answer. ;)

Mario Majčica 25-Apr-12 4:51am View
Try setting the timer1.Enabled = false;
Mario Majčica 11-Apr-12 5:40am View
Try instead of Format(dp1.Value, "MM/dd/yyyy") just dp1.Value. Cheers
Mario Majčica 11-Apr-12 5:22am View
And where do you say that in the question? Still you can use command parameters, just Google the keywords.

Check this out

Mario Majčica 11-Apr-12 3:32am View
True. Also the best approach will be adding an alias on FQDM on domain DNS if possible.
Mario Majčica 11-Apr-12 3:30am View
Mario Majčica 11-Apr-12 3:28am View
I updated the solution. Vote if willing ;)

Mario Majčica 10-Apr-12 13:09pm View
I'm via cell phone. However check this
Mario Majčica 4-Apr-12 9:20am View
Why do you need to do that on SQL side? it will be easier to do it server side.
Mario Majčica 2-Apr-12 7:05am View
Please show some code, otherwise is difficult to help you.
Mario Majčica 26-Mar-12 11:19am View
You're welcome! Good luck!
Mario Majčica 26-Mar-12 10:49am View
Well you can't convert it to a strongly typed dataset in this way. Try another approach, based on the table that you need to merge, create a new instance of strongly typed dataset and fill it with the data from IList, then merge the two DataSets. You are missing some base concepts, start learning on how typed DataSet's work and then you can approach other problems. You can start from here .

Mario Majčica 26-Mar-12 10:20am View
Well this is the right code then! First convert your NHibernate IList object to DataTable. There should be an overload on Merge method that accepts the DataTable as parameter. Be however sure that the table yoa are trying to merge has the same name as one contained into the DataSet ( and that both tables have the same structure, in other words both contain the same column's and same column types. Hope this helps.

Mario Majčica 26-Mar-12 10:06am View
I have no idea of which other DataTable you are speaking. A code sample? or a namespace where this DataTable is defined?
Mario Majčica 26-Mar-12 7:43am View
You can get more info's here:


What are you specifically interested in?
Mario Majčica 26-Mar-12 7:30am View
Well TypeDescriptor.GetProperties() method returns the collection of properties for a specified type (in this case type T (generic)) in form of a PropertyDescriptorCollection. Once we have all properties of your IList type, we will create a table and add a column for each property we retrieved earlier. Then we will recurese the data in the list and add a new row and respective data to the datatable. This is a generic extension method and can be used with any IList. Ex. DataTable t = a.ToDataTable<Purchase>(); where a is at ex. List<Purchase> a = new List<Purchase>();

Mario Majčica 14-Mar-12 9:07am View
Hi digimanus, why did you updated my answer? What was wrong in it?
Mario Majčica 1-Mar-12 3:47am View
You should also first set DataSource and only then call the DataBind method. Is problem maybe there?
Mario Majčica 29-Feb-12 10:50am View
You're welcome!
Mario Majčica 9-Feb-12 6:31am View
LoL. But when? Based on which action the mail should be sent?
Mario Majčica 9-Feb-12 5:49am View
What's the context? Did you tried contacting DevX support? They have awesome support team ;)

Mario Majčica 9-Feb-12 5:45am View
Based on which event?
Mario Majčica 3-Feb-12 4:43am View
Can you show us the code you are using for storing data to the session?

Mario Majčica 6-Jan-12 10:10am View
<asp:Localize> element works nicely.

Mario Majčica 30-Dec-11 5:55am View
Did you tried TNT Post Service?
Mario Majčica 31-Oct-11 16:19pm View
Hah down voting the question, a big example of decency! Obviously you are suffering the points complex.
Mario Majčica 31-Oct-11 16:08pm View
Well I made a clear question, your answer was a 5 second copy and paste of first googled link, does it deserve more than a down vote? And who are you to judge me a indecent developer?
Mario Majčica 31-Oct-11 15:52pm View
I've tried, how ever with no result. I saw also the link you posted and I will now try with <asp:Localize> element, that is new to me.

Mario Majčica 31-Oct-11 15:51pm View
Well I did read them before. I was asking about your experience and the best practices. I am not a newbie that posted about the first thing he got stuck on.
Mario Majčica 22-Oct-11 17:59pm View
Sounds like we are again making a homework!
Mario Majčica 22-Oct-11 9:19am View
Let us know if worked!

Mario Majčica 22-Oct-11 9:12am View
Check the update.
Mario Majčica 21-Oct-11 12:00pm View
My 5 for critical point!
Mario Majčica 20-Oct-11 3:31am View
How did you did it? Did this helped?
Mario Majčica 19-Oct-11 17:22pm View
What do you intend with "to run the"?
Msg of the validator should appear on the screen only when you try to commit the page (do a post back or other events, depending on validation control) and the validation rule is broken.
Mario Majčica 19-Oct-11 7:30am View
If helpful accept the answer and eventually vote it! Cheers!
Mario Majčica 17-Oct-11 9:34am View
If helped, accept the solution and vote up the answer. Bye
Mario Majčica 13-Oct-11 17:02pm View
Well great to hear that!

