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Member 12659926 20-May-21 7:38am View    
I am reading from richtextbox and copying it to array.the below line does that...

dat(i) = (RichTextBox1.Text(i) & RichTextBox1.Text(i + 1) &
RichTextBox1.Text(i + 2))

for example.: if data in richtextbox is abc1234de45678
i want as dat(0) = abc dat(1) = 123... etc

the above code which i am copying to array is time consuming.

so can u suggest any alternatives approach or any example the does the job with dat list
i dont have much idea about dat list

Member 12659926 20-May-21 7:22am View    
if u have any example code with dat list kindly share
Member 12659926 20-May-21 7:21am View    
thanks for reply...
the data which i have imported from txt file is not thrown away,it is required for further processing
the above code which i have done is working fine with less file sizes(<100KB),i want to know how i can optimize the above code so that it works for bigger files(>2MB).
or is their any other way that i can work on
Member 12659926 15-May-17 7:07am View    
Thanks a lot
Member 12659926 8-May-17 5:09am View    
Thanks a lot