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Dylan Morley 3-Jun-13 10:08am View
With libraries such as Node JS and Signal R, not sure if I agree with that Christian. I guess you can say we can't do it consistently across all browsers yet (Signal R will have to fallback to polling if sockets not supported, nice article from Hanselman here
Dylan Morley 16-Apr-13 4:32am View
Yes, it's open source
Dylan Morley 4-Jan-13 7:25am View
Put it in your Page_Load event in default.aspx
Dylan Morley 11-Dec-12 6:34am View
Why answer a year old question that already has an accepted solution? Also, your answer is wrong....see the accepted solution!!
Dylan Morley 19-Nov-12 7:27am View
Thanks - not sure how I managed that!
Dylan Morley 15-Nov-12 6:07am View
While I agree that you should avoid reserved words, you cannot use a calculated field in a where clause, you must use the calculation.

The comment from __TR__ is correct.
Dylan Morley 13-Nov-12 11:00am View
moved comments into solution
Dylan Morley 13-Nov-12 6:50am View
Yeah - probably a modal window with an iFrame.

Because you are loading external content (the 3dsecure page from the bank) into your own site, a frame is really the only way it can be achieved.

e.g - jQuery dialog example -
The frame with the 3ds would be inside that dialog.
Dylan Morley 13-Nov-12 5:58am View
I'm pretty sure you have to use a frame, all implementations of this I've seen use frames.

"One of their main points is how 3DS is integrated into Web sites during a transaction. E-Commerce Web sites display 3DS in an iframe, which is a window that brings content from one Web site into another.

The e-commerce Web site connects directly to a bank, which solicits a person's password in the iframe. If the password is right, the transaction is complete. But the researchers argue that since there's no URL displayed with the iframe, it's difficult to tell whether it's genuine or not."
Dylan Morley 30-Oct-12 7:27am View
I gave you one example.

1) Download code.
2) Install.
3) Add products
4) Get Customers
5) ???????????????
6) Profit!
Dylan Morley 26-Oct-12 6:26am View
You want to be employed in a team?

Or you want to help out in open source projects?!
Dylan Morley 22-Oct-12 5:54am View
Moved comment from OP:

Thank you for the replay Tadit Dash.I shall try that and check.
Dylan Morley 19-Oct-12 4:06am View
Open up your debugger (Firebug \ Chrome?), look for any script errors. There's nothing I can tell you that your debugger can't!
Dylan Morley 18-Oct-12 3:52am View
Once the script references were corrected, *where* they were was important. You had them at the top of the page and were attempting to bind to knockout before the page had loaded completely.

By putting them at the bottom, and also using the jQuery document.ready function, you ensure that the page is loaded fully before binding to knockout.
Dylan Morley 17-Oct-12 10:59am View
See updated source.

1) Scripts should be referenced at the bottom of your page. This gives a performance boost to the perceived loading time of the page
2) We use $(document).ready to make sure the DOM is fully loaded before trying to bind to knockout
Dylan Morley 17-Oct-12 9:51am View
sure, you haven't referenced jQuery. Do you even need the jquery ui reference?

For the purpose of the knockout demo (the source you've posted), you don't need it at all. You can remove that script reference completely. If you want to keep it, then you need to reference jquery *before* the UI reference, so add this line above the ui referece

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
Dylan Morley 16-Oct-12 4:07am View
I was trying to avoid having to change the deserializer from the default - might cause more problems than it solves.

I created an implementation of IErrorHandler (ServiceErrorHandler), so I might just trap for the Exception type and return something a bit more useful to the client.
Dylan Morley 16-Oct-12 3:51am View
Unfortunately, I don't have the chance to do this - it's thrown by the runtime before it even hits any of my code. I guess I could create my own deserializer and manually handle, but was hoping for a one liner config change or something along those lines :)
Dylan Morley 15-Oct-12 3:53am View
This is a spambot isn't it?!
Dylan Morley 11-Oct-12 6:20am View
Trust me, it works. What do you even mean 'not working'? Does it error - do you get an exception? Post what code you have, and what you mean by it's not working
Dylan Morley 5-Oct-12 6:30am View
Why can't you do it?
Dylan Morley 4-Oct-12 6:16am View
No one has any idea when the webservice is doing. Is it a simple operation, or complex with database operations etc.

