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0x01AA 5-May-24 10:20am View    
The only idea I have ist to use 'Fuslogvw.exe' an Assembly Binding Log Viewer
0x01AA 1-May-24 14:51pm View    
0x01AA 30-Apr-24 13:57pm View    
Step by step:
Quote 1: "My dev machine is a Win 11, Version 23H2 Build 22631.3447"
Quote 2: "I am trying to run on a Win 11, 23H2 OS Build 22631.3447 machine"
No difference, agree?
Quote 3: "...when I take it to the target I get the Blue Banner of shame..."
The target machine is now what _exactly_?
0x01AA 23-Apr-24 13:25pm View    
Most probably you have reasons why you use JS Canvas.

Only as a hint: Using SVG can make your life more easy. With SVG you can define a so called 'viewBox'. This frees you from the constant conversion and rethinking of a Cartesian coordinate (with origin in left bottom) system to screen coordinates (with origin left top). Also for scaling you don't have to bother, once the 'viewBox' is defined.

I hope you can understand my cryptic English ;)
0x01AA 23-Apr-24 9:55am View    
I expected this will come ;)

start angle: Math.asin(opposite/hypotenuse)
end angle: pi - start angle

where in the formula above:
opposite is b/4
and hypotenuse is the radius of the circle, therefore b/2

(b/4)/(b/2)= 2/4= 0.5
Start: asin(0.5) = 0.5236
End: pi - 0.5236= 2.618

Taking into acount the inversed y axis it should than be more:
ctx.arc(100, 75, 50, -0.5236, 0.5236-Math.PI, true);

See here for more background:
Trigonometry - Wikipedia[^]