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jgakenhe 8-Dec-17 15:30pm View
I used to send out a weekly project status report this way to a manager that was a real stickler. I scheduled it to run 1 minute before it was due, because I thought it was funny.
jgakenhe 8-Dec-17 15:10pm View
If it were me, I'd use Windows Task Scheduler to run a job that executes a PowerShell script that sends an email. A quick Google "PowerShell email" will show you how to do that and then you just need to create a job in Task Scheduler.
jgakenhe 15-Nov-17 10:45am View
It sounds like that he or she needs to write a function in c# to validate decimals to 2 places. A quick search should provide them the answer.
jgakenhe 3-Nov-17 15:44pm View
Why install on 2 servers, why not just install the DBMS on one server and the Oracle client on the Windows 7 box? For instance, I have the Oracle database 11g on Windows 2003 and Oracle client on Windows 2012 for SSRS and Windows 2012 for an application services.
jgakenhe 21-Sep-17 8:09am View
I updated it to center it horizontal and vertically. This should be close to what you need.
jgakenhe 28-Aug-17 21:43pm View
Did that work for you?
jgakenhe 28-Aug-17 15:17pm View
Not much to go on, but I would take out Now(), since you already know the day count and then the expression would be IIf(Fields!DaysOverDue.Value > 15, "LightCoral", "Khaki").
jgakenhe 28-Aug-17 7:27am View
Thank you!
jgakenhe 25-Aug-17 14:23pm View
I see no height property in your CSS. You can set the absolute height of the gridview or even td, th, or tr. For example add height: 25px; to the GridviewScrollItem or try adding height: 400px; to the gv_SOUpdate.
jgakenhe 25-Aug-17 10:48am View
XMLAGG will work. You might want to look here for an example when compared to PIVOT:
jgakenhe 19-Aug-17 14:07pm View
Firstly, have you debugged the code? I would put a break point at ddlFormVisible.DataSource = ds; and check if there is anything in your dataset. Secondly, I'd take out AutoPostBack="true" or set it do false.
jgakenhe 18-Aug-17 12:35pm View
It worked for me. What browser are you using? If your using IE in Compatbility View or IE6, it probably won't work because old versions of IE don't like min-height.
jgakenhe 1-Aug-17 12:26pm View
This is no solution, but a starting point. It's possible. You'll need to get a plugin. StandSS looks to have a plugin that may work for you.
jgakenhe 10-Mar-17 12:35pm View
You have to find the section of the webpage that looks different or wrong in IE and why it is displayed that way. Once you figure that out, you should be able to modify your HTML and/or CSS until all 3 look nearly the same. That means changing some UI code and clicking refresh a lot of times.
jgakenhe 9-Mar-17 14:36pm View
Doing a quick google, the results returned:

This should get you going on the right path.
jgakenhe 9-Mar-17 12:49pm View
Sort of. The Primary Key is separate from the constraints, except for its own constraints. You can have a Primary Key that has multiple columns. Each primary key gets a constraint and index, though you can have other constraints and indexes on your table, for instance the example with the unique constraint for table Employee3.

Here is a nice article that might be able to explain it more thorough and differently than I:
jgakenhe 1-Mar-17 9:42am View
Thanks Graeme.
jgakenhe 5-Jan-17 15:39pm View
Not providing code makes it difficult. If I had label named lblUsername in my MasterPage, the I would add the code below in my .aspx code behind to access it.

Label lb = Master.FindControl("lblUsername") as Label;
jgakenhe 3-Jan-17 15:43pm View
Thanks, I just went ahead and posted it so others don't read this unnecessarily.
jgakenhe 3-Jan-17 13:04pm View
It's gone forever. You'll need to redeploy the application that was overwritten, if it is production.

My suggestion to you is create a deployment process; so this never happens again.

I typically publish to file system (aka my computer) Each VS Project has its own profile (.publish) that saves that information for me. Then I use RoboCopy to copy to the destination, either test or prod. And most importantly, I use RoboCopy to create a backup. This way, if the deployment is screwed up, then I have a backup I can put back out there in seconds. There are new ways to do this, but RoboCopy has served me well.

YouTube has tutorials and examples
jgakenhe 3-Jan-17 13:03pm View
It's gone forever. You'll need to redeploy the application that was overwritten, if it is production.

