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Comments by inlandchris (Top 5 by date)

inlandchris 16-Dec-16 16:32pm View    
Thank you
inlandchris 16-Dec-16 14:40pm View    
That was listed in my things I have tried, it is not a reference and their is no listing of Flags
inlandchris 16-Dec-16 14:35pm View    
in general, all the flags for ACE; where to find them. Specifically, the flags for "recv" or "revc_n". Want to read ahead or want to know if bytes are waiting to be read.
Thank you.
inlandchris 1-Dec-16 8:26am View    
Dear Richard M.
Yes, CSocket sounds good and its for MFC, I will try this next. Also, I have just bought 4 books on ACE so I will be trying that last. Then I will see what is best. This test program is just that, a test. I have a huge program in C++ that I need to upgrade from Serial RS422 to IP so these tests will help me decide.
Thank you
inlandchris 1-Dec-16 6:03am View    
Dear Kunal.tawde,
Thank you for the viewing. So I only need the Client socket to be different and all others is ok to be the same? that helps a lot.
Apparently, on the send part of the program I have a blocking recv and that was the problem of the crash; waiting forever.