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StM0n 21-Sep-17 4:38am View
Could you check your pasted source-code... is this how you wrote it? If yes, your class-declaration is outside the a-tag.
StM0n 1-Aug-17 1:08am View
My guess would be, that txtEnter.Rows.Count is 1... have you checked?
StM0n 10-Jul-17 5:30am View
Which error... there're some that could occur.

Sorry to ask, but are you aware of the circumstance, that your login functionality is open for sql-injection?!
StM0n 28-May-17 2:15am View
Ah... covariant was the term I was looking for. Damn, too old to remember :)
StM0n 15-Feb-17 7:47am View
So maybe you should do some tests with the conversion to obtain the right info :)
StM0n 15-Feb-17 4:50am View
First of all, why are you using dynamic? Imho it's not really necessary... at least form my point of view, but I could be wrong.

Guess the value you're trying to convert is not really convertible... :) do you getting a "Falsch" or "Wahr" through your DB?
StM0n 25-Jan-17 0:47am View
Sorry, but you should specify your problem to enable us to help you or give you at least a hint.
StM0n 11-Jan-17 4:00am View
Mhm... console output that way you're doing are always slightly resource hungry :) what are you trying to accomplish... maybe we could help you otherwise.
StM0n 11-Jan-17 2:53am View
Could you just start them in two console windows... just curious...
StM0n 14-Dec-16 3:17am View
Not quite sure what you're trying to accomplish... but why don't you just add 8 days?

What type is in dr[5]... if it is a string, you have to convert it into a DateTime then just add your days.
StM0n 13-Dec-16 1:47am View
Did you also tried the second suggestion?
StM0n 13-Dec-16 1:16am View
Just improved the solution... have to look it up first, but maybe this'll help.
StM0n 6-Dec-16 4:56am View
Damn... to slow... I fiddled with your question.

BTW: This maybe an overkill, but I'm using the Slim Framework[^] for creating a php-ws.
StM0n 5-Dec-16 7:42am View
Not quite sure what you expect as output as ar isn't set...
StM0n 1-Dec-16 0:59am View
Sorry, but what does not work? Is there an error message? an exception?

Help us to help you.

BTW: there's a slight mismatch between your title and your "question"... that's not a 3 tier architecture problem, just a sql-statement. And your code looks like it could be vulnerable for sql-injection.
StM0n 16-Nov-16 0:38am View
Are you aware that you open your site for sql injection? the parameter <id> is a plain string, that just get concatenated to a statement.
StM0n 15-Nov-16 0:17am View
* Sorry to ask, but what have you tried?
* Any error messages?
* Is there a table called [Table] in your database?
* Do they have the proper columns you specified?
* Are you aware of the fact, that your code is open for sql injection?

Help us to help you :)
StM0n 14-Oct-16 2:52am View
Sorry, didn't caught it the first time I read your question.
StM0n 14-Oct-16 2:27am View
Ok... how do you insert the text into the textbox... by plain entering the textbox and than write it or do you use another way?
StM0n 14-Oct-16 1:12am View
Does the data transf correctly into an editor (i.e. Notepad)?
StM0n 28-Mar-16 9:09am View
Ok... then you have to create a public method to hide/show them accordingly to your use case. Don't just make the methods public, rather create a method which handles this.

Sth like


or more generic

fr1.hideTabWithThis([Index/Name of the tab]);
fr1.showTabWithThis([Index/Name of the tab]);

To be honest, I would choose an approach that decides itself, what would be neccessary to handle the cases...
StM0n 8-Mar-16 1:13am View
May I ask kindly for your question, due I am not able to decipher it from your given text?
StM0n 29-Feb-16 1:41am View
You're not able to use or you are not using one? If you're able to use one, do that; they're plenty to choose one :)
StM0n 29-Feb-16 1:40am View
Maybe you should look up "lock csharp" and give it a reading.
StM0n 29-Feb-16 1:31am View
As you already mentioned, you're writing simultaneously... lock the writing... are you able to use a logging framework?
StM0n 15-Feb-16 1:14am View
Split your requirements... try to obtain the information and then put it into your grid. To retrive the information you could use