My suggestion to you is create a deployment process; so this never happens again.

I typically publish to file system (aka my computer) Each VS Project has its own profile (.publish) that saves that information for me. Then I use RoboCopy to copy to the destination, either test or prod. And most importantly, I use RoboCopy to create a backup. This way, if the deployment is screwed up, then I have a backup I can put back out there in seconds. There are new ways to do this, but RoboCopy has served me well.

YouTube has tutorials and examples:
jgakenhe 25-Dec-16 19:48pm View
My suggestion would to be is run your app, then right click in your browser and view source. The problem is the repeater and datalist are generating HTML that is not doing what you want. Take that HTML, copy it into a separate HTML document, and then make modifications to it to do what you want. After you figure out what that is, then you can apply those styles to your .Net controls.
jgakenhe 23-Dec-16 13:15pm View
The webbrowser control defaults to IE7. The problem with that is it is the website does not allow less than IE9. It is a dirty job to fix, but you should google "winforms webbrowser ie9 version" and look for solutions.
jgakenhe 23-Dec-16 12:07pm View
It is because you are using Safari. Try using Chrome in IPad and it should work. Safari has problems with getElementById().
jgakenhe 22-Dec-16 9:42am View
You'll need to check if the specific user has access to the folder or report.

As Administrator, on the folder or report level, click the down arrow and then security. From there you set the roles who can view. Thus, I suggest you login as Administrator and set the roles and then in another browser, login as the specific user and test until it works properly. Check the link below as a guideline on home to setup the security.

or you can watch a short movie on how to do it:
jgakenhe 7-Dec-16 0:43am View
The only info I'll provide is search google " upload image." If you can code at all, then you should be able to find your answer.
jgakenhe 2-Dec-16 18:59pm View
Your going to need to find a couple of duplicates and compare each of them very closely, because they're not duplicates. You have so many columns, it is not surprising they appear to be duplicated. I word of advice to fix your problem and boost performance is to only bring back the columns you need.
jgakenhe 20-Oct-16 12:20pm View
Thanks! The sad thing is I'm on holiday, but I am starting to transition back into work mode; so I thought I'd mess around CP a bit tonight.
jgakenhe 20-Oct-16 10:52am View
Yes, the parameter size in your stored procedure @PO_NUMBER is probably the wrong size. If the column was not big enough, then you'd get an exception like: "String or binary data would be truncated. The statement has been terminated."
jgakenhe 11-Oct-16 10:40am View
In addition to the very good last comment, only bring back what you need. You bring back a large column, it will be slow; bringing back a lot of big columns then it will be very slow. And Views will run a bit slower than Stored Procedures.
jgakenhe 24-Sep-16 2:04am View
Use XMLWriter:
jgakenhe 22-Sep-16 1:38am View
The first tag I see is a link tag and it's before the Document type; which will lead to problems. I also don't see a beginning or ending body tag. If you clean that stuff up, I imagine your markup will begin to act correctly.
jgakenhe 16-Sep-16 14:22pm View
I don't think it would not affect .aspx pages, but it is too risky for production unless you have a low time of day to do it and have a backout plan.
jgakenhe 16-Sep-16 13:07pm View
Yes. It sounds like you are on the right track!
jgakenhe 16-Sep-16 12:08pm View
I don't think the test folder is corrupt. I think your problem resides from something being different on the test server and the prod server. If IIS is the same and the frameworks are the same, I'd uninstall and the reinstall the Microsoft Report Viewer 2012 and go from there. You might have to do a restart, but something is missing related to the Report Viewer that is not on production.
jgakenhe 15-Sep-16 9:12am View
I had a similar problem about 4 years ago, that's why I replied. These can be a complete pain sometimes. I would also look to see if the dll is the same date and version on both test and prod. And I'd look to see if the test server and the prod server have the dll in the same place in the system 32 directory (I think). Something is missing somewhere.
jgakenhe 14-Sep-16 22:05pm View
Yes, you're missing something. You're missing the ReportViewer dll or the Report Viewer isn't installed on the PROD server. Stack has a good list of items to check:
jgakenhe 5-Sep-16 19:40pm View
I suspect you already have add and update methods.
Firstly, your button will display Add. If the button is clicked it will call the Add method to insert into a database. When you click the button in the datagridview, you will need to change the button's text to Edit and then call a select statement with the ID of the datagridview to fill the textbox. If you click the button which says Edit, then you will call the Update method to update the data in the database with the ID of the datagridview.
jgakenhe 17-Aug-16 15:37pm View
I would think GoDaddy has a forum and they've probably handled similar situations. If needed, you can always use absolute URLs to the images, instead or relative URLs.
jgakenhe 2-Jul-16 22:59pm View
You might run into problems with having 2 Form tags on the page, your best bet would be to follow the solution below by showing and hiding controls with div tags within 1 form tag. Secondly, MS_POSITIONING=”GridLayout” did not work well in 2003 and will give you fits if you try and use it with modern browsers.
jgakenhe 30-Jun-16 23:40pm View
Looks like since the databases are on separate servers, you need to collate them. Try the code below. If this works for you, and since I don't have the data to test, let me know and I'll post it as the answer.

