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jsolutions_uk 2-Oct-14 4:07am View    
There is a good explanation

As I read it ... An "empty" object has to have some size as if it was 0 size, one would not be able to use pointer arithmetic on arrays of an empty object .... or something along those lines :)
jsolutions_uk 25-Sep-14 9:12am View    
Interesting discussion over here.

Code reuse via an inheritance hierarchy is a sure fire way to get in a right old mess with tightly coupled dependencies. Personally I try to limit my use of class hierarchies to where I really need run time polymorphism.

Occasionally this results in some abstract base classes containing virtual methods that can be overridden / called by derived classes, but this is usually a result of needing the polymorphism and I should probably refactor the code to encapsulate the "reusable" state/behaviour outside the base class and have a more loosely coupled dependency :)

On inheritance: here and here.
jsolutions_uk 24-May-13 4:24am View    
You could always test your values you are getting against this
jsolutions_uk 18-May-13 3:46am View    
glad to be of help :)
jsolutions_uk 4-May-13 7:50am View    
I've replied to your new question.