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Comments by Yvan Rodrigues (Top 200 by date)

Yvan Rodrigues 24-Mar-21 10:08am View    
Are you running `gstreamer` or `pulseaudio`? They would be creating this temporary files, which would mean your code is returning correct results.
Yvan Rodrigues 31-Oct-18 17:20pm View    
What is the problem you are encountering?
Yvan Rodrigues 30-Oct-18 15:59pm View    
But what/where are you expecting CustomerId to get assigned a value. What are you trying to do here:
[Bind(Include = "CustomerId,CustomerName")]
Yvan Rodrigues 30-Oct-18 13:09pm View    
Unfortunately (for the rest of us) JavaScript allows you to intercept the keyboard buffer, which is how you were able to block the PrtSc button. Even that is more power than a script should have in my opinion.

If you have data that is so important that you don't want someone screen shotting it, you probably shouldn't be showing it on screen at all.
Yvan Rodrigues 8-Aug-15 11:47am View    
Show us your query.