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Member 14968771 14-Sep-22 10:03am View     CRLF
Am I correct to say - definition is first , you cannot declare anything without first defining it....its is like going thru customs - it has to be defined what should be declared
Member 14968771 12-Sep-22 19:21pm View    
...and some of are classy (CPallini) and some us are not (expletive deleted )
Member 14968771 12-Sep-22 19:17pm View     CRLF
It makes more sense then "definition' and "declaration" . Any "car" example for that ? Never could remember which is which....
Member 14968771 7-Sep-22 17:49pm View    
So would it be sacrilegious if I somehow , I do not know how, added Q Widget inheritance to QProcess ? I have an issue using another QT "widget" and like to solve it by passing QProcess as widget.
Member 14968771 29-Aug-22 13:09pm View     CRLF
Thanks - exactly what I was asking for . QT has "clang" and I have not found a need for it - until now. It looks as "hold my hand" application, but I'll take a look at code formatting or whatever fancy name they use for it. This is what I feel the forums are for - to give a lead / hint... and I do appreciate that.