Perhaps post the code for the method that is running slowly, or give some sort of indiciation what it's doing. Otherwise, there's not enough information
Dylan Morley 4-Oct-12 6:13am View
What's the problem? Some sort of Exception message? If so, what is it?!
Dylan Morley 3-Oct-12 6:52am View
What is the problem?!
Dylan Morley 2-Oct-12 4:51am View
Moved from solution by OP:

sir i m trying to get no. of working hours of employee.... that is the problem sir...
Dylan Morley 28-Sep-12 10:41am View
Deleting this question - reposted with more information
Dylan Morley 28-Sep-12 9:46am View
1) Design Website
2) Test Website
3) Invite customers
4) ????????
Dylan Morley 28-Sep-12 9:20am View
Sure, I'll get straight onto it! Hold on
Dylan Morley 28-Sep-12 7:38am View
Watch the video?!
Dylan Morley 26-Sep-12 11:48am View
Yep - my 5.

On a sidenote, I hate triggers!
Dylan Morley 24-Sep-12 6:35am View
ah OK, I updated your question to include that info.
Dylan Morley 21-Sep-12 11:35am View
Any text with that - Exception trace, some sort of message? Something from the Error log?! Something that can help us?!

Or does it just say 'Error 2603' on your screen, in big red Comic Sans 48px?
Dylan Morley 20-Sep-12 10:08am View
On the same machine? Or, do you mean 'web based application on Server A' wants to access program on some remote client machine?

If so, think about why that would be problematic, the security issues involved etc.
Dylan Morley 20-Sep-12 7:12am View
Identity columns -

Scope Identity -
Dylan Morley 20-Sep-12 6:35am View
Both of these options are just awful
Dylan Morley 20-Sep-12 6:32am View
What is the error it generates? Update your question and post the exception details
Dylan Morley 6-Sep-12 4:53am View
Dylan Morley 6-Sep-12 3:51am View

The point is, you *dont* ever retrieve 5000 records. You only retrieve the records you want to display, 25-50 (or whatever your page size is) from the database. As you page through your UI, you retrieve the next set of records from the database

Have a look at the SQL technique to retrieve paged records

So, if you inserted new records, they would be retrieved when you paged through the UI
Dylan Morley 4-Sep-12 6:04am View
Why can't you use script in an MVC project?! MVC is just a design pattern, you can still use script for the client side events

Have a look at jquery FullCalendar, which I've used in an MVC project. Its pretty decent -
Dylan Morley 31-Aug-12 10:02am View
What is the error?
Dylan Morley 28-Aug-12 6:51am View
What do you mean 'not working'? Is there any errors? Be specific.
Dylan Morley 20-Aug-12 7:01am View
macho, macho man.....
Dylan Morley 17-Aug-12 3:31am View
Sure, so HttpContext.User is still what you will use to get the details.

Make sure that you set the authentication mode to Windows in your web.config as well -
Dylan Morley 15-Aug-12 9:22am View
How did you end up on this site?!
Dylan Morley 13-Aug-12 6:00am View
from OP: thanks raju melveetilpurayil, but it didn't worked
Dylan Morley 24-Jul-12 6:17am View
What is the error?
Dylan Morley 20-Jul-12 7:43am View
Have a read of this,

So, add authentication to your page that you don't want the user to be able to move into. Make sure you set the caching attributes so the page can't be cached. When the user moves forward, they will be redirected to the login page.
Dylan Morley 10-Jul-12 7:20am View
What API?
Dylan Morley 6-Jul-12 3:50am View
That's not SQL is it
Dylan Morley 29-Jun-12 8:30am View
That looks lovely, do you have a question?
Dylan Morley 26-Jun-12 3:48am View
Dylan Morley 25-Jun-12 7:17am View
OK, so use the debugger as I've mentioned and you should be able to find out where the problem is. From what you've posted, you are causing recursion through naming conflicts - so lookout for anything like that.
Dylan Morley 12-Jun-12 7:58am View
I'm not entirely convinced you understand how MVC works. Why not try the example I've posted, see if you can get it working...

Dylan Morley 12-Jun-12 6:39am View
See my updated answer
Dylan Morley 8-Jun-12 9:34am View
Have a look at this article
Dylan Morley 8-Jun-12 9:32am View
You are coding in PHP yes?
Dylan Morley 8-Jun-12 9:32am View
You are coding in PHP yes?
Dylan Morley 7-Jun-12 5:40am View
Comment from OP:

No see!

I want the windows application design program like android, iphone like.

I have a new design. Unique
Dylan Morley 31-May-12 10:44am View
Ah I see - you may need to contact your new host support department and ask them about that provider
Dylan Morley 31-May-12 4:08am View
It's the way you're converting, try this...