You can check even this great book. It explains why of many approaches and different ways to approach the same problem.

To give more visibility to this answer, please upvote it!

Mario Majčica 13-Oct-11 9:28am View
Check this out, maybe it helps ;)
Mario Majčica 7-Oct-11 15:32pm View
I just updated the Solution 1, after testing it, and it works like a charm! I do not understand what is your question.
Mario Majčica 6-Oct-11 5:07am View
Can you post more details about the tables?
Mario Majčica 5-Oct-11 18:28pm View
Well I was just a kid at the time of Turbo Pascal, and I was more into the Quick Basic at that time! I know I know, there was no internet at that time and that was only thing available! Imagine that in the city library they have neither one book about the programming!

Good retrospective, my 5! ;)
Mario Majčica 5-Oct-11 16:35pm View
What's wrong with SQL server management studio?
Mario Majčica 5-Oct-11 16:32pm View
You are right. But meanwhile I was trying to decipher the question, I posted a wrong link. Only now I see that I had a wrong link on clipboard, this one has nothing to do with this question! My bad! It had to do with another question on whom I answered earlier.
Mario Majčica 5-Oct-11 9:15am View
Using Reflection is more pro! ;)
Mario Majčica 5-Oct-11 7:16am View
Once you start the process, it is running. You can check the StartTime property to see since when the process is running. Be more precise. What are you trying to achieve?!?!
Mario Majčica 5-Oct-11 6:42am View
Brother is one of the premier providers of products for the home, home office and office. More info on !

What do you intend for process ready?
Mario Majčica 4-Oct-11 8:49am View
I didn't tested it on MySQL, but MySQL was specified only after I posted the answer. On MS SQL is working.
Mario Majčica 4-Oct-11 5:23am View
Link is not working, it is not well formatted!
Mario Majčica 4-Oct-11 4:21am View
As suggested earlier, call ToString() method on sb will passing it's content as parameter. Make sure that the last character in the sb is not ",".

Mario Majčica 4-Oct-11 3:15am View
Sometimes simple things can surprise! I love simplicity! ;)
Mario Majčica 3-Oct-11 7:54am View
Try it! ;)
Mario Majčica 29-Sep-11 7:07am View
Glad you like it! It is a good book and worth buying it. If helped, vote the answer and accept the solution.
Mario Majčica 29-Sep-11 3:19am View
Try in this way
Mario Majčica 28-Sep-11 10:39am View
On what UI; ASP.NET, WinForms, WPF...
Mario Majčica 25-Sep-11 11:03am View
What is unclear? Just Google for some nice DIV tutorial!
Mario Majčica 25-Sep-11 10:44am View
Nice one, I will upvote it if possible! :)
Mario Majčica 25-Sep-11 10:31am View
Internet made people lazy and rude!
Mario Majčica 25-Sep-11 7:02am View
But to Razanust it doesn't! :) Love people who ask and then disappear! :)
Mario Majčica 24-Sep-11 2:51am View
Great than click on accept the solution so we can close this thread ;)
Mario Majčica 24-Sep-11 2:38am View
Also you can find an valid example here,descCd-DOWNLOAD.html

Mario Majčica 24-Sep-11 2:37am View
Once you return the DataReader from your DAL, close the connection (or let using doing it)

/// Retrieves all articles

public override List<articledetails> GetArticles(int pageIndex, int pageSize)
using (SqlConnection cn = new SqlConnection(this.ConnectionString))
SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("tbh_Articles_GetArticles", cn);
cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;
cmd.Parameters.Add("@PageIndex", SqlDbType.Int).Value = pageIndex;
cmd.Parameters.Add("@PageSize", SqlDbType.Int).Value = pageSize;
return GetArticleCollectionFromReader(ExecuteReader(cmd), false);


/// Returns a new ArticleDetails instance filled with the DataReader's current record data

protected virtual ArticleDetails GetArticleFromReader(IDataReader reader)
return GetArticleFromReader(reader, true);
protected virtual ArticleDetails GetArticleFromReader(IDataReader reader, bool readBody)
ArticleDetails article = new ArticleDetails(
(reader["ReleaseDate"] == DBNull.Value ? DateTime.Now : (DateTime)reader["ReleaseDate"]),
(reader["ExpireDate"] == DBNull.Value ? DateTime.MaxValue : (DateTime)reader["ExpireDate"]),

if (readBody)
article.Body = reader["Body"].ToString();

return article;
Mario Majčica 22-Sep-11 17:31pm View
Great, but what is the question?
Mario Majčica 22-Sep-11 8:39am View
Viva the sense for the humor!
Mario Majčica 22-Sep-11 5:27am View
I just tried and it is working perfectly. Let me know your mail if you want the working example!

