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Comments by Code4Ever (Top 13 by date)

Code4Ever 2-Aug-22 11:39am View    
I solved it by adding .OrderByDescending(x => x.EquipmentId)
Code4Ever 30-Jul-22 12:46pm View    
But, using .TakeLast() causes runtime error. It cannot be translated.
Code4Ever 8-Jun-22 13:56pm View    
Can a hacker inject http response headers to reproduce "valid" response on my API and login?
Code4Ever 8-Jun-22 13:50pm View    
Yes, this is important for me. I need to use session in my project but I'm not sure whether it's safe in the code I provided.
Code4Ever 14-May-22 2:12am View    
What is the correct way to delete multi-selected items in WPF?