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Comments by Ayub Kokabi (Top 12 by date)

Ayub Kokabi 4-Aug-19 1:06am View    
If I change shortcut to double pressing shift, your problem resolved? :)
Ayub Kokabi 3-Aug-19 14:52pm View    
What about double pressing shift? It can be done with one finger :)
Ayub Kokabi 3-Aug-19 6:25am View    
Almost all dictionaries like babylon and Qtranslate use this technique to copy text. I don't need formatting. I realized that in my scenario this technique will result better feedback.
Ayub Kokabi 3-Aug-19 4:39am View    
Which one is simpler?
1. Hold Ctrl and select text -> See the result
2. Copy text, Open app, Past text to the textbox -> see the result.
Ayub Kokabi 3-Aug-19 4:03am View    
Good developer bears pain for the comfort of the users.