SELECT 100000
FROM UserInfo B
WHERE A.EmployeeNo collate SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS = B.EmployeeNo collate SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS
jgakenhe 30-Jun-16 20:01pm View
Message removed.
jgakenhe 29-Jun-16 9:27am View
You need to remove your password and email address from this posting, unless you want to give access to everyone in the world.

Also, if you want to use it for a link, you'd do best with the link calling a method, rather than on page load.
jgakenhe 27-Jun-16 13:15pm View
You can using a DBMS, such as Oracle and SQL Server. You should be able to google it. I came up with this with no effort:
jgakenhe 22-Jun-16 1:02am View
I'd set the Master table to Delete on Cascade ( and then all you have to do is delete the Master key record by the Primary Key you wish; then all the related child records will be deleted.

Easy Peezy!
jgakenhe 18-Jun-16 10:11am View
Here is an example using jquery. Iframe is not a good idea.
jgakenhe 9-Jun-16 12:16pm View
I would use an HTML condition statement. It might work!

<!--[if IE 11 ]>
<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=7" />
jgakenhe 24-May-16 9:09am View
When you debug it, you should be able to tell if there are rows of data in your datatable. If there are then the gridview is fine, you just can't see it. Check to see if the gridview has visibility set to false; if so, then you'll need to set it to true in your button click event.
jgakenhe 24-May-16 8:29am View
A multivalued attribute is not a good idea. It removes normalization that will lead to data anamolies that will make your data redundant and junky.

My suggestion would be to either create a column for each the .Net controls in your table (easist) or create a new table with those columns where the primary key calls your main table as its foreign key.
jgakenhe 14-Apr-16 0:41am View
I guessing this is for an internal website for you employer. Stack has a good example:
jgakenhe 4-Apr-16 15:15pm View
Yes you can stick AJAX in classic ASP, but unless this is an enhancement to a current application, I would at least use web forms or better yet MVC. I can't provide you with a solution, but here is a link that demonstrates it:
jgakenhe 5-Feb-16 13:39pm View
The side effects are an ugly query that is difficult to read and is un-maintainable.
jgakenhe 5-Feb-16 13:18pm View
Use Dynamic SQL. Please see the article:

About half way down is what you need.
jgakenhe 5-Feb-16 8:05am View
Not sure how to solve your problem, but encountered a similar problem when I needed to host a few classic ASP 3.0 pages by IIS 8.0. I could not get them to work correctly as a virtual directory or application, but they do work in the root of the Default Website (C:\inetpub\wwwroot).
jgakenhe 5-Feb-16 0:18am View
I'd run the Execution Plan (google it) and see where it is hanging up. I'd then put an index on Match_Flag, because this is queried in the WHERE clause for a large amount of the records. And if you must use the NOT IN, then put it last as the dataset should be small by the time it gets there.

Execution Plan and Indexes:
jgakenhe 4-Feb-16 8:24am View
You probably need to have .Net framework 3.5 and 4.0 installed as well. I say that because I see Version= showing. Let me know if this fixed the problem.
jgakenhe 2-Feb-16 14:37pm View
If it works on your local, but not your server, then it isn't your code. Can you ping the SMTPClient
jgakenhe 2-Feb-16 12:39pm View
Have you checked the online documentation? It doesn't look like you can change the icon to one of your own without pulling teeth. Please review the online documentation:

Actually, Stack has a solution, you should take a look:
jgakenhe 29-Jan-16 7:27am View
If it were me, I'd get good at database design, queries, reports, and ETL, such as SSIS. If I still wanted to become a DBA, I'd then start trying to become certified as a DBA in my favorite DBMS and every chance I had to talk to a DBA, I'd try and shadow him or her.
jgakenhe 27-Jan-16 0:47am View
That is a tough one. The guys at StackOverFlow took out the JOIN and used an EXIST; which helped that user:
jgakenhe 27-Jan-16 0:08am View
No problem. I moved this to solution so Code Project can complete this thread.
jgakenhe 24-Jan-16 13:35pm View
Here is how to check if web page is connected in JavaScript: This is well explained and you should take a look.

