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Member 14833898 6-Nov-23 1:22am View    
I tried this code but i put pwd immediately select login button and does not allow to complete your password
here is my code
private void TxtPass_TextChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
if (comboBox1.Text != "" && TxtPass.Text != "")
button1.BackColor = Color.Green;
this.ActiveControl = button1;
Member 14833898 2-Nov-23 0:06am View    
I am using windows form
Member 14833898 13-Apr-23 0:28am View    
cannot move 'crystalreport.rpt'the destination folder is the same as the source folder
Member 14833898 11-Apr-23 6:10am View    
already installed both version runtime and for VS
the version is
no,its on the same OS on different devices