Declare @fromdt date
Declare @todt date

set @fromdt=CONVERT(datetime,2012-05-30 ,105)
set @todt =CONVERT(datetime,2012-06-01 ,105)

PRINT @fromdt
PRINT @todt

Notice the date values? They are incorrect! Try changing the values used in the CONVERT function, see if you can fix it
Dylan Morley 30-May-12 12:06pm View
Not for this, no. Just initialise the jQuery Datepicker, point it at the element you want to populate (a textbox associated with your model property), when you post back to the controller your Model will include the value set by jquery.

You do need to create a controller method to accept the post data, e.g.

public ActionResult ShowData()
// however you are creating your model
var model = GetSomeModel();
return View(model);

public ActionResult ShowData(SomeModelType model)
// your form with jquery calendar should post to this controller method...
Dylan Morley 30-May-12 7:48am View
1) Look in the source of your page in the browser (right click - view source, or whatever web debugger you are using). The <script> references should be rendering out correctly in your page. Confirm this is the right location

2) Are the scripts you are referencing definitely in the /Scripts Directory?

3) Use a debugger, such as Firebug. If you don't have it installed, it's an invaluable tool. It the 'Net' tab, look for 404 errors (it can't find the scripts you are referencing)

Dylan Morley 30-May-12 7:32am View
Update your scripts like I said

<script type="text/javascript" src="<%# ResolveUrl("~/Scripts/jquery.lavalamp.min.js") %>"></script>
Dylan Morley 30-May-12 7:25am View
Update your scripts like so...

<script type="text/javascript" src="<%# ResolveUrl("~/Scripts/jquery.lavalamp.min.js") %>"></script>

That's probably why you got the original error about the $ character, and why it was fixed by referencing the google CDN. If you update all your scripts like above, you can remove the google script reference (otherwise you will be referencing jQuery twice)
Dylan Morley 30-May-12 7:02am View
OK that looks correct. Are you *positive* that the scripts are being found correctly, the error you have mentioned suggests that it's not finding it. Use Firebug to see if you're getting any 404 errors for the .js files, I think you are.

It could be the way you are using the Tilde character (~) to resolve your js files. Have a look at this thread to see why it could be causing an issue.
Dylan Morley 30-May-12 6:20am View
So you probably haven't included references to the lavalamp file? Look at step 3

Step 3: The Javascript
<script type="text/javascript" src="path/to/jquery.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="path/to/jquery.lavalamp.js"></script>
<!-- Optional -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="path/to/jquery.easing.js"></script>

Obviously, replace "path/to/" with the path where you have put the javascript files

If this doesn't solve it - use the 'improve question' link and edit your original question, post your HTML to show us your script \ css includes

Dylan Morley 30-May-12 4:10am View
You need to post the code that is submitting the stored procedure. Otherwise, how can we guess what the problem is?!
Dylan Morley 28-May-12 10:30am View
Agreed. Also, nothing you can possibly do in javascript will be reliable, since I can just disable script.

Sounds like horrible javascript tricks to try and keep users on your site and spam them with popup windows!
Dylan Morley 28-May-12 5:59am View
Are you using the ASP.Net Membership provider?
Dylan Morley 24-May-12 11:02am View
Please answer the following questions so people can help you

1) Is the date picker showing in the UI? When you click in the text box, do you see the datepicker?

2) When you choose a date, is it setting the value in the text box. Does the textbox correctly show the selected value?

3) Is it only when you post your form that it is reset to blank?

4) Are you sure you don't have any initialisation code in your page that is setting the txtDOP to empty string?
Dylan Morley 24-May-12 10:59am View
Moved from OP:

I tried with this but the same thing happening here.

I have trace that txtDOP.text is showing empty.

Please help me out.
Dylan Morley 24-May-12 7:40am View
Are you using the ASP.Net Membership API?
Dylan Morley 21-May-12 6:11am View
Use the XSD tool to create an XML schema from your XML file - Once you've got an XSD file, you can just use an XmlReader with some flags set to make it validate against an XSD.

Have a google, follow the links - the answers are all there,
Dylan Morley 21-May-12 3:50am View
So download the code from the link, it's in c#
Dylan Morley 18-May-12 6:26am View
Any errors \ exception messages?
Dylan Morley 15-May-12 3:58am View
Right, so you've googled for ' what is windows service?' and you didn't get any answers? Seriously?!
Dylan Morley 11-May-12 11:53am View
Easiest 5 you'll ever earn!
Dylan Morley 9-May-12 9:02am View
So what's actually happening when it's 'not working'? Have you used your debugger of choice (Firebug, Chrome, IE Developer tools) to analyse why it's not working. Any script errors being reported?