//I added the location.reload() if connection fails.
function doesConnectionExist() {
var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();
var file = "";
var randomNum = Math.round(Math.random() * 10000);'HEAD', file + "?rand=" + randomNum, false);


if (xhr.status >= 200 && xhr.status < 304)
return true;
return false;
catch (e)
return false;
jgakenhe 22-Jan-16 14:31pm View
Not exactly sure what you are wanting but it sounds like you want a Computed Column.

Here is an example of a Computed Column:

* Personally, I would not use them. I would do any computations in either my application or if that is not possible, then my SQL query.
jgakenhe 7-Jan-16 0:34am View
You need to count the characters in JavaScript onkeyup and onkeydown: It is best if you use a function so you can reuse it.

Then if they have JavaScript turned off, you can validate the string length in your code behind on the button click event.

If I were at work, I'd provide my solution which I use quite often, but I won't be there for another 7 hours.
jgakenhe 23-Dec-15 20:12pm View
So you want to aggregate results into 1 row. Oracle makes it easy, but SQL Server is not so easy. I am not sure what DBMS you're using, but the examples below should help.


SQL Server: No function I'm aware of, here's some technigues
jgakenhe 20-Dec-15 1:15am View
It sounds like they're restarting the app pool or web server a lot. If you restart either of those or make a change to the web.config, it will kill the session. You should create a ticket with the hosting company and see if it continues.
jgakenhe 15-Dec-15 14:14pm View
This should help out:
jgakenhe 11-Dec-15 14:46pm View
I'd try to open IIS, the Default Web Site, then right click on the default web page and click Browse. This should attempt to open the web page to it's IIS location.
jgakenhe 11-Dec-15 14:16pm View
I don't know if I can help, but this is what I am thinking and it might help you. Since you are clicking the back button, you're getting a cache version of the previous page; thus it is submitting your code again. To fix that I'd try and expire the submission page; so it doesn't create a cache and it doesn't submit again when you click the back button.

There are several ways to do it. such as:
'code behind - convert to
Response.AppendHeader("Pragma", "no-cache");
'code behind - convert to
Response.Expires = -1;
Response.CacheControl ="no-cache";
<!-- put in html, between beg/close header tags -->

Let me know if this works for you.
jgakenhe 8-Dec-15 1:23am View
protected void btn_r_submit_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
if (!Page.IsValid)
lbl_registermessage.Text = "* Form is incomplete";
string strid = "select count(*) from tbl_user_register";
SqlCommand cmdid = new SqlCommand(strid, con);
int count = Convert.ToInt16(cmdid.ExecuteScalar()) + 1;
string struserid = count.ToString();

string strquery = "insert into tbl_user_register values('"+struserid+"','" + txt_fname.Text + "','" + txt_dob.Text + "','" + txt_r_loginid.Text + "','" + txt_r_pwd.Text + "','" + txt_r_confirmpwd + "','" + txt_r_email.Text + "','" + txt_r_mobile.Text + "')";

SqlCommand cmdregister = new SqlCommand(strquery, con);
if (cmdregister.ExecuteNonQuery()>0)

Response.Write("<Script>alert('Successfully Registered in GVK Academy..')</Script>");

catch (Exception ex)
//return false;
jgakenhe 8-Dec-15 1:19am View
The button click event.
jgakenhe 5-Dec-15 14:54pm View
It depends what you want to do. If you want to move the page right, but keep the width of the the same, then in style.css, change margin-right: auto; to margin-right: 0px;. You can also manipulate the width of the page changing width: 1100px;

body {
width: 1100px;
margin-left: auto;
margin-right: auto;/*your change should go right here*/
font-family: Gotham, "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;
margin-bottom: 15px;

Let me know if this is what you need.
jgakenhe 2-Dec-15 0:35am View
Suvendu took out the comma before the ); so it should work. Though you should not put this on the open Internet because of the SQL Injection vulnerability.

