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Comments by Astolf (Top 6 by date)

Astolf 5-Aug-11 7:36am View    
It shouldn't be, but sometimes happens.
Try to add new row in the datatable programatically and see what happens.
Astolf 3-Aug-11 4:46am View    
I just try it and it works.

If DATEFIELD is DATETIME you can select any month.

select * from table where month(datetimefield) = @parameter
Astolf 3-Aug-11 4:13am View    
It's the same that UJimbo writes.
Astolf 3-Aug-11 2:51am View    
On a Windows system, you can make an installation from server to any client using the Software deployment policies, but not in the opposite direction.

The user must running the installation locally, and must have permission to do it. Isn't appropriate that any user has permissions for that.

With the service, it can run with the permissions for any user (account service), and its possible to run the installation.
Astolf 2-Aug-11 11:24am View    
And, what's the problem?