Try adding break points, looking for can figure this out yourself.
Dylan Morley 1-May-12 11:59am View
Good answer - my 5
Dylan Morley 26-Apr-12 5:43am View
Yes, sounds like a plan
Dylan Morley 24-Apr-12 5:09am View
What do you mean? A web application that is run on multiple servers...i.e load balancing?
Dylan Morley 18-Apr-12 5:57am View
Moved to comments from OP:

thanks for your help!
but this links did't help me.
Dylan Morley 12-Apr-12 8:12am View
Yeah, normally I wouldn't ... just the fact I'd answered something myself recently. Was surprisingly difficult writing out nicely indented code on paper & no IDE helping out..!
Dylan Morley 12-Apr-12 8:09am View
Goto the link I provided. Look at the top answer submitted by Greg Hewgill which completely explains this.
Dylan Morley 22-Mar-12 11:11am View
Does the URL you are trying to consume require authentication? Have you setup credentials for your HttpRequest?
Dylan Morley 21-Mar-12 7:25am View
see my edit
Dylan Morley 20-Mar-12 10:25am View
Dylan Morley 20-Mar-12 8:00am View
Comment from OP:

i'm still getting the same error even if i use big or small files. Do you think it's to do with "Integrated Security=true"? Maybe i miss some setup at the backend?
Dylan Morley 20-Mar-12 7:59am View
Comment from OP:

not really, the files are not that big but i'll retest the codes using big and small files to see if it makes any difference. thanks for the suggestion. i spent the whole day rattling my brains out but couldnt figure out what's wrong with the code.
Dylan Morley 20-Mar-12 6:18am View
Right, so download the code, compile it then use it - what's the problem? It's written in c#, but once it's compiled you can use it from VB.Net.

Of course, under the hood it's still using the windows scheduler. Most people will use windows scheduler because it's tested & proven...people can understand it easily. Why reinvent the wheel with something that could be buggy and difficult to support?

Dylan Morley 19-Mar-12 12:56pm View
Then what is the point of the first select statement? If you issue multiple selects, you are creating multiple result sets.
Dylan Morley 19-Mar-12 11:52am View
Not consistently, no.
Dylan Morley 19-Mar-12 10:28am View
+1 at looking at Membership - why try and completely reinvent something when you can just customise to your needs.
Dylan Morley 14-Mar-12 7:53am View
Deleting this - repost of 2 previous questions.

Read the solutions provided & add comments where you have questions
Dylan Morley 9-Mar-12 6:03am View
Updated question - moved multiple comments into question details
Dylan Morley 9-Mar-12 5:53am View
What is the error?!
Dylan Morley 9-Mar-12 5:29am View
See updated answer
Dylan Morley 8-Mar-12 9:48am View
Totall agree with your second paragraph - 1000 is far too many to be displaying in a drop down list.

For the benefit of the OP, here's the only thing I could quickly find on the subject

Notice people are saying you shouldn't have more than 12 \ 30 etc?

There are better ways to display data than drop down lists when working with larger sets of data. Drop down lists are best suited for a small selection of possibilities.

AutoComplete is certainly a way to go :)
Dylan Morley 8-Mar-12 6:44am View
That totally depends how strong your encryption routine is! Have a look here though, should get you started

Note this method

public static void Encrypt(string fileIn,
string fileOut, string Password

So, give it the name of the file to be encrypted, the name of the output file & the password to use during the encryption process.
Dylan Morley 8-Mar-12 6:40am View
What blog? Wordpress? Blogengine.Net? There are many different blog types out there!
Dylan Morley 7-Mar-12 4:57am View
Yep - most likely
Dylan Morley 1-Mar-12 4:01am View
What is it you are trying to achieve? Why don't you want the user to go back to the previous page?
Dylan Morley 29-Feb-12 8:15am View
This is MVC, so won't apply
Dylan Morley 27-Feb-12 10:44am View
Moved Answer to comment from OP:

Sorry was going to post code but the form was 500 lines and thought that nobody would want that many lines to read through haha, i found the problem which was when i was looking through the code i had put a block of code in a wrong method so when i was closing the form and opening up another form the code was running in the opening form rather than the close event if that makes sense lol,

Thanks anyways
Dylan Morley 27-Feb-12 6:23am View
"it's not working." is not enough information for anyone to help you.