Anything the user types in will be executed by the SQL Server; so if they type DELETE in first name it will get executed by SQL Server.
jgakenhe 1-Dec-15 0:01am View
As with anything in life always continue to improve, don't become arrogant, realize that tomorrow someone will come around better than you, always be open to reinvent yourself, and always put in maximum effort.
jgakenhe 27-Nov-15 0:54am View
Try changing the website to anonymous in iis and take out the default login page from the web.config because you are not using forms authentication ticket, you are using a http cookie.
jgakenhe 26-Nov-15 22:25pm View
Take the style off; if it works, then it is the CSS; otherwise, it is your user control. Make sure to call your user control at the top of the web form.
jgakenhe 26-Nov-15 22:05pm View
You can pull the CSV file down real easy with SSIS. You'll need to lookup how to do it with the HttpClientConnection.DownloadFile() inside of a Script Task.
jgakenhe 26-Nov-15 19:17pm View
If you have main.aspx as your default page in the web.config, it may cause the problem. When you run in VS, you may have set login.aspx as the default page in VS, not the web.config.

If that isn't it, you need to debug the login.aspx.cs and the main.aspx.cs and see what happens when you go over the redirect code.
jgakenhe 26-Nov-15 12:03pm View
Check Event Log; this should provide you with a nice description of the error.
jgakenhe 26-Nov-15 12:01pm View
Try this:
jgakenhe 26-Nov-15 11:58am View
If you aren't using any version control, make sure to make a copy of your project, especially the _layout.
jgakenhe 26-Nov-15 11:23am View
These lines don't do anything, because you keep writing to the same variable:

if @EquipmentName is null

select @EquipmentName = SubEquipmentName
FROM PMS_TBL_SUB_EQUIPMENT_MASTER where convert(varchar(60),UniqueId)=@EquipmentId
if @EquipmentName is null
select @EquipmentName = SubFunctionalBlockName
FROM PMS_TBL_SUB_FUNCTIONAL_BLOCK_MASTER where convert(varchar(60),UniqueId)=@EquipmentId

so they could be removed.
jgakenhe 25-Nov-15 23:59pm View
Do everything in updates and inserts, don't mess with triggers. Putting this business logic in the database will create a mess and won't be maintainable.
jgakenhe 24-Nov-15 13:29pm View
An easy way would be to save your dataset to a ViewState.

GridView1.DataSource = ds;
ViewState["GridView1"] = ds;

Now you can bind your dataset to the other GridView when you are ready; such as in a click event.
jgakenhe 24-Nov-15 5:42am View
You have to try. I'm not going to do all of your homework for you.
jgakenhe 24-Nov-15 0:10am View
Your code looks good. I'd create another page and then check to see if the button clicks work. Most likely it is something minute or something wrong with the designer. Also, you might want to try it in different browsers.
jgakenhe 23-Nov-15 21:58pm View
I'd probably write an SSIS package and move data through there to the new database.
jgakenhe 23-Nov-15 21:25pm View
You'll need to write subqueries in your select statement to access the child fields.
jgakenhe 18-Nov-15 9:10am View
You've probably been here, but your array forEach doesn't seem to work with IE8. Below is a workaround.
jgakenhe 28-Oct-15 0:37am View
You don't say how you want it to look. After doing a quick google I find lots of styling stuff. All you have to do is reference the css using CSSClass="yourCSS" in the control.
jgakenhe 25-Oct-15 1:07am View
If it is managed C++, like Visual C++ the you can use an obfuscator. If it is un-managed or native C++ code it's compiled into machine language. It is much harder to reverse engineer or dissemble because it is very difficult to read. If the program is large, then that would be a heck of a challenge.
jgakenhe 24-Oct-15 0:39am View
You need to PIVOT the dataset.
jgakenhe 24-Oct-15 0:37am View
The you'll need to change your query to delete in multiple tables.

It would be much more elegant if all of it was in 1 stored procedure.
jgakenhe 12-Sep-15 19:42pm View
You probably have a unique index on one of the columns in that table. Depending on how your database is set up, you should probably drop it.
jgakenhe 9-Sep-15 15:38pm View
I would use PIVOT to get the first 4 columns as a subquery, then in the outer query, I'd use LAG.

