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Comments by Alex Schunk (Top 16 by date)

Alex Schunk 22-Jan-18 5:04am View    
You can't
Alex Schunk 20-Jan-18 3:59am View    
Nested functions are only a compiler trick... The compiler will create a second private method out of the nested one... A thing which you can also do.
Alex Schunk 19-Jan-18 16:03pm View    
Sorry my friend... Your application is broken by design.
Alex Schunk 19-Jan-18 15:46pm View    
How should that ever be possible without "quantum entanglement"?
What you want is impossible.
Alex Schunk 19-Jan-18 15:31pm View    
I took a look at the generated IL... It looks like the property's backing field is made readonly and the value is assigned directly to the backing field.
Nice to know.