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EFEaglehouse 7-Apr-11 10:05am View    
Clearly we have difference experiences - and debuggers. One of my programming guidelines is to keep function length down to a single page in my editor, about 40 lines of code. I don't find it difficult to pick out one or two returns in that space. While my opinion is that judicious use of gotos or multiple returns is acceptable, neither are constructs that are prevalent in my code, and I comment heavily, so it doesn't present a problem for me. Obviously, your opinion differs. That's OK, too. Your shop, your rules.
EFEaglehouse 5-Apr-11 10:32am View    
Never say never. Sometimes the clearest code is the shortest path through it.
EFEaglehouse 5-Apr-11 10:29am View    
It's a tired cliche that mere use of a goto makes your code unreadable. It's my use of goto that improves my code's readability, instead of cluttering it with unnecessary if conditions and wasteful exception classes and overly complicated looping structures. Readability is paramount to me, so I apply the most practical tool, that is sometimes a goto.
EFEaglehouse 5-Apr-11 10:21am View    
Fine if you have no cleanup.
EFEaglehouse 5-Apr-11 10:20am View    
Reason for my vote of 3
This is fine if you have no cleanup to do. Otherwise, this applies to a different situation than the original article.