You should be able to google that stuff. It's not worth 10 points for me to spend a few hours writing it!
jgakenhe 31-Aug-15 23:48pm View
Ah, the multivalued attribute problem, how lovely. Well, I first look at this and think you have to iterate through each value and split it. That leads me to think cursor and then look for the delimiter. Cursors can be real slow in SQL Server, especially with large data sets. The second option would be to use a while loop and look for then split based upon the character index.

After a quick google search, I think this is your answer.
jgakenhe 31-Aug-15 6:05am View
Try adding runat="server" to the HTML tag to make sure it is run in the code behind.
jgakenhe 29-Aug-15 16:09pm View
It looks correct. The only thing that looks a bit off is the QuestionTarget. If a user has 1 to Many QuestionTargets and a QuestionTarget has 1 to Many Questions, and each Question has 1 to Many Answers, then it is correct.

You'll know if there is a problem when you start testing it. If you can't get the data out accurately through a query, then you'll need to make revisions.
jgakenhe 29-Aug-15 15:25pm View
The design is probably right, but you aren't showing the relationships or cardinality.
jgakenhe 28-Aug-15 6:06am View
If you're still working on it, you might try changing the UNION ALL to UNION or change the RIGHT OUTER JOIN to INNER JOIN. The RIGHT OUTER JOIN might be creating those records with 0 quantity.

It is tough for me, as I don't have the data.
jgakenhe 27-Aug-15 23:03pm View
just search google: bind countrylist in a dropdown using linq

there are tons of examples.
jgakenhe 25-Aug-15 22:18pm View
add a space before and after >
jgakenhe 2-Aug-15 10:38am View
2 links should get you in the correct direction

The JS file is almost exactly what you need, though you'll have to rename things and move it around so you don't get caught plagiarizing.
jgakenhe 1-Aug-15 10:41am View
Comment it out.
jgakenhe 1-Aug-15 0:31am View
In your Delete, you'll need to do your bind again and call the database, just like you did in your gotovieworder_Click. To miminize the code, you may want to pull that database call and databind into another method and then call the method in the click event and delete event.
jgakenhe 31-Jul-15 15:22pm View
jgakenhe 31-Jul-15 15:18pm View
I'd to a little data mart and use SSIS to do the initial and then subsequent loads. You could even do it in the same database instance and database, just use a different schema so the tables are easy to pick out. This would be perfect for non-trending reporting purposes.
jgakenhe 26-Jul-15 10:34am View
Use a Repeater and inside that Repeater you can add your links.
jgakenhe 17-Jul-15 23:59pm View
Try moving your button outside of the UpdatePanel; below it.
jgakenhe 14-Jul-15 0:11am View
It just has to be all on the same network, I should had probably read the question closer.

Typically, when I do deployments, I deploy to the Local File System and then copy it to the server which I wish to deploy to. In your case, you'll need to deploy the web pages(web) and web service (app).

Once you do that, copy those to the your Test PC and then set up virtual directories in IIS for both. While in IIS click Browse and you should be able to see if it is running or not.
jgakenhe 13-Jul-15 22:49pm View
You'll need to make a share on that PC so you can copy the compiled project there. That PC will also have to be on the same network as yours.
jgakenhe 28-Jun-15 11:48am View
That is an ugly delete statement. Having to do 3 lookups to get the correct items will be costly. To speed it up, make sure there are indexes on S_FIELD and P_FIELD in each of the tables and remember that you should make the dataset smallest on your first selects.
jgakenhe 13-Jun-15 20:27pm View
Looks like it might be an F.
jgakenhe 11-Jun-15 23:22pm View
You probably need to save the username or userID to a Session cookie or other container to manage the state between pages. Then you'll need to display the results of each page by that username or userID, not by the questionID.

Here is a Code Project article that explains State Management in ASP.Net.
jgakenhe 3-Jun-15 20:42pm View
To get there right click Computer and choose Manage. Then choose Event Log and then Application and you'll see the list of errors starting with the most recent.
jgakenhe 3-Jun-15 20:41pm View
Look through Event Log on the server and see it should tell you the problem.
jgakenhe 24-May-15 16:13pm View
That is not a good idea. How do you dispose the newly created table? You won't get any data back if you do not insert data into the table.
jgakenhe 22-May-15 23:04pm View
Why don't you try searching on the google? JQuery File Upload!
jgakenhe 22-May-15 13:35pm View
When you save the data, return the UserID from the database and then fill the textbox.