If you have an exception, post the full Exception details. Use 'Improve Question' and post the details underneath your code
Dylan Morley 17-Feb-12 6:47am View
There is no 'GridView' as such in MVC. You return the data to the View, in your View you determine how you want to display that information.

If you want something that does it all 'out of the box' you could look at Telerik MVC grid, which is free & is pretty good

Source code + samples available
Dylan Morley 16-Feb-12 8:02am View
Does not apply to Asp.Net
Dylan Morley 1-Feb-12 4:03am View
Point 2 is the most important one for me. I test my code of course, but I know how it's supposed to work, how it's supposed to be accessed and I invariably test it that way.

I do try to break my code & pick up on the obvious, but when a specialist QA person tests, they always manage to do something I haven't thought of - something completely bizarre or a sequence of events I didn't think would be possible!

Must have QA!!

Hmmmmm....project managers. Not overly keen :)
Dylan Morley 31-Jan-12 6:08am View
eh? tables as in the 2 times table?! :)
Dylan Morley 27-Jan-12 7:22am View
No need to add an answer to a question that is almost 2 years old & has multiple solutions already
Dylan Morley 27-Jan-12 4:07am View
There's so much wrong in there, I don't know where to start!
Dylan Morley 20-Jan-12 7:53am View
The back button is *part of the browser* - you can't put a hyperlink there!
Dylan Morley 20-Jan-12 7:50am View
No you can't - back button is client side and will display the cached page.
Dylan Morley 16-Jan-12 5:15am View
What are your DRM requirements? That could play a major part in any decision you make.

If you need to manage DRM on the client (e.g. register licenses etc) you will need extended privileges that are unlikely to be available from a web application.

My last DRM application was an absolute nightmare to manage from the browser!
Dylan Morley 9-Jan-12 10:26am View
Exactly, yes. Whatever value you call ReportProgress with will be passed to the ProgressChanged event in the ProgressChangedEventArgs.

Then, you can just update your bar with the value..

this.progressBar1.Value = e.ProgressPercentage;
Dylan Morley 9-Jan-12 10:12am View
See my updated answer, make sense?
Dylan Morley 6-Jan-12 5:35am View
Is this in ASP.Net or Winforms?
Dylan Morley 4-Jan-12 3:54am View
I was going to write a comment about how bad Lotus Notes is, but been beaten to it :)

Haven't used that for about 15 years!!
Dylan Morley 3-Jan-12 3:51am View
yes, see updated answer + link
Dylan Morley 21-Dec-11 6:13am View
Moved comment from Bhupendra Chauhan:

Can you please more specific about your problem. There are many ways to do that.
Dylan Morley 20-Dec-11 4:09am View
Moved comment from D Anil Kumar:

can you show me the sample code which you have written.
Dylan Morley 19-Dec-11 4:54am View
Can you open the XML document in Internet Explorer \ XML notepad? Is it definitely valid XML?
Dylan Morley 16-Dec-11 8:30am View
I will offer all of the above, but at a cut down $50,000. Payment upfront by western union money transfer only.
Dylan Morley 15-Dec-11 11:36am View
Yep you can. If this is an SQL procedure, then you should be executing it using SqlConnection and SqlCommand objects.

If so, you can try\catch in your c# code and catch an SqlException object. You can then get at the various error information

Have a look here
Dylan Morley 15-Dec-11 8:32am View
You can put the syntax into dynamic query string and execute

Dylan Morley 15-Dec-11 8:24am View
Try it out, see what happens!

What I've demonstrated is a very common relational data pattern for normalising data. When 1 item (model) can have many items (Color)

The third table (modelcolor) provides the 1-to-many relationship
Dylan Morley 15-Dec-11 8:14am View
Have a look at bubble burst on codeplex

A very nice WPF application using MVVM (Model-View-View-Model). You can learn a lot from these
Dylan Morley 15-Dec-11 8:02am View
No, this isn't what the OP is asking. He want's to browse to the site via an internet route rather than an internal IP
Dylan Morley 15-Dec-11 7:57am View
Have a look at this article which explains a few things...

"Here's the rule. If a condition refers to an aggregate function, put that condition in the HAVING clause. Otherwise, use the WHERE clause. "

In the above query, the DATEDIFF statement was saying which records we wanted in the results but no aggregation took place, so we can use the WHERE clause for this.

