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Member 15078716 16-Sep-22 5:15am View     CRLF
For your answer: WordPad showed "h" and that is all. NotePad game me a bunch of ascii characters for the こんにちは. You tried, rather than telling me how stupid I am, so I accepted your answer. It is ok. You tried. Thank you.
Member 15078716 27-Jul-22 23:52pm View    
Richard ! You should know better than that by now. Shame on you for even thinking such a thing. You still get accepted and a 5 on the other page.
Member 15078716 27-Jul-22 23:48pm View    
Multiple places and multiple correct anwers, I have not even gotten to your answer when I found on two acceptable answers. Without even testing your's I expect it to be correct, and I am moving on to other things already. You get accepted and a 5. Thank you.
Member 15078716 27-Jul-22 23:45pm View     CRLF
You are SO RIGHT ! "If the file is readable and not empty." I checked the file and found that even though I wrote it and checked it a while ago, it was now empty. I had been clearing it in my testing. All the code in the world could not get "hello world" out of "". Thank you. If you had supplied this as a solution, I would have accepted it and given you a 5. Thank you.
Member 15078716 27-Jul-22 23:40pm View     CRLF
It might. But you did exceptionally well answering on that other page. and I thank you for it. Again thank you. I was feeling desperate. No need, but I had asked so many times in so many other ways and received no answer that my system and compiler worked with. Now I have Thank you.