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Member 12719658 22-Jan-19 9:24am View    
I apologize if I came across wrong. I edited my question previously since I was on my phone writing it. As per my edit, I was just wanting to know what would be the best way to store data in a database without losing the integrity of the formatted data from a C# program. I have noticed before by updating or inserting data from a string - character returns and spacing have changed and I wanted to make sure I didn't lose them. So I asked if encrypting or hashing would be better. However, I provided a block of code as an example of what would be stored and was only to show the format of the text. I didn't realize that compressing and decompressing would do the trick.

I apologize if I was not clear enough and will give you stars for your help. I just could not see where Ordering came into play, however, I may have wrote a question that was not understandable.

Thanks for your help.
Member 12719658 21-Jan-19 18:18pm View    
Well, that had nothing to do with my question. It was asking if I should update database with formatted text or encrypt it / hash. Nothing to do about ORDER BY or AUTOINCREMENTS or DataTypes. I think your response was auto generated or something so no points for you.
Member 12719658 20-Jan-19 23:28pm View    
Well, right now I am AES encrypting the text. Everything works fine, but not sure if i should keep it encrypted or would hashing it to hex or something would be better.

What do you think? The code blocks that I insert into SQLite can be pretty long (its actually text from my .cs files and could be text from java file also) so I do not know if there is a way to make sure to keep the integrity of the format more secure or would encrypting it be fine.

I do not care about security of the files really.
Member 12719658 10-Apr-18 0:03am View    
I will use the improve question widget and move my response. I am sorry that my original question did not make sense; however, it did in my mind at that time. To have the responses that I had were totally immature and people that want to reply and just make statments like "You are unhappy, too bad for you" is just ignorant. I would think if a question is not concrete enough to understand a simple, "Can you supply more information because it is unclear why you are asking" is far more respected then an insult or childhood drama. Maybe 3 tours in Afghanistan made me see differently and I cannot see the humor behind their reaponses, but it just seems irresponsible and not very professional from someone that wants to call themselves a professional.

Thank you and I will "improve my question.
Member 12719658 9-Apr-18 7:43am View    
I am 45 years old, full time job and not going to school. My daughter is 7 years old. There was no "guiding" involved, but complete put downs. I never took coding when I went to school and I am sure schools these days dont ask for a project about dogs barking. I will just tell my daughter to write everything down and we can try to figure out the percentage and math on paper. Assuming is not the correct way to reply to a person question.