However, tTotalPrice requires aggregation, so it has to happen in the HAVING clause.
Dylan Morley 15-Dec-11 7:33am View
Correct answer. You *could* do it, but you'd need some sort of Activex object or other type of control, then you'd have all the browser requirements to think about. Horrible really.

Back in the days of DRM protected music, I had to do some work along these lines. Became almost impossible to manage with different browsers \ os changes etc.

Anyway, my 5!
Dylan Morley 8-Dec-11 9:26am View
Not for MVC...
Dylan Morley 8-Dec-11 5:22am View
See update - cant say anymore than that. If still unsure, read up on C# COM Interop, lots of google results on the topic
Dylan Morley 8-Dec-11 5:05am View
Judging by the amount of requests for this, I guess it's this years coursework :)
Dylan Morley 8-Dec-11 5:02am View
Don't repost questions, you've already asked this & had several replies
Dylan Morley 7-Dec-11 4:28am View
ha ha! - If only life were that simple!
Dylan Morley 7-Dec-11 4:00am View
Have you added the app settings key? that's the most important bit,

[add key="ChartImageHandler" value="Storage=file;Timeout=20;Url=~/tempImages/;"/]

If you're still unsure, refer to this article
Dylan Morley 6-Dec-11 7:36am View
Right, so when you upload to IXWebHosting, you don't have access to c:\TempImageFiles\, it's forbidden.

When you run locally, you *do* have access - so it works OK.

Steps 1-4 in the link explain
Dylan Morley 5-Dec-11 6:46am View
What is the error? Post the exception message
Dylan Morley 5-Dec-11 6:38am View
2) i dont know how to use java debbuger.

If this is true, then it should be your no 1 priority! How can you expect to code without using a debugger? Guess work and asking on internet won't get you very far!

Are you using Eclipse? There are walkthroughs, examples, instructions etc all just waiting for you to read them

Dylan Morley 2-Dec-11 7:57am View
In the CD Drive?
Dylan Morley 2-Dec-11 6:54am View
Why would you ever want to do that?

Smells like malware to me
Dylan Morley 1-Dec-11 9:31am View
Do you actually want to run the process on the remote machine? So the program is executed on this remote machine, not on your computer?

The server path is relative to you, not the remote machine. What is that location on the remote machine, is it something like C:\?

In which case you could just use...

psexec \\Emb-ban-026 c:\Arbnet2.0-old\DAQ_Debug\xyz.exe -u username -p password

IF this isn't what you want, you just want to run it *on your machine*, but from shared path - the process class should do what you need - what errors did you receive?
Dylan Morley 1-Dec-11 4:18am View
What do you expect to happen? The static PDF document becomes fancy animated eye-candy?
Dylan Morley 29-Nov-11 6:28am View
Comment from OP:

Hi.. Mehdi Gholam.. Thanks for your reply..

Its solved..
Dylan Morley 29-Nov-11 5:39am View
From the other comments there, it looks like the author hasn't included the js file.

Dylan Morley 29-Nov-11 5:07am View
Moved lol comment from OP
Dylan Morley 29-Nov-11 5:06am View
Buy a license!
Dylan Morley 25-Nov-11 12:09pm View
Or just use Firebug and put a breakpoint on the callback? :)
Dylan Morley 25-Nov-11 11:53am View
Moved content from other question:

rajh7: don't repost questions, just edit this question if you want to add extra details
Dylan Morley 25-Nov-11 7:49am View
Coursework by any chance?
Dylan Morley 24-Nov-11 7:40am View
There isn't going to be a maximum file size per se, you will be limited by the resources available on the machine running the code.
Dylan Morley 24-Nov-11 5:25am View
Removed shouting from title, it was hurting my eyes
Dylan Morley 24-Nov-11 3:56am View
I done this and now my computer isn't working. Help plzzzzzzzzzzz
Dylan Morley 23-Nov-11 10:11am View
Did you perform the database upgrade process as per MSDN? (Detach from 2000, copy files to new location (2008 specific), perform CREATE DATABASE using copied files)

Dylan Morley 23-Nov-11 9:25am View
How have you done this upgrade? Is it on 2 different machines?

e.g MACHINE1 running SQL2000, MACHINE2 running SQL2008... -> restored all database across from machine 1 to 2?

Or have you done some sort of side-by-side installation?

On the machine running 2008, what sort of CPU stats are you seeing when running your query. Is it maxing out?

How much RAM is the SQL2008 process configured to use? The default option should be dynamic memory allocation, which means it will initially allocate as much memory to the SQL process as possible

Can you confirm the SQL2008 process has enough RAM allocated? If this is a side-by-side installation, there might be some RAM issues ?
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Does the machine running 2008 have any significant hardware differences to the machine running 2000?