Mario Majčica 22-Sep-11 4:22am View
That's a new one for me! As far as I know, you just need to reference System.Configuration library and it will work like a charm. I will however check it this evening!
Mario Majčica 22-Sep-11 1:06am View
Great, sorry but grappa last evening fooled up my logic!
Mario Majčica 21-Sep-11 5:44am View
What the hell? :)
Mario Majčica 21-Sep-11 5:33am View
Yes it is!
Mario Majčica 21-Sep-11 4:16am View
Shame on them!
Mario Majčica 13-Sep-11 5:53am View
This is not an Solution, it is a comment.
Mario Majčica 6-Sep-11 7:17am View
This is a comment not an alternative!
Mario Majčica 25-Aug-11 17:05pm View
You are also new to English!
Mario Majčica 22-Aug-11 17:16pm View
Why should you do that?
Mario Majčica 22-Aug-11 9:44am View
How ever, instead of =Format(Fields!Date.Value,"yyyy/MM/dd" & " " & "h:mm:ss tt")

try following code:

public string CustomDateFormat(object dateTime)
if (dateTime == null || dateTime is DateTime == false)
return "n/a";

DateTime dateValue;

if (DateTime.TryParse(dateTime.ToString(), out dateValue))
return dateValue.ToString("yyyy/MM/dd h:mm:ss tt");
return "n/a";

and then modifying your code to following:

..= CustomDateFormat(Fields!Date.Value);

What is the output then?
Mario Majčica 22-Aug-11 9:19am View
What it seems to be the problem is in your data feed. Check the content of your DataSet and see if there is any invalid DateTime value. You can do the check using the code I provided or by setting up a brake point inside your code.
Mario Majčica 22-Aug-11 9:02am View
Check the edit.
Mario Majčica 22-Aug-11 8:33am View
Can you be more specific? What troubles you precisely?
Mario Majčica 14-Aug-11 4:01am View
I love gimmecode tag!
Mario Majčica 22-Jul-11 18:26pm View
Tomorrow morning I'm leaving for 2 weeks of sun, certainly I'll not bring with me this "Error". Only real error in this post is the post itself!
Mario Majčica 22-Jul-11 9:17am View
At least this one wrote "Please" ;)
Mario Majčica 22-Jul-11 8:58am View
If I only could thumb up this comment! I adore this question style, "Our project doesn't build, I want an answer".
Mario Majčica 22-Jul-11 3:16am View
It is actually not a good idea to make a round trip on each TextChanged event. You could easily do this via javascript on client side or on let say a button that commits this operation and generates the postback.
Mario Majčica 21-Jul-11 5:57am View
You asked yesterday a similar question, but as I suppose you probably didn't not even considered suggested solution.
Mario Majčica 20-Jul-11 10:36am View
Please be more specific, which type of apps are and what precisely is the goal.
Mario Majčica 20-Jul-11 8:04am View
Then the edited solution will work. If so, accept the solution and vote! ;)
Mario Majčica 20-Jul-11 7:05am View
What kind of digits? Integers, decimals, ...?
Do you have an exemple of the txt file?
Mario Majčica 20-Jul-11 4:41am View
This is a comment and not a solution!
Mario Majčica 18-Jul-11 6:16am View
Are you sure that you never heard about pina.collada??? Aiaiaiaia...
Mario Majčica 18-Jul-11 6:15am View
wtf? Didn't you read the article?
MyQueue.Send("<<Message>>", "<<Message Label>>")

Mario Majčica 18-Jul-11 6:03am View
If this helped, then Accept solution so it can be closed.
Mario Majčica 18-Jul-11 5:42am View
Take a look on updated solution.
Mario Majčica 18-Jul-11 5:20am View
This should be a comment and not an Alternate!
Mario Majčica 15-Jul-11 7:52am View
This should be a comment.
Mario Majčica 15-Jul-11 3:23am View
Silly but it still cost less on Amazon, then like new on!
Mario Majčica 4-Jul-11 7:08am View
The is not free?
Mario Majčica 4-Jul-11 6:03am View
That's new W2008 anti-spam feature! Fails by design! :)
Mario Majčica 1-Jul-11 13:15pm View
What is the UI that you will use, ASP.NET, WinForms, WCF, etc...???
Mario Majčica 1-Jul-11 13:13pm View
Please try to express yourself properly. I can't understand what is your problem.
Mario Majčica 30-Jun-11 5:35am View
What, where, how?!?! I can assume that for many of us English is not a mother tongue, but still, come on, what kind of question is this? Even in your mother tongue language will not be a proper question!
Mario Majčica 28-Jun-11 8:34am View
Why only for the strings? Could be a generic T as Append accepts an object and then tries to invoke ToString() method.
Mario Majčica 28-Jun-11 8:31am View
You are perfectly right. When I wrote this code down for the project I was reimplementing an existing method and I was not thinking about the chance that it could be already done by fw. Good point! Thanks
Mario Majčica 28-Jun-11 8:09am View
And what is the down of this implementation?
Mario Majčica 28-Jun-11 7:00am View
Down-voting without a comment? Really constructive...
Mario Majčica 18-May-11 2:42am View
Try this
Mario Majčica 23-Jan-11 15:40pm View
Please ignore xmlns:soapenv="#unknown" attributes, they are added automatically by codeproject.