- ServiceController

Does this help?
StM0n 15-Feb-16 0:54am View
I agree... except the last sentence... if you put it in a different order, the readability is also given.



but still a 5 ;)
StM0n 4-Feb-16 15:24pm View
StM0n 4-Feb-16 15:24pm View
StM0n 4-Feb-16 15:22pm View
my guess, you're trying to insert a primary key a second time...
StM0n 4-Feb-16 12:27pm View
You're welcome ;) but still wondering, where the original poster went :D
StM0n 4-Feb-16 9:49am View
Sorry, do you mean my reply to Marianne Markwardt?

I tried to give her some advice about thinking in layers (haven't used that word) and looking at her "main projects" as different UIs to her "real system"... or did I really muddled that up?

I'm thinking the same as you, not to see that as three standalone solutions, which I also got the impression, she's done that.

Correct me, if I'm wrong, or do you think that original post is from me...

StM0n 4-Feb-16 3:17am View
Mhm... I wonder if the original poster will be answering to our comments... discussion :)
StM0n 4-Feb-16 3:00am View
second's through :D oh, and it's not my problem... but I'm with your answer ;)
StM0n 4-Feb-16 2:39am View
You got me puzzled for a second ;)
StM0n 4-Feb-16 0:54am View
Mhm... your first three projects are HOW you would like to communicate with your system... the following project handles the internals. my advice would be, don't try to think all of them as sequential projects. split them as you already did. your first projects are crossconcerning. maybe this could help
StM0n 3-Feb-16 5:10am View
Is there ANY FURTHER information you can provide to help you? Except you doing a PInvoke/Interop
StM0n 2-Feb-16 8:38am View
Glad to hear it... should I post this as solution?
StM0n 2-Feb-16 7:55am View
Like you did... maybe you could make a prototype to boil it down. Pretty much like the afore mentioned example on
StM0n 2-Feb-16 7:45am View
Now I'm curious :)
StM0n 2-Feb-16 7:21am View
Mhm... you need an older package, which provides .Net 3.5
Get a look on and scroll to the version history
StM0n 2-Feb-16 7:18am View
My guess would be that there's something missing. Maybe you should do it by a nuget-package as mentioned on if possible.
StM0n 2-Feb-16 7:07am View
Leaves me puzzled... did you use a nuget-package?
StM0n 2-Feb-16 6:31am View
Did you wrap the connection like shown in the example on the mainpage of
StM0n 2-Feb-16 1:41am View
*offering a shoulder*
StM0n 13-Jan-16 4:32am View
Additional to my solution, you should never trust user-input... don't just insert the text from controls w/o checking/escaping them or use parameters.
StM0n 13-Jan-16 4:30am View
I also wondered that... but maybe you're right, that there's a variable somewhere hiding :)
StM0n 13-Jan-16 3:59am View
Capture packets is possible ->
But to discard, block and so on... I'm not quite sure this is possible on that level?!
StM0n 2-Dec-15 6:43am View
Are you aware of the fact, that <<String>> has no property <<DataSource>>... are you looking for <<GridView.DataSource = dt>>?
StM0n 9-Oct-15 0:16am View
I'm not quite clear of your question... do you want something like PowerShells <<import-csv>>?
StM0n 7-Oct-15 1:06am View
Could you specify the line the error occurs? I'm not quite sure, if it is a permission or server problem...
StM0n 1-Oct-15 0:48am View
Sorry to give you rather a mere suggestion, but maybe you should refactor your code a bit... especially the fact, that you got a huge code duplication... remove that and my guess would be, you will be able to obtain the solution for yourself :)
StM0n 3-Sep-15 0:28am View
I guess, you're interested in the <<openFileDialog1.FileName>>... and then you do something like described in this article ->
StM0n 22-Jul-15 3:27am View
Is log4net able to log somewhere else, in that case, in a simple log-file?
StM0n 14-Jul-15 0:57am View
Not quite sure this would be an issue here :)
StM0n 2-Jun-15 4:46am View
Could you please use code tags next time?
StM0n 29-May-15 4:09am View
Ok... then you're welcome :D
StM0n 29-May-15 2:09am View
What for... you obtain the answer by yourself :)
StM0n 29-May-15 2:05am View
So you're looking for non-functional requirements (
StM0n 29-May-15 1:34am View
So you want to know how to implement a more or less secure authentication for a web application? That's at least I read from the interviewer's questions.
StM0n 29-May-15 1:18am View
Define "perfect" in your words...
StM0n 20-May-15 2:58am View
... and your question is?
StM0n 19-May-15 1:08am View
you're welcome :)
StM0n 19-May-15 1:04am View
Mhm... if I do <<Convert.ToBoolean('t')>> in a small test, it throws me an <<InvalidCastException>>.
StM0n 19-May-15 0:49am View
What does <<ds.Tables[0].Rows[0]["Terms"]>> returns? Not what should it return (sth that should be converted into a boolean), but what type is it?
StM0n 19-May-15 0:36am View
Does your method throws an exception? Especially near the <<terms=...>>? You catch an possible exception w/o rethrow it again.
StM0n 19-May-15 0:27am View
Could <<ds.Tables[0].Rows[0]["Terms"]>> be false? Have you checked the datasets in your DB?
StM0n 19-May-15 0:22am View
Could you please reformat your code?
StM0n 13-May-15 1:56am View
You have some inconsistencies...