This way you'll make one trip to the database and you'll know if the record already exists or not.

The UserID will be the Integer Primary Key, then use a static string function to add the "AA00."
jgakenhe 22-May-15 10:47am View
If it works stuffing 1 column into another, but not with more than 1, then you probably need to do multiple subqueries all enclosed in the main SQL statement; similarly to a CTE.

jgakenhe 16-May-15 11:48am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n This will come in very handy.
jgakenhe 7-May-15 16:43pm View
Since you are just displaying it, why not convert it to a string? That is what I'd do. Seems like JavaScript numbers are floating point to 15 digits; so I believe that is all you can do.
jgakenhe 7-May-15 16:39pm View
Probably for a class assignment.
jgakenhe 3-May-15 0:28am View
You need to use Regular Expressions.
jgakenhe 1-May-15 23:03pm View
Use StreamReader() to read the file to a string
Set the string to an array
Loop through array and output as needed

I just wrote a program in 5 minutes to do it, but the best I'll do is give you a hint for your Computer Science assignment.
jgakenhe 1-May-15 12:33pm View
Thank you for the upvote, that's cool. Unfortunately, a few of us had solutions at the same time.
jgakenhe 1-May-15 12:28pm View
Why was my solution down voted? It does exactly what the question asks! Thanks alot.
jgakenhe 30-Apr-15 0:51am View
It is possible to send in multiple records into a stored procedure, but it is hard and this is not what you want to do.

You want to insert 1 record at a time, so if there is a problem you can roll it back ( My suggestion to you is that if you are calling this from a web page, then when the user clicks submit, you gather the data and For Each record do a single insert. For instance if Student A wants to enroll in 2 classes, when they click submit, your code gets the values and For Each of these classes, it does 1 execution of your store procedure above. Your stored procedure should work just fine.
jgakenhe 25-Apr-15 12:11pm View
Try using a different browser. If the different browser, i.e. FireFox or Chome, gives you the same problem then it is an application problem, not an IE browser problem.
jgakenhe 25-Apr-15 12:07pm View
Sounds like you have to do some forecasting. Your professor probably gave the class the assignment to force you to think instead of coping someone else's solution.
jgakenhe 9-Apr-15 1:05am View
You should probably try first.
jgakenhe 30-Mar-15 16:35pm View
Then fix it! It the same thing as the guy below me copied and pasted.
jgakenhe 29-Mar-15 22:35pm View
UPDATE sarcmissiontable
SET car_id = (SELECT sarcmissiontable_1.car_id = sarcmission.car_id
FROM sarcmissiontable AS sarcmissiontable_1 INNER JOIN
sarcmission ON sarcmissiontable_1.mission_id =
jgakenhe 26-Mar-15 11:10am View
Glad you found a solution.
jgakenhe 25-Mar-15 20:40pm View
Did you check Compatibility Mode? Since the are on 2 different servers, 1 server might be added to the IE Compatibility Mode and the other not. I am guessing that both servers are running the same OS. Older versions of IIS can act funny with new IE, but work seamlessly with FF and Chrome.

I really hate Compatibility Mode.
jgakenhe 25-Mar-15 16:58pm View
Sounds like you're using Oracle 8. Try to convert inner joins to subqueries and you'll probably have success.
jgakenhe 23-Mar-15 23:34pm View
The things you need are: at least 4 year degree, experience, portfolio, no criminal record, a work visa, and to get out of Iran. Iran is a country of great history, but many western companies stay out of there. Unfortunately, Iran is surrounded by political upheaval, but if you can get to Saudi Arabia, UAE, or Israel then you can start gaining good experience and working for successful companies. Israel has some really good IT businesses. Also, you might be able to get work visas to work in Europe or the U.S.

If you are still young and can get college scholarships in western countries, then that is another avenue you can take.

