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Derell Licht 16-May-23 9:44am View    
Ahhhh... that's an interesting option... I've already been using MediaInfo to double-check results that my program gives for various formats, but it didn't occur to me to try to extract their library!! I'll pursue that too... Thank ye!!
Derell Licht 15-May-23 11:46am View    
Well, that is interesting... I don't use .net, but this gives another option to look into for C++ !! Thank ye...
Derell Licht 15-May-23 11:44am View    
Well, no... I've been programming in C and C++ for almost 40 years now; that's the platform that I am expert in... I'm not really interested in starting over with a new language...
Derell Licht 15-May-23 10:40am View    
Thank you for clarifying this issue! I indeed misunderstood the layout here; I saw the big text entry field at the bottom, and thought that was a 'reply' field, as is common in forums... I have moved my post now, hopefully to a more-appropriate entry!
Derell Licht 15-May-23 10:34am View    
I mistakenly left this post as a "solution", which was *not* my intent at all!!
However, I am removing my later comments about ffmpeg; I will transfer any relevant discussions to the ffmpeg forum(s)… I found build instructions for MinGW on the web and I'm going to try to get the libraries built on my system.

Thank ye all for your ffmpeg advice!!

original post:
ffmpeg is one of the options that I'm looking at, but it seems to offer an exceedingly complex learning curve; it's not intended for Windows, doesn't have MinGW build options, everything is distributed as source code only... The ffprobe utility that comes with it, *does* provide exactly the info that I want, but it is extremely non-trivial to come up with a buildable example program.

I'm really looking for something such as a video equivalent of libzplay;
"Here is the .dll, .lib in mingw format, .h, and a 200-line example program that shows how to output the desired data...

I'm also looking at libVLC ... since that program can definitely play all video files that I could ever care about - and presumably if it can play them, it can also display the file data that I want...
The dll files are available in VLC media player install directory, but I still need to find .h (i.e., API), .lib (in mingw format) and either short, concise example programs, or other usable documentation...