RAM \ CPU's \ DISK etc

Have you changed the disk RAID at all? Data \ Log files \ tempdb disk locations?

If the database is *exactly* the same (e.g. restored from full backup) , you need to consider these kind of environment details
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Of course you do, because you've used the NOT IN syntax.

You are SELECTING the registrationno where userid = 'demo' which is 12. Neither of the records in VEHICLE_MASTER are 12, which is why both are displayed

Your data is nonsense really, you should be enforcing some sort of referential integrity between the 2 tables

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LinkButton is a web control (, therefore this wouldn't be any good - you'd be trying to start a process on the server!
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OK then, fire up your developmenmt studio and start coding!!

What is your question?
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What does not working mean?

Any errors? Nothing happens? Look in your script debugger (e.g firebug), any clues there?
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Download the datatables and jEditable plugins and reference them.

Example code for how to make your grid editable is on the second link
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Your code is running on a web server. When you are automating office, it's happening *on the server*. When you hit a line of code like 'WordApp.Visible = true;', that's never going to make it visible to the user in their web browser.

The reason it works in visual studio is because you're running it on your computer, where you are the server & the client - this is not something that will work in a deployed solution

You need to rethink how you are going to achieve this.
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Moved from OP:

thanks for your answer
i try it
and i try this code :
Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.Application WordApp = new Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.Application();
Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.Document aDoc = WordApp.Documents.Add();
WordApp.Visible = true;

and when i runs on server write 1 & 2 & 3
but just don't open office

i need open office that user can create a document or open a document and edit it
please help me
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Agreed + nice link, funny comments!
Dylan Morley 7-Nov-11 3:48am View
Yep, header \ detail is the way to go, my 5
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Edit: Move solution from OP into question
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Comment from OP:

no, i am using basichttpbinding.
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Comment from OP:

thanks for the idea, i tried it and it worked
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What is the error?
Dylan Morley 28-Oct-11 4:17am View
1) Don't post in all CAPS lock! I
2) Add more detail, what error is displayed. How are you getting data - perhaps post your SQL Statement
Dylan Morley 27-Oct-11 11:53am View
Why don't you do it?

What problem do you have?
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Comment from OP:

The latest stats says that we still have around 15% users (approx 6500) who are using IE6. I don't understand why people still use it, I think it's more hard work to not install update than to install it. It's such a pain.
Dylan Morley 18-Oct-11 4:20am View
OK, you should do that. It'll be fun
Dylan Morley 29-Sep-11 5:42am View
BUY LOW, SELL HIGH!! If it all goes wrong, get the taxpayer to bail you out. Job done.
Dylan Morley 22-Sep-11 11:39am View
You need to catch the Exception and do something with the Exception details. Either display them on the screen, or dump them to a log file.

At the minute, you are catching the exception but ignoring what the message is - you are just displaying your own custom 'Incorrect information' message, which doesn't help diagnose the issue.

Catch the exception, log it then post it here.

We need to know WHAT the exception is before we can fix it!!
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Comment from OP:

Thank you Patel.. but can u help any sample application?
Dylan Morley 15-Sep-11 10:14am View
This question has been asked to death. If you try to Search, you'll find hundreds of solutions
Dylan Morley 15-Sep-11 4:27am View
hurry up indeed!
Dylan Morley 14-Sep-11 11:32am View
Are you doing anything with threading?

Can you post the code that you are using to show the message box (the routine, not just the single line!)
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As mentioned, the 'Estimated Execution plan' and 'Database Engine Tuning Advisor' will help you identify where your database will benefit from indexes.

The tables are the basis of all your data access, so if you start building layers of views on top of them and they are not correctly indexed, you will see performance issues.

Go back to basics, go into your raw tables and look at the table structure. In general they should all have a clustered index, the physical order in which the data is ordered.

They will usually always benefit from a few extra indexes,

* Put an index on the SKU field for dbo.PromoMaster and whatever table view FinalOutput is querying. You are joining on this field, and it is part of the WHERE clause, so an index will help

* Consider indexes on [Trans Date] \ [Start Date] fields, they are part of the WHERE

Basically, where you are joining or where you are filtering (in a WHERE clause), you can help SQL server find the data faster by indexing.
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You'll have to do the work yourself. If you are stuck on a particular problem, then post a question here & I'm sure someone will help.