It doesn't matter from where you are from, most western countries welcome quality, law abiding people, with marketable skills.
jgakenhe 21-Mar-15 13:20pm View
Check the eventlog, it will provide you the answer.
jgakenhe 21-Mar-15 12:22pm View
//Try this, it'll work in SQL Server, but unsure about Access
DELETE Ghesting
FROM Ghesting
ON Ghesting.fk_code_m_buyer = buyer.code_m_buyer
ON buyer.code_m_buyer = kala.buyer_codem
WHERE(fk_code_m_buyer= ?)
AND (kala.type_kala= ?)
AND ( kala.model_kala=?)
jgakenhe 20-Mar-15 0:37am View
In MVC2 and MVC3 if you call a CSS class that is not in your CSS document, then Razor sticks in class="text-box single-line", which means undefined. So either .marb15_1 is not in your CSS document or your webpage is not correctly referencing your CSS document.
jgakenhe 20-Mar-15 0:26am View
Thanks for the link. It's getting a little late for me, but it looks like a promising solution.
jgakenhe 20-Mar-15 0:18am View
What is the error? Are you getting a server error or is your CSS just not being displayed?
This is a workable example and is close to what you have:
@Html.TextBoxFor(m => Model.LastName, new { @class = "len25", maxlength = 25 })

jgakenhe 20-Mar-15 0:10am View
That is in correct format. It will be rendered in HTML as: <input id="Code" name="Code" type="text" class="marb15_1" />

If the problem is that your CSS is not being called, add a reference to it, such as above or inline CSS.
jgakenhe 18-Mar-15 10:22am View
Looks correct. Here's a youtube video I've seen that maps out the steps.,d.aWw
jgakenhe 18-Mar-15 10:03am View
Yes. .Net compiles the .cs files into one .dll file that can be found in the Debug or Release folders. The name of the DLL file will be the same as the name of your project. The reason for this is for performance and so people can't snoop your .cs code. For example, if you have a database connection, you don't want anyone to be able to see it; otherwise they'll be able to get into your database.
jgakenhe 18-Mar-15 9:00am View
If this is not a first deployment, please make a backup of the virtual directory. That means copy all the contents and put in another location; in fact I make a backup every single time I do a production deployment. The reason is that if there is a problem, I can quickly rollback to the previous version and no harm is done.
jgakenhe 17-Mar-15 8:01am View
Looks like there is no value for NoteNumber, below is the fix. If it doesn't work then the datatypes are wrong, but you should be able to handle it from here.

INSERT INTO tblPayMaster(NoteNumber, NoteDate, CentreCode, ParamCode, Fromdate, ToDate, PayedServiceType, PayedEmployeeType, PayedServiceStatus, LocationType, LocatonCode, StateCode)
VALUES(1000, TO_DATE('2010/10/12', 'yyyy/mm/dd')), 8, '', TO_DATE('2011/09/01', 'yyyy/mm/dd')), TO_DATE('2011/09/30', 'yyyy/mm/dd')), 4, 14, 62, 2, 8, 1);
jgakenhe 25-Dec-14 11:17am View
Reason for my vote of 4 \n You can loop through all .Net controls, not just textboxes; I typically do that in one function. Also, you can do the same with JavaScript. In web forms I use JavaScript with a "Clear" button and C# when I need to clear the controls on the server.
jgakenhe 12-Aug-14 12:26pm View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Perfect explanation of a severe problem that many organizations have. Management many times cares more about completing a project, than its future costs. This makes sense and hopefully gets through to a few.
jgakenhe 4-Jun-14 10:18am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Darn good. CSS3 is so much more powerful and CSS2. I think this inspired me to get back in the game.
jgakenhe 7-Mar-14 10:02am View
Reason for my vote of 4 \n Title is miss leading, should be ListView.

Iterating through file directories looking for images or files is a very important topic.
jgakenhe 24-Oct-13 11:54am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Thanks, I didn't know about this control. Good piece of information that will save me from writing JavaScript in the HTML and code behind.
jgakenhe 22-Oct-13 12:49pm View
Reason for my vote of 3 \n I'm being nice, but you need to encrypt those passwords with a hash with a random salt string and when a user loses their password, you'll need to generate them a temporary password that is available for a short period of time. This sounds complicated but it is not.
jgakenhe 2-Aug-13 8:56am View
Reason for my vote of 2 \n MD5 should not be used as it was hacked around 2004 and should only be used for legacy applications. Best practice should be SHA256 or SHA512.
jgakenhe 1-Aug-13 11:56am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Good and Important Topic.