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Comments by Omar Al Zabir (Top 5 by date)

Omar Al Zabir 8-Aug-11 12:34pm View    
I have updated the tip with the link to IIS 6 guide. It was missing.
Omar Al Zabir 18-May-11 6:38am View    
I am curious to know why the low votes as well. May be I need to show some really dirty code and show how this makes the dirty code cleaner.
Omar Al Zabir 17-May-11 13:22pm View    
By copy paste, I meant you have to have two endpoint definition, one for localhost and one for production, for each service.
Omar Al Zabir 17-May-11 10:17am View    
Good solution, but it makes it work for one specific production endpoint. And you end up copying and pasting all the endpoints twice, one for localhost and one for production.
Omar Al Zabir 25-Mar-11 7:19am View    
WebRequest.Create uses the IWebRequest factory pattern. So, it gets into infinite loop.