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Are you still with us?
Or are you going the way given at the other website? 5 days ago View    
Looks good.

The only problem seems to me when dragging the mouse form start point at bottom of the grid and the (mouse) endpoint on top is on a column header.

The rectangle then ends on the col header and the selection misses the invisible rows from the bottom.

A workaround would be changing the scrollViewer.VerticalOffset 12-Apr-24 12:37pm View    
Use Debug.Print for
to see how the array values are sorted 11-Apr-24 12:30pm View    
I think this was a misunderstanding.

Test your code using redraw the rectangle with fixed starting point. 11-Apr-24 9:27am View    
Just try your code and see what happens.

Check if changing the rectangle size is enough or if a complete redrawing is needed.

And for the Selection I wanted to say that it could make a difference between the mouse moving down or the mouse moving up.

If my thoughts were not helpful then you have to wait for better proposals (here or at the other web sites where you asked for help).