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Comments by GregoryPres (Top 3 by date)

GregoryPres 25-Jun-18 8:19am View
If that method changes the internal state, then you need to check the values of the members that were affected or validate the internal methods were called with the correct arguments.
GregoryPres 18-Jun-18 1:34am View
On the contrary, they asked because I do know about the subject. I just don't have the time to explain it to them, and prefer to direct them to some online content.
GregoryPres 19-Dec-17 7:19am View
You usually test your private methods via some public API(public methods). You can read this on writing tests with Nunit: Unit Test patterns.
If you're still having trouble, post more of your code (the public API that uses this private method) so we can help you.