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Comment from OP:

Nice one Graham. Problem solved!
Thank you for your explanation and assistance.
Dylan Morley 2-Sep-11 9:32am View
Comment from OP:

Hello Dylan
Good idea but no change, now I get an error in ff - btnone is not defined. Any clues?
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Sample applications, sample code, client libraries are all on their site

You do understand how this works don't you? The API is essentially a set of web methods that are linked to your account.

"The FreshBooks API is an interface for accessing your FreshBooks account data using HTTP and XML. The API makes it easy to create web and desktop applications that integrate with your account. "

There will be a service URL for your account

"The FreshBooks API has a single point of entry, derived from your account URL:

Please note the use of https:// in the URL above. All FreshBooks API communication is encrypted over HTTPS. Any non-secure requests are automatically rejected, so we recommend establishing a test connection with the secure API entry point before sending sensitive data. "

So, you can access all the methods described by the API from your account details
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As with anything in programming, it's all about choosing the right tools to complete the job.

Windows has thoughtfully provided a scheduling system for us, why would I want to reinvent this? It's been done for me, has years of testing behind it and works well. All I've got to focus on is writing the code that runs at the interval.

If you insist on writing a program that runs as a service, you're going to have numerous issues. (and I say you're choosing the wrong tool for the job)

1) If you just want it to run and execute at a certain interval, then what is going to check the time\interval and start the service. That would need to be another program (hint: Scheduled Tasks!)

2) If you want it running all the time, then you'll need to write your own logic for testing the current time against your interval configuration - reinventing to wheel

'Windows Scheduled Tasks' certainly is a valid software engineer solution....'reuse as much as possible' :)
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Give up kung fu, took up coding.
Dylan Morley 26-Aug-11 7:29am View
You explain it to me. Then I'll tell you if you're right or wrong.

I may rate your answers in the form of a grade, such as 'A - outstanding' or 'E - Must try harder, see me'
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Yeah, didn't check the article thoroughly.

SQL Parsing is what the OP wants to do though, send some SQL to a function and retrieve some sort of result object back.

For SQL Server, perhaps check out the SMO objects,


ParseResult result = Parser.Parse(sqlStatement);
Dylan Morley 25-Aug-11 7:12am View
In SQL Studio, choose 'New Query' from the toolbar

Paste your SQL statement into query window.

Now choose Query -> Display Estimated Execution Plan

Look at the results
Dylan Morley 25-Aug-11 6:55am View
No obvious mistake, would need to see the query plan to know where the most time is being spent.

Dylan Morley 25-Aug-11 6:35am View
Careful using profiler on a live database though, could cause performance issues for website
Dylan Morley 23-Aug-11 7:26am View
The beauty about using the Membership API is that you can define your own providers and have the user and roles information come from anywhere at all.

e.g. MySQL Membership Provider

The underlying authentication scheme for your application stays the same, but you could use ANY source to provider the user and group information. SQL Server, XML, MySql - whatever you want!
Dylan Morley 22-Aug-11 5:00am View
Have a read here.

Again, it depends what you're trying to achieve. If the user clicks back and you don't want them to go to the previous page, where should they go? To the home page? To a login page? What should happen?

In the article above, you could change the bit where it does a Response.Redirect("expired.htm"); to whatever page you want to send the user to.
Dylan Morley 22-Aug-11 4:46am View
Why? What are you trying to achieve. Why shouldn't the user go back?

Basically, there's no way to uniformly disable buttons across all browsers. IE, Firefox, Chrome all have different functionality. What if I disable javascript (my browser has script disabled for all sites until I trust them) - your site isn't going to work.

You don't control the client, so you cannot determine exactly what's going to happen here. You only control the server side code, so this is where you should design your site behaviour.
Dylan Morley 18-Aug-11 7:56am View
Yeah, just do that then, that'll work
Dylan Morley 18-Aug-11 6:05am View
Yes, a cracker can simply debug your program using something like Softice ( or one of the many other debuggers,

You have some logic like this...


They just find that in your compiled source and use an editor to remove the whole logic branch. They save the results, your EXE is now cracked and has no protection.
Dylan Morley 18-Aug-11 6:02am View
Moved comment from OP into question
Dylan Morley 18-Aug-11 3:57am View
It doesn't sound like you have a problem - it sounds like everything is working OK?!
Dylan Morley 17-Aug-11 5:04am View
Nope sorry, I don't get into email discussions.

Post questions on this site, people will be happy to help. But show some initiative, try first - then ask specific coding questions about problems you can't solve rather than 'I want a website, how do i do that?'