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inlandchris1 21-May-21 3:57am View    
To get data out of a CString = (char *)strData.GetString();
inlandchris1 21-Oct-20 21:18pm View    
Gerry, thanks for the reply and accept all views. However, I only told a tiny bit of this story. I have been using C and C++ for 30 years because its the fastest high level language around next to assembler which is a low level language. My tiny code I put up is part of a 400,000 line count code which is used in a security environment. The hardware limitation is 127 card readers but I started this code from scratch that now has no limit on card readers and up to 4 billion cards. All this is possible because of C++. I need speed and C++ is only limited by the cpu clock speed. I have always been impressed with this language except for MFC. I needed a good looking GUI so 25 years ago, I chose MFC but the CRecordset sucks. This part of the code doesn’t not need CRecordsets because I am only writing to the transaction log and alarm logs. Doing the stored procedure is not writing, hence my trouble. Still pouring over the 7,000 page document but hoping someone has already cracked this problem. Again, thanks for the info.
inlandchris1 13-Aug-20 9:43am View    
Solution already solve #1 stupid, #2 stupid
inlandchris1 15-Jun-20 15:34pm View    
Rick, OK, finally found the trouble with reading invalid data from the Struct. I had an extra CString member that I didn't use or initialize. It apparently interfered with some of the other members being CString or char *, first time to see that but happily got it. Structs need to be tight, no slack, just thought I would pass it along.
inlandchris1 14-Jun-20 13:44pm View    
Thank you. MFC is almost gone since 2010 but I started this program in 2008 and now stuck with it for repairs and upgrades as Windows upgrades. Soon, no more upgrades on the program as MFC will be permanently gone. Too bad, many programs to this one employer; about 500,000 lines of old code.