* your class is called Job (with a capital J) and the reference in <<ApplicationUser>> is job (with lowercase); same applies to <<onModelCreating>>
* you're using Jobs on <<ApplicationUser>> (plural)... shouldn't this be <<Job>>?
* you bind a job to a user and vice versa. Is this correct?
StM0n 30-Apr-15 0:26am View
What kind of file is it: A text or some binary file?
StM0n 25-Apr-15 13:21pm View
Sorry, but could you rephrase your question? I'm not quite sure, what you would like to know.
StM0n 2-Apr-15 5:49am View
One List to bind them all ;)
StM0n 2-Apr-15 5:49am View
Are you aware of the fact, that there's no List-Class... only the generic List<t>?
StM0n 11-Mar-15 2:54am View
you're welcome
StM0n 11-Mar-15 2:41am View
Good start would be ""... looks like you have to dive into it :)
StM0n 11-Mar-15 2:39am View
Where does your error appear? You're using indices twice...
StM0n 11-Mar-15 2:34am View
What have you done so far? Have you tried the Lotus Notes Interop?
StM0n 10-Mar-15 1:25am View
Are you aware, that this is not a question?
StM0n 6-Mar-15 0:36am View
StM0n 2-Mar-15 5:49am View
Could you truncate <<string attachment = "attachment; filename=" + "D:\abc" + ".pdf";>> to <<string attachment = @"D:\abc" + ".pdf";>> and try it again?
StM0n 27-Feb-15 2:49am View
I'm not quite sure, we could help you otherwise then a complete rewrite your whole code. Have you tried to fiddle around with StreamReader to get the concept of the class?
StM0n 26-Feb-15 10:26am View
thx... that's right
StM0n 26-Feb-15 6:01am View
You're not moving forward to your expected line... lineNumber is just an integer. You have to step forward to your line, e.g. repeat reader.ReadLine() eleven times (bad example, I know Smile | :) )
StM0n 26-Feb-15 6:00am View
StM0n 26-Feb-15 5:32am View
I'm not quite sure, but what is the meaning of <<lineNumber>>?
StM0n 24-Feb-15 0:51am View
I'm not quite sure, but <<private static byte[] response = new byte[1024];>> shouldn't be private... is there a reason therefore?
StM0n 19-Feb-15 7:58am View
StM0n 18-Feb-15 4:48am View
Mhm... have you tried WMI, like
StM0n 17-Feb-15 6:36am View
StM0n 16-Feb-15 11:59am View
Not quite sure, but your call of <<MyWebService>> does not return anything... at least not in your submitted code.

Otherwise, could you debug your project?
StM0n 16-Feb-15 4:28am View
"Fortunately, we don't need details - because we can't solve it for you."

That's a really nice tagline :)
StM0n 16-Feb-15 4:13am View
This will be an exceptional statement...
StM0n 16-Feb-15 1:24am View
So... 1 Minute is 1 Rupee?
StM0n 9-Oct-14 2:32am View
Sorry, but I assume, that we're not able to figure out your question? Are you looking for a specific ERP connector?
StM0n 9-Oct-14 2:30am View
Do you want to count the number of certain words or letters? Have you tried regular expressions?
StM0n 6-Oct-14 0:45am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Not quite sure about the implementation, but hey... it's nice :)
StM0n 28-Aug-14 3:47am View
You're welcome ;)
StM0n 28-Aug-14 3:24am View
Improved the solution... maybe this will help.
StM0n 28-Aug-14 3:21am View
Erh... what is your question?!
StM0n 25-Aug-14 0:40am View
So it's the full monty... are you able to get a picture from the CCTV by some interface? So it would boil down to the OCR part...
StM0n 25-Aug-14 0:30am View
Sorry to bother you, but what exactly is your question?

* Do you need something like an OCR?
* Do you need to connect to the CCTV?
* Have you checked the articles by Andrew Kirillov here in CP?
StM0n 14-Aug-14 1:14am View
Could you please clearify the structure of your data by using the code tag? I'm not quite sure, what's your header and what's your data...
StM0n 13-Aug-14 1:17am View
Could you specifiy how you installed the service? Did you use the InstallUtil?
StM0n 13-Aug-14 1:02am View
StM0n 13-Aug-14 0:09am View
Damn... forgot WPF :)
StM0n 12-Aug-14 3:31am View
Sorry, but it seems, that you forgot your error message.
StM0n 8-Aug-14 14:04pm View
I dare say you're right.
StM0n 8-Aug-14 10:54am View
StM0n 8-Aug-14 10:54am View
did you try and check if this fulfill your requirements...?
StM0n 8-Aug-14 4:13am View
which part: this isn't your request or "create a single exe"?
StM0n 7-Aug-14 11:58am View
after a merge it will be included... you will create a single exe (at least I hope, this is your request?)
StM0n 7-Aug-14 5:38am View
So you want to deploy just an exe w/o any dlls...?
StM0n 7-Aug-14 4:16am View
is the dll in your output folder?

(Sorry for asking so many questions :)
StM0n 7-Aug-14 4:04am View
When do you get that error? By runtime or compile?
StM0n 7-Aug-14 3:46am View
Did you change the reference to "Copy local"?
StM0n 7-Aug-14 1:22am View
What are you exactly querying for in your data? (dyslexic mna strikes again...)
StM0n 5-Aug-14 3:24am View
Are you aware of the concept of subdomains (
StM0n 4-Aug-14 4:54am View
StM0n 1-Aug-14 1:36am View
Sorry... but what is your question you'd like to get answered?
StM0n 4-Jul-14 6:20am View
What should we rectify?
StM0n 3-Jul-14 0:34am View
Is the binary search a homework assignment? And are you aware of the fact, that you need a sorted list?
StM0n 5-Mar-14 0:30am View
first: yes you can...
second: What have you tried so far? We're not quite fond of doing your homework.
StM0n 17-Jan-14 1:34am View
<quote>[...] but still its not clear I feel your pain...

But maybe we could help you, if you give us some more information on what your current problem is.
StM0n 26-Nov-13 2:27am View
Just to clarify things: You want a button, which enables you to select the next cell, regardless if it is in the next row?
StM0n 24-Oct-13 1:45am View
Ok... which part (query your database and sending the mail) does not work as intended?
StM0n 23-Oct-13 8:33am View
Mhm... I have to admit, that I'm not quite sure what are you trying to achieve. I thought your problem was sending a mail... but it occurred, that this isn't the problem... could you rephrase your question?

