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Comments by wdolson (Top 5 by date)

wdolson 23-Jun-22 22:04pm View    
That was essentially what was recommended in both of the solutions above. I tried ModifyStyle and got the same result. It always sets the first button declared in the resource file.
wdolson 23-Jun-22 22:03pm View    
I was responding to the first solution offered, which has been deleted. I guess I used the wrong way to respond. Sorry.
wdolson 6-Jun-22 21:30pm View    
So it sounds like I can't get there from here. I can say I tried...
wdolson 5-Jun-22 21:05pm View    
PreCreateWindow is called by the framework before the window is created. You can modify the properties of the window before it's created by changing the CREATESTRUCT values, which I'm already doing. I just can't get the top bar on the view window to go away completely.
wdolson 5-Jun-22 21:00pm View    
I tried your suggestion and I got the same behavior. The top bar of the view window is still there, there just isn't anything on it.