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Member 15643424 20-May-22 12:31pm View    
Thanks Gerry for the response. Yes, i got that part. I can show deletions on left side and show insertions on right side. I've tested that using aspose and groupdocs. Although it won't work for litera ,it has its own ui and control buttons that i would put in iframe.
For aspose , i would could bring out the saved files for preview as pdf but not quite able to figure out how could i possibly map the list of changes (that i do get from aspose comparision) to their actual position in the document). My best guess here suggests i would need to i olement my own pdf viewer.

In case of groupdocs.comparison , which already provides positional mapping, this approach works vey well. But here's the thing, they make use of images which ruins the viewing experience if you have small font size or use a pdf for comparison. As an added details, the result i get is a document page as an image and a list of changes( each having an x,y coordinate and a bounding box size) which gets overlaid over the image(the doc page). This is how changes get highlighted.