StM0n 23-Oct-13 7:29am View
Have you checked this ""
StM0n 23-Oct-13 7:24am View
Erh... do you want to develop it?

Then you should gather the requirements, analyze them, make a first design of your architecture, choose a language/framework, implement it and deploy it...
StM0n 20-Oct-13 3:30am View
Try to strip your code down to the essential parts... from the first look it seems some of the brackets don't fit.
StM0n 16-Oct-13 6:12am View
There's a embedded MySQL-Server available... or you could use SQLite, which is used by Firefox.
StM0n 16-Oct-13 1:13am View
Same thought...
StM0n 20-Aug-13 2:32am View
As far as I know... nope... you can do a lot of stuff with it.
StM0n 20-Aug-13 1:59am View
then you really should check out ""; there're lot of examples.
StM0n 20-Aug-13 1:57am View
pretty much yeah... would quite simplify things :)
StM0n 20-Aug-13 1:48am View
So C# isn't a requirement? Is this homework or just "hey, I want to do something cool."?
StM0n 20-Aug-13 1:24am View
* What are your requirements for using c#?
* Have you heard of ""?
StM0n 16-Aug-13 6:48am View
* Any js frameworks?
* Are you able to debug the site with the dev'tools from IE?

Slightly more information would be useful.
StM0n 16-Aug-13 6:27am View
Are there error reports submitted by the browser?
StM0n 19-Jul-13 6:40am View
So you would like to highlight a button by a mouse over?

* WinForm?
* WPF?
* ...?
StM0n 17-Jul-13 2:10am View
OP didn't ask for the simplest solution, but I also would use regexes ;)
StM0n 17-Jul-13 1:57am View
Damn... I really wanted to avoid these this time :)
StM0n 17-Jul-13 1:50am View
There are so many ways to solve this... any specific requirements?
StM0n 15-Jul-13 7:26am View
Code could be slightly cleaner, but nonetheless have a five
StM0n 14-Jul-13 5:56am View
Are you aware of the fact, that you are talking about a method and a class?
StM0n 14-Jul-13 4:56am View
So how would you write it in pseudo code?
StM0n 14-Jul-13 4:56am View
So how would you write it in pseudo code?
StM0n 14-Jul-13 4:08am View

* What are the requirements for a fine?
* What is your model for your library management?
* Where should the fine be calculated (DB or objects)?

first of all

* What have you managed so far?
StM0n 12-Jul-13 6:37am View
What do you want to read exactly?
StM0n 12-Jul-13 5:28am View
Could you post a simple demo html file?
StM0n 12-Jul-13 2:23am View
should there really be two commas?!

(Moved up from Solution due it was a question but needed formatting; no need to answer :)
StM0n 12-Jul-13 2:07am View
mind my "wanted to post it as a question, but then it would be a little bit difficult to point at the certain position..." :)

questions/comments are quite hard to format ;) didn't like it though
StM0n 10-Jul-13 5:02am View
I'm not quite sure what your target format should look like... could you give an example?
StM0n 10-Jul-13 2:42am View
good start for lambdas ->
StM0n 10-Jul-13 1:33am View
ZItems.ForEach(title => { List2.Add(new MyClass() { Title = title }); });
StM0n 8-Jul-13 7:59am View
I'm not quite sure, if I get a grip on your question... but it seems, that your data model is a little bit mixed up if you have to delete the whole content of a table.
StM0n 8-Jul-13 3:48am View
Nice one :)
StM0n 6-Jul-13 2:54am View
Just use the code with the XmlDocument...
StM0n 6-Jul-13 2:14am View
Changed the solution... got a little bit mixed up... jst fiddle a little bit around to get a grip on the context.
StM0n 3-Jul-13 2:59am View
Plain and simple :) have a five
StM0n 3-Jul-13 2:59am View
Which framework-version?
StM0n 20-Jun-13 14:30pm View
glad to help :)
StM0n 8-Jun-13 6:19am View
Do want to just open the windows and change between them or do you want a list of all open forms?
StM0n 6-Jun-13 8:08am View
Also usable :)
StM0n 6-Jun-13 8:04am View
Jep :)
StM0n 5-Jun-13 7:34am View
You're welcome.
StM0n 5-Jun-13 7:31am View
Could be a good answer +5
StM0n 5-Jun-13 6:45am View
Here you go...
StM0n 5-Jun-13 5:40am View
"i want to dispay the number as XXXXXX and mail id as XXXXX" -> second part :)

If you use the regex, then you could obtain this data.
StM0n 17-May-13 3:06am View
Did you mean data from a textfile? Otherwise getting data from notepad could be interesting...
StM0n 14-May-13 5:27am View
Maybe this could help you ->
StM0n 14-May-13 4:45am View
Is it possible for you to debug a deployed installation by remote debugging?
StM0n 14-May-13 4:29am View
Did you also deploy "SQLite.Interop.dll"?
StM0n 13-May-13 4:45am View
Then I have to admit I have the same problem... a possible solution would be replacing the double quotes... but maybe someone else has a better idea :)
StM0n 13-May-13 2:08am View
Have you checked the jsonResp-String? Are there any double quotes (I ran into some similar problems)?
StM0n 10-May-13 6:22am View
My guess would be, that you include something from VS... could you check the assemblies on your target machine?
StM0n 9-May-13 5:13am View
Sorry to ask, but ymt3 didn't contain "itinerary rebooked"...
StM0n 7-May-13 1:03am View
Sorry to ask, but is it ASP.Net or plain WinForms? And what errors do you have?
StM0n 29-Apr-13 2:53am View
XP Professional?
StM0n 29-Apr-13 1:55am View
Do we talk about a web or desktop appl.?
Could the user exit the application without log out (like using the taskmanager or closing the browser)?
Is there a database you could use to remember, which user has logged in?
StM0n 1-Apr-13 3:08am View
You should get rid off Application.DoEvents();
... and what's in count?
StM0n 28-Mar-13 6:27am View
Are you looking for a toggle button? And for what platform... plain winform or something else?
StM0n 19-Mar-13 3:08am View
Do you want to execute code on minimizing?
StM0n 11-Mar-13 11:45am View
Ok ;)
StM0n 10-Mar-13 1:30am View
Mhm... I'm not aware of equivalent methods, but have you take a closer look to 'GetEnumerator'? There are two methods who gives you all Keys or all Values...
StM0n 2-Mar-13 8:57am View
See my improved answer...
StM0n 2-Mar-13 8:57am View
StM0n 24-Feb-13 2:16am View
Sorry, I don't get the question? What do you want to achieve?
StM0n 24-Feb-13 2:12am View
imho you could post this as an answer :)
StM0n 24-Feb-13 2:11am View
Sorry... could you rephrase the question?
StM0n 7-Feb-13 2:29am View
could you give an example of the HTML?
StM0n 6-Feb-13 23:52pm View
same thought...
StM0n 6-Feb-13 5:35am View
Check this one first ->
StM0n 6-Feb-13 5:33am View
Sooo.... should we pity or envy you?
StM0n 28-Jan-13 6:44am View
On which line did the error occur?
StM0n 24-Jan-13 2:24am View
sorry, you pretty much said the things that came to my mind after reading the question. so it's an affirmative snicker :)
StM0n 24-Jan-13 2:12am View
StM0n 19-Jan-13 5:35am View
Sorry, did you mean: all locations/point INSIDE the polygon?
StM0n 16-Jan-13 5:01am View
You're having a lot of fun, don't you :)
StM0n 14-Jan-13 7:04am View
Have you tried to make a prototype for your problem? Sometimes it helps if you're simplify your application down to the propblem to be solved. In this case, just make an app which contains just the necessary items like the statusstrip and your expendable...
StM0n 12-Jan-13 5:53am View
Mhm... I would rather go for pages